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  1. Ok, only the pretty ones are Hippos. I did an earlier search when i was going through a Hippo phase, before the RNZAF archives went on line. Thinking the Aussies would have used them, i did not find any images of Aussie use of the Hippo, they tended to use local (Aust.) pattern or American style equipment.
  2. Those are the Leyland Hippo, i don't think the Aussies used them at all. They seem to have used a local pattern Australian International (one of the ugly overhang cab models...)
  3. Great work, RAAF Spitfires are a favourite of mine. Strauss Airstrip, like many of the NT wartime strips is still largely extant, being alongside the Stuart Highway and has some large size aircraft profiles mounted as reminders of the units that flew from there. http://madaboutplanes.blogspot.com/2015/08/darwin-to-brisbane-trip.html
  4. Not much help to your question, but the 'K' fin will be the same as the 'H' fin used on the Isreali Skyhawks as that was what was on the assembly line at the time. Also the Hasegawa 1/72 A-4E/F Skyhawk has an over length fuselage, its actually longer than their later more accurate TA-4J. The stretch seems to be throughout the fuselage, making it somewhat overscale. the wings appear to be ok and were used in the later TA-4 kit.
  5. Keep at them Tony, after all they do owe you... and while you're at it, how about a 1/48 'C' wing for their otherwise very good 1/48 Mk.VB?
  6. Nice build. I did similar with the Esci kit years ago to make an Singapore A-4S (externally an A-4C). The 2 main differences from the E in the kit are the nose length/profile (Filled and reprofiled with Milliput) and the non-seperated intakes (modified the kit intakes by cutting off the seperator lip).
  7. An example from the John Smith collection, almost a New Zealand barn find situation. Stored for the last 60 odd years. https://rnzaf.proboards.com/thread/27961/john-smith-collection?page=28
  8. I really like your paintwork on all your recently posted models, very tidy.
  9. The refueler is a Leyland Hippo, with a cut down cab, must be a special aircon version for the (dry) tropics.
  10. Well done, I like the way you mixed the ammo boxes up, just like the real thing.
  11. They look pretty good to me, tidy construction and nice brushwork.
  12. 'The box art immediately made me think it would be the newer A-4B/Q kit. I just can't fathom why they'd use the A4D kit, nor why anyone would suggest it when the new kit exists!'. Its not that far fetched as it was used for the original Top Gun box set, for the original Top Gun movie. Either way it's only 'about' rightish. And the Airfix reply, apart from the contextual variety, whats with the 'off of'?, surely not a very English use of english.
  13. They did an original TOP GUN set the first time round, that had the elderly A-4. Surely that mould has been put in the boneyard.
  14. Great seeing these posts, the ones were you show your fathers work in progress, would put most full size assembly lines to shame. And they all look to be competent builds too.
  15. I think the old (60's) vintage Revell F-111/TFX had the option of the long wing. Its a bit gimmicky but can build into a nice model, and at least some of its incarnations had RAAF markings, sort of. They can often be picked up for budget money.
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