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  1. Super job, really nice to see the aircraft without the wings all folded, you really appreciate the beauty of it, well done
  2. Superb, looks amazing and a clever parts breakdown
  3. Love this build, the shading looks perfect, I build almost always in 144 and know how difficult these kits can be to deliver such a high standard. Excellent work, what paints did you use? The colours and finish look spot on, well done and I look forward to your next build.
  4. Love it, built the F15 recently, great fun and reminded me that the hobby is all about enjoyment. Congrats on a super finish, Eggcellent.
  5. Love it, will need at least four
  6. Love it, great to see 1/144 getting some attention, very interesting subject.
  7. Thanks for the update, looking forward to the fencer.
  8. 1/72 CN-235...at last one not in resin
  9. This will be a much welcomed kit, love the idea of the different parts for swept or extended wings, given the lack so far of decent 1/144 kits in 2016 I'm looking forward to it.
  10. mark73

    Best 1/48 Spitfire

    Thanks for all the pointers, reckon the Pegasus one is the way to go, he really wants to paint one and the ease of construction of that kit will be a bonus, would hate to see him put off by too complex a kit, the only reason I'm looking at 1/48 is he says the 1/72 kit is too small...guess he won't be following me down the 1/144 route...
  11. mark73

    Best 1/48 Spitfire

    Will check out those options guys, cheers, he really wants to paint it and I'd skip the normal construction steps in certain places to make it easier for him to build, no need for him to build up sub sections that would never be seen etc, will check out that Pegasus one and see where I can get them here in Ireland. Anyone an opinion on any of the airfix versions?
  12. mark73

    Best 1/48 Spitfire

    Looking for advice, my 6 year old wants to do a project on aircraft for the local beaver group, it will be his first build and when I showed him the size of a 1/72 kit he wasn't impressed, so looking for the best 1/48 kit, one that's easy enough for him to build with limited help. My worry is that if he ends up with a dog of a kit it will turn him off the hobby, so what's the best fit, least problems etc. Cheers in advance
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