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  1. So am I correct to say that the Mark 5 would have been in NATO Green/NATO Black? Thanks again gents. Appreciate the help. Cameron
  2. Token yank here. I picked up a Takom Chieftain 5/5P and would like to build it up as a BOAR vehicle. I'm completely ignorant of the correct shade of green/black. Bronze green? NATO green? NATO Black or just a flat black? Thanks in advance. Cameron
  3. Very helpful guys. Thanks for your responses. Cameron
  4. So I'm a recent Mr. Paint convert, and am stocking up on some colors for potential RAF projects...and am getting a headache trying to figure out some of the MRP RAF colors and where they were used. I haven't been able to find anything on the web that lays out all the BS colors and their appropriate uses. MRP-372 Gripen Grey? Is this even an RAF color? MRP-373 BS626 Camouflage grey Is this the Typhoon color? MRP-374 BS627 Light Aircraft grey 2nd Typhoon color? MRP-375 BS629 Dark Camouflage grey Is this the grey topside color on 70s/80s Phantoms/Buccaneers/Harriers
  5. Ok. Trying to identify the kind of wheels/tires on MT-222 It appears to be a G-2 fuselage fitted with a G-4/5/6 wing (with the small kidney shaped bulges on the upper wings to accommodate the larger wheels/tires). Photos show the wing bulges quite clearly, but I haven't found any photos showing the wheels. Did MT-222 have the earlier E/F style smaller spoked wheels, or was it fitted with the latter G-4/5/6 style larger wheels? I appreciate your feedback. Cameron
  6. I seem to remember reading somewhere last year that Kinetic was going to release a Harrier GR1/GR3 kit to accompany their Sea Harrier, but now I've been poking around and can't find any mention. Am I having a fevered Coronavirus dream?
  7. I've been looking high and low for a set of seamless resin intakes for the Hasegawa 1/48 legacy Hornet kits without any success. All the sets from the usual suspects appear to be out of production. If anyone has an extra set of intakes that they'd be willing to part with, I would be in your debt. Thanks for the look! Cameron across the pond
  8. I know this is a pretty esoteric question. I'm building a Walrus from 700 Squadron RN sitting on HMS Sheffield's MacTaggart Scott catapult in early 1941. I'm trying to identify the appropriate colors (colours) for the structure of the catapult. The carriage that the aircraft is mounted to appears to be black or dark grey. I'm unsure on the color of the structure of the catapult itself. I'd be very appreciative to hear your thoughts and ideas. Cameron
  9. Thanks for the help guys. I think I've ID'd the specific antenna and found a couple of good pics of it. Best wishes! Cameron
  10. Working on a Platz 1/144 C-46 and need to replicate an antenna. It's above the cockpit and looks almost like a set of bicycle handlebars. Best case, I can find something similar that will work. Worst case I need better photos that I can use to scratch a new one. Any help IDing the antenna or finding better photos (top view?) would be tremendous.
  11. Anyone know what the story is with Iroquois Models who seem only to sell through Mastercasters? I'm interested in their stuff for the 1/48 CF-100 Canuck, but I seem to recall reading some sketchy stuff about Master Casters. Also about half of the stuff I'm interested in has no list price on the website and hasn't been updated in a couple of years. All of which sets off alarm bells. Cameron
  12. Looking to finish up an Eduard 1/48 Mirage IIIc during Operation Focus. I know from written accounts that the IDF Mirage IIIs had a center pylon with a couple of 500kg bombs on them. I have not yet been able to find any photos, contemporary or afterwards, showing the center pylon and bombs that were used. Anyone have any sources that have a photo or preferably photos of said pylons and bombs? TIA. Cameron
  13. To be honest Nic...the tone of your reply is a bit off-putting. I didn't pull this stuff out of my bottom. What I did do was hit reply without having my references in front of me at the computer, and doing some of this from memory is a bit treacherous. My references included; Dana Bell's Aircraft Pictorial #5 P-40 Warhawk Thomas Tullis' Tigers Over China, The Aircraft of the AVG EagleFiles #4 Terrill Clements' Sharks of the Air, Camouflage and Markings of the American Volunteer Group Dana Bell's Aviation Color Primers #1 US Export Colors of WWII Ian Baker's
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