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  1. I'm planning my next build diorama and i want to stage a 617 sqn Tornado in Afghanistan, My question is does anyone know the size of the canopies they work on the aircraft under? I've found plenty of pictures for reference but struggling to find the size Thanks in advance No need to worry now i've found the manufacturers website with everything i need
  2. MarkVX


    I pretty much only use xtradecals. Never had an issues with them. Conform well with humbrol decalfix. Very nice and very easy to work with
  3. I use Humbrol Acrylics and I find its abit of trial and error with them through an airbrush. I used to use Humbrols own acrylic thinner and found it took alot to thin them down to get them to spray evenly. I swapped to Tamiya X20-A and its a big improvement. It thins them perfectly and you don't need alot. I tend to thin to about 60% thinners to 40% paint. Usually sprays fairly well. As for the paint drying on the needle a drop of Windsor and Newton Flow Improver helps that. Also put the thinners in the colour cup first then the paint.
  4. Fantastic model. The nimrod has very personal links to me, my uncle was based at Kinloss for 12 years. Sadly he lost his life and me, my dad and nan were invited up there to meet all his friends. They sprung a surprise on us that we will be having a tour on the QRA nimrod, next surprise was we actually got a flight on one aswell. I made life long friends that weekend and will never forget that
  5. I'm about to start my airfix 1/48 lightning for a group build im entering. I want to do a natural metal but have never used Alclad 2 paints and was wondering what is the best base colour to spray it over?
  6. Can't see a problem with putting a matt coat over a gloss.
  7. They thin down nicely. I use tamiya x-20a
  8. I use X-20A on all my acrylics. Humbrol, Revell and xtracrylics. No problems for me
  9. I'm about to start the build of the revell 1/144 C-17. I've looked about on the net but can't seem to find any decent photos or walkarounds of them. I have the xtradecal pack with RAF markings so ideally want Ref photos for the RAF scheme. Does any know of any decent sites to get these photos from?
  10. Very nice. Got the same kit in my stash just got to finish off the red arrow and tucano on the bench then she will be dragged out
  11. MarkVX

    Humbrol Clear....

    I use humbrol clear, matt varnish and decalfix and have had no issues what so ever. Airbrushed on top of humbrol acrylics and so far it hasnt effected any of my models.
  12. I used the new klear on my red arrow and its the same as the old one. Weathered well so i cant see spraying enamels over it as a problem
  13. Sorry yes i've give it ago and as a beginner its fantastic. Feels solid, and with a lid for the colour cup it stops any unwanted spillages. Control wise i find it is easy to get fine details done but with a quick adjustment of the needle stop you can get a good wide coverage. Very easy to clean just beware of the nozzle its very fragile and the o-ring is easily damaged but other than that its very easy and quick to clean out. From a beginners point of veiw for £20 its worth a go to learn with and it is also good as a back up brush
  14. Cheers guys. Really pleased with this one. Along side the Tonka this is one of my favourite aircraft and can't wait to see one fly at a RIAT show (maybe one day)
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