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  1. I'm with the op on this, it's something which has occurred to me in the past. By providing conformative screens on the inside skin of the passenger compartment with an appropriately placed camera looking outside and feeding it the passenger gets all the benefits of large (limitless I suppose) window and the manufacturer does not have to worry about the increased weight and strength required by windows. Theoretically you could skin the whole the passenger compartment for that flying feeling when sitting in your seat and nothing around you just sky and clouds! Thunderstorms would look spectacular and the views only enjoyed by those with window seats could be enjoyed by everyone. Camera trickery like placing cameras under the wings could remove them from sight so increasing viewing pleasure and if needs be cabin staff would have full control over their use, and if the crew were worried about something on the aircraft then all those small cameras would allow them, potentially, a view around the outside of the whole airframe. Imagine how less confined you'd feel if by looking up you saw the sky and stars, looking down you could see the ground, look around to see sky, clouds, other aircraft et etc, all fantastic in my book. Not to everyone's taste I know.
  2. Jaw droppingly brilliant & a superb finish to boot.
  3. looks an excellent result to me from a far from easy kit. to post pics use the [ img ] [ /img ] tags with spaces removed and the address of the image between the tags - you can also use the button between the insert link and insert email buttons
  4. Whilst 1 or 4 IMO would make for a more realistic in service aircraft, 3 would make for a more interesting model - perhaps it's that years display aircraft? It got my vote anyway.
  5. Much better result than my first build! Well done Josh!
  6. BW Models AFAIAA all come without decals so these will need to be purchased separately.
  7. Oi! I resemble that remark! Seriously that's a nice looking Spit' Paul (underscale) Davies
  8. Thanks all so far, very helpful, should reduce the amount of looking up we need to do. Walrus - The research is a means to an end rather than an end in itself but I certainly don't mind sharing what we have at the end, you never know we may have enough to create an article for the likes of Military Aircraft Monthly. Thanks again. Paul
  9. Hi All, Hope someone will be able to help me identify where this pic is taken from, it's part of some research into Harrier field deployments a friend and me are doing. Thanks Paul.
  10. I've been watching this for some time now, almost since it started and have to say very well done Skii, that really is a first rate model. Right then, what's next
  11. Hi Dean, Great build, not sure if this would work but you could paint the FOD covers white and then print red on to transparent decal sheet with the white of the lettering being transparent? You would just need to trim the decal to fit the FOD cover. must say I'm bit fired up to tackle my B.2 after reading some of these. Cheers Paul
  12. Have to say great work, especially that prop, I'm now inclined to have a dig through the stash for something with an unpainted wooden prop....
  13. Can't really add to what has already been said but I would just like to say that you have produced a lovely, wonderful model. Congratulations and well done.
  14. Blimey! Excellent collection. So where do you keep the wine????
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