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  1. Fredag

    Next Kiwi Mosquito engine runs.

    Just in case anyone's planning on invading us, we have fighters and fighter-bombers!
  2. Some nice modelling, though not sure about the model. The Corsair had wing box magazines for the MGs, the top of the box formed the upper wing surface, running length wise from the guns. Doesn't seem to be well represented here.(comment only on the model, not the modelling!)
  3. I wouldn't count on it, they are highly adaptable and world (or Australian) domination is their aim. I know where some sheep are, we could knit them some woolly jumpers...;)
  4. Maaate, you're taking the proverbial. Ironically the Aussie invasion would be met by Vampire protected Canberras. I see your sheep and raise you a plague of canetoads, ... coming to a town near you!. (nice colours)
  5. Well its been the 7th all day here in NZ , lots of interesting releases from Airfix announced, everybody will be pleased. But you guys will just have to wait until tomorrow to find out....;)
  6. Fredag

    Odds on seeing an F14 in the air?

    You'd think if they can add a tail to an F-5 they could at least spare a bit of paint for the underside, flaky as!. The rest of the pics , it'd be like going to a retro 70's airshow with the F-4's there.
  7. Fredag

    Navy A-7 Corsair with unusual load !

    The Air New Zealand DC-8 were used purely as aircargo movers in their later years, about the time of this photo, so likely no passengers aboard. The classic version of this sort of 'carriage' would have to be the C-47 with a complete outer wing attached under the fuselage.
  8. Fredag

    Navy A-7 Corsair with unusual load !

    The pilot was told he was landing on a Flat top, so thought to bring a spare...
  9. Or a similar story from Vietnam, when American ATC was told that a RNZAF B170 was about to land, he couldn't believe that the Flying Fortress was still operational!.
  10. Fredag

    1/72 Airfix Sea King HC.4

    You've brought a small static model to life, the weathering combined with the lighting make it look like the real mc coy!
  11. Fredag

    Nice view out there...

    Not really dangling, their legs aren't in the slipstream. they didn't wave as they went past?.
  12. Very nice on what was a challenging build, I'd say you conquered the beast. Beautiful paintwork too, those engine stains look like the real thing.
  13. Fredag

    Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant first look

    Strangely, both these contenders closely resemble designs from the late '40's-50's.
  14. Fredag

    Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant first look

    Did they drop 3 boxes of different parts and put them together wrong? 2 rotors, one pusher prop...should this really be called the Up,Up and Away?
  15. Nice, though the panels lines round the engine are a bit over done...;)