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  1. Looking forward to your build. If your feeling brave these look fantastic in silver.
  2. Just wanted to thank all for their inputs on this thread. Great research and shared knowledge, wish we had more positive and useful threads like this.
  3. "Equally, pilots will make their own calls, but show me a pilot who ignores safety calls from ATC and I'll show you a stupid, reckless and perhaps grounded one" Really? "IMHO" Seriously?
  4. Looking at pictures of the Shackleton in the Manchester museum it looks like the cockpit overhead panel that should be left clear ( as stated revell suggest this is painted )is tinted. Is this just a trick of the light, I'm sure anyone who has sat in one will know. I also note the offending bulge on the port below the cockpit side that needs to be removed on the kit has a neat line of rivets where it used to be on Manchester example. Very impressed by 71chally's knowledge.
  5. Believe from another thread the panels on the upper wing need correcting.
  6. A long term resident on the shelf of doom is the olimp 188, maybe it will get finished one day. A challenging kit that slowly sapped my enthusiasm. However I can also recommend the czechmasters BP P111, a lovely kit. Like others on here hoping for a really good FD-2 one day .
  7. I'm defiantly not a Shackleton expert so could you expand on the explanation of what is wrong with the upper inboard wing quadrant panel? Is it rectified with some careful filling and sanding?
  8. Was really trying to resist buying one of these but your picture of the finished Shackleton may have broken my resolve. Any issues with the kit or the build?
  9. Come on guys this is all very silly, you will have the RAF, USAF , USSR and Chinese Airforce all flying around in B-29s next.
  10. But will Airfix be around for long enough to cut any new moulds?
  11. With the financial crisis at Hornby I wonder if this will happen now.
  12. Possibly he realised all those zeros on the purchase price related to real money ( which is borrowed ). The lady seemed calm in a crisis, put her in charge ( of the entire program ). Please this isn't political I just think the F-35 is ugly and very expensive.
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