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  1. A great build of a true classic kit! Well done indeed! I have the same kit, and I can only hope that mine - when I get around to it - will come out as well as yours! Cheers Hans J
  2. A truly well done model and a nice tribute to one of the latin american airforces who fought on the allied side in WW2! Cheers Hans J
  3. Bravo! Well done indeed! It's models like this, that make me want to try out building a 1/144 scale kit - might as well do it while my eyesight is still in order! Thanks for showing! Cheers Hans J
  4. That is a lovely model! Well done indeed! How did you make the giant matchstick? Cheers Hans J
  5. Great model! I simply don't understand how you do it! A woodcarver once told me that there's a model in the wood somewhere and that he only removed what's not supposed to be there, and that's it, but surely it's much more to it than that! Well done indeed! Cheers Hans J
  6. You have a great eye for possibilities! I like the way this is coming along! Cheers Hans J
  7. Uij! That's nice! You've built one of my favourite planes of all time (it's because it reminds me a bit of my self - Short, tubby and not much of a looker - but charming! ) Thanks for presenting it! Cheers Hans J
  8. Wow! - It doesn't come much better than this! A great model with a facinating history! Well done indeed! Cheers Hans J
  9. Ɯbercool! I like your aproach - "if it doesn't exit - make it!" Cheers Hans J
  10. Looks like a great idea - are you going to keep the scale of 1/32 or will it be in 1/72 scale as to fit with the Razorcrest? I've often looked at 1/32 or 1/48 scale kits and wondered how they would look if I 'scaled' the scale (!) down to 1/72? Keeping the dimensions of the larger kit, but interior etc would be in 1/72! Looking forward to your build! Cheers Hans J PS - it's also a good way to downsizing ones 'stash' - 1+1+1=1!
  11. Your model looks great! I've had my eyes on this kit albeit the Navy version. I may have to rethink it! Calvin's dad would probably say that this kit would be a characterbuilding excercise, but I'm 60 (!) so my character's been build a long time ago! Cheers Hans J
  12. I too built this kit when I was a kid back in the 70'es. I built mine as the IDF F-4E. Great to see an old warhorse built into a really nice model! Thanks for the memories! Cheers Hans J
  13. You mean the one with David Carradine as Frankenstein and Sylvster Stalone as Machinegun Joe? I saw it in the movie when it came out (showing my age here! ) Oh - and the model is great! I've had my eyes one the Suyata kit as well, but the price! Cheers Hans J
  14. I'm with you on the USS Forrestal , but I would be absolutely over the moon to get a 1/350 HMS Fearless! I have the Fearless in 1/600 - the good old Airfix kit from when I was a smal(ler) boy, but a 1/350!! Cheers Hans J
  15. A very nice model of a classic plane - one could almost call it a classic airframe! I had this kit many moons ago but shied away from building it - your's look truly good! Cheers Hans J
  16. Having built the Buggy myself I can only say, that yours are out of this world! - a small suggestion: an 8-wheeler! Cheers Hans J
  17. Thank you - they are to boldly go to infinity and beyond where noone has gone before to a galaxy far, far away! Cheers Hans J
  18. I'm actually just now sitting down with this kit and these decals and you beat me to it! But it's a beautifull model so I can't do anything but forgive you! Cheers Hans J
  19. Well - my little 1/144 UFO'ish thingie is done, finished - and it came out almost as I had envisioned it! Can't ask for more. Link to WIP: The pictures show the DRA-G1 on the day of the first flight. The mechanics are making the last adjustments, while the flightcrew are viewing the cockpit. A young belgian journalist and his dog are having a chat with the army intelligence officer at the entrance of the DRA-G1. They seem to have a little problem with the leading landinggear, which is a bit crooked, but I'm sure they'll have it fixed before take-off. I hope you liked this little trip into my little fantasyworld - I know I had a lot of fun! Cheers for now Hans J
  20. I couldnt leave out the part, where I make the base - so here goes: ...and back to the buildingdesk! Cheers Hans J
  21. Such a pretty model of a beautiful plane! Well done indeed! One understands why it was chosen to star in the greatest warmovie ever: Hot Shots! (and you can quote me on that! ) Cheers Hans J (Diving for cover! )
  22. My little UFO over in SciFi has rekindled my interest in 1/144 so have a Roden 1/144 C-133B Cargomaster enroute! Looking forward to that! Cheers Hans J
  23. Nearly there now - only needs to do a base - the one in the pictures is in 1/72 scale - have to make one half the scale! So stay tuned a bit more for the 'big' reveal on RFI! Cheers Hans J
  24. And the demasking has taken place: The colourscheme looks more or less as I envisioned it. But now it's time for a break from building - there's Le Mans on the telly! Cheers Hans J
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