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  1. Fredag

    Query - Aussie Mk21 Beaufighter's with bombs

    I recall seeing the Aussie Camden Mk21 had Universal bomb carriers fitted, maybe our Aussie mate who curates that collection might be able to confirm?
  2. Fredag

    Query - Aussie Mk21 Beaufighter's with bombs

    The bomb racks are likely the 'Universal' type, almost a standard fit for Commonwealth aircraft from 1930's to mid '70s
  3. Fredag

    A pair of insects for Telford?

    Whenever i have sprayed red paint, it manages to get everywhere.Its just a bloody type of colour!
  4. Fredag

    New Airfix Vulcan Soonish

    Just having a bit of fun, but if you imagine Trumpeter copying the WnW Lancaster, it'd probably more closely resemble a Vulcan!
  5. Fredag

    JP in beer garden!

    It'd be handy for intercepting those pink flying elephants that sometimes appear after a pub visit.
  6. Fredag

    Uk Wedgetail?

    Smiley Mcspyee?
  7. Fredag

    New Airfix Vulcan Soonish

    WongnutWings are doing a 1/32 scale Vulcan...can also be used as a carport!
  8. Fredag

    Belgian F-16 incident

    When the RNZAF had the Aeromacchis, they had a similar incident,though only scared a few cows in the neighbouring farmers paddock. Turned out the Safe pin on the .50cal gunpods only worked if inserted one way,though could be fitted turned about .you live and learn.
  9. Fredag

    Italeri 1/48 Harvard

    Season to taste?
  10. Fredag

    A10 Wins Battle of Chiswick

    Great entertainment (well,it is supposed to be a fun hobby). Get well soon...;)
  11. The first thing i thought when i saw this was how much resemblance it has to the missed opportunity of the Australian CAC CA-31 jet trainer,just updated with a touch of stealth. Well done!
  12. Its an injection moulded vacform!
  13. Looks like a super model compared to a Beechnut 'kit'!
  14. Fredag

    Don't use the RAFM Sunderland as a reference

    Just had a look at that site,very colourful,i wonder what it tastes like?(bittersweet with a coating of defeat). At least they didn't let any aircraft get in the way of ...whatever they are trying to say. Please don't let me win any sort of pass to go there!
  15. Fredag

    Aircraft Modelling magazines

    Or....'Here's some postage stamp ( remember them? ) sized images that'll have you squinting to see what it is,60% of which are the same angle,so serve no purpose other than filling up a tiny bit of white page space'.