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  1. As ever Tony, nice work and great paint job. I would suggest the armourers belt is a short section of linked cartridges, readily available for joining partial belts. Particularly useful in a fast turnaround/battle situation. Kind of an 'on the job' tool of trade.
  2. Lincoln was still about in NZ when i was a kid. I recall the ads for their toys....'Boy Oh Boy, Its a Lincoln Toy!'.
  3. Check out this site, i don't think it has drawings but plenty of images, with the Buddy store fitted. https://redkiwi.weebly.com/refuelling-store.html and this one... https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/search?q=douglas+ cheers Bob
  4. Great scheme, very familiar. I think the Harvard is one aircraft that always looks better with rivets, so even the old Airfix and Monogram kits manage to feel more realistic than later engraved kits.
  5. Apologies for carrying on off topic. Some of the 1/96 and early 1/72 Frog's were moulded in NZ. They had to be made locally to get around the quite hefty import controls/taxes/protected industries of the time. Triang and Lincoln were big names in NZ for toys, etc in the 60's-70's. I recall in the 80's some of the Airfix kits were also moulded locally, as i had to write to Toltoys(NZ) to get a better quality set of clear parts for the Hudson. The ones in the kit were milky!. They couldn't help as the moulds were being returned to the UK.
  6. I know Toltoys as a NZ company, never heard of an Australian version. Though they do like to steal our stuff!. Back in the days of import controls, the only way we could get many kits was if they were locally produced, like the Lincoln, Revell ,Monogram and some Airfix models, the moulds were shipped down here for a period.
  7. As far as the cannon fitting goes, it generally depended on airframe availability, which ones had them currently fitted or removed for maintenance. The RNZAF often had the cannon removed form the T birds, but they could be re fitted. Its a bit like the drop tanks, they could be removed as required but the setting up of trim was a pain so they generally just left them on once fitted/trimmed.
  8. Just in case anyone's planning on invading us, we have fighters and fighter-bombers!
  9. Some nice modelling, though not sure about the model. The Corsair had wing box magazines for the MGs, the top of the box formed the upper wing surface, running length wise from the guns. Doesn't seem to be well represented here.(comment only on the model, not the modelling!)
  10. I wouldn't count on it, they are highly adaptable and world (or Australian) domination is their aim. I know where some sheep are, we could knit them some woolly jumpers...;)
  11. Maaate, you're taking the proverbial. Ironically the Aussie invasion would be met by Vampire protected Canberras. I see your sheep and raise you a plague of canetoads, ... coming to a town near you!. (nice colours)
  12. Well its been the 7th all day here in NZ , lots of interesting releases from Airfix announced, everybody will be pleased. But you guys will just have to wait until tomorrow to find out....;)
  13. You'd think if they can add a tail to an F-5 they could at least spare a bit of paint for the underside, flaky as!. The rest of the pics , it'd be like going to a retro 70's airshow with the F-4's there.
  14. The Air New Zealand DC-8 were used purely as aircargo movers in their later years, about the time of this photo, so likely no passengers aboard. The classic version of this sort of 'carriage' would have to be the C-47 with a complete outer wing attached under the fuselage.
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