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  1. Nice MiG-21 builds. I worked on them for a short period in the past. (The PF is belongs to the Romanian Air Force, not the Bulgarian one.)
  2. Wow.. So beautiful and shiny bird in a lovely colour scheme. Perfect!
  3. There are 2 anti-collision lights on Tu-104 as on this photo. White steady pos.light at the wingtips and at the rear of the fuselage (also visible on this photo) Originally there was no white strobe lights on those Tupolevs as they were not reqd by that time. However on the model there is no difference by appearance of strobe/steady pos.lights.
  4. Thank you for all of you. Actually I stopped to make models at around 2013. due to I had no free time to do, but watching other's excellent work is truly inspirational. I absolute agree with that. So I decided to be back for this hobby last year. So I also have to say a BIG thank you to every other modeller whose inspires me. @ Rupert: I 'm lucky enough to work in aviation (engineering) and see the details of the modern planes by myself, however I grown up at that times when these old soviet types were commons for us in the eastern block countries. I flown with them many times, and due to I've also learned those types in the school and worked on them later, I've got the infusions of love with them. Now I work on Boeings and Airbuses, but I'm still in love with my first type ever that is the small Tushka (Tu-134). I've seen them for long time in operation at home or in Kiiv, Ukraine, or Russia, or Bulgaria, or in Bratislava, Prague etc. So the details are still comes from my memories and from those beautiful and detailed photos from the spotters, whose helps our hobby so much. The LACI flaps actually very-very straightforward, and beautifully detailed and correct. I always recommend them to everyone. It's very rigid due to it's made from resin, but if you can deal with them, then amazingly perfect and detailed. Especially the engines released by LACI alias Ladislav Hancar... If you need any further info regarding them, feel free to call me.
  5. Hi there, After close to a decade of gap since my last post here and making scale models, I would be a brave enough to share my latest built I just finished. I hope this is okay here. There is nothing with politics, it's all about this beautiful livery and my fav. a/c type ever. Due to there is no any Tu-134 on the busy lines were flown without ruined and dirty coat, I added a hint of weathering as I always seen them in the real life... Airline: GazpromAvia Type: Tu-134AK-3, Reg.: RA-65045 Kit: Zvezda 1/144 Decals: Ascensio and Revaro Flaps: laci-ltd.uk by Ladislav Hancar There are some Tu-134A from the Czech AZmodel also stands in the line, which contains less details than Zvezda kit, however the entire nose section's shape is more much more accurate and correct than the Zvezda potatoe. Especially if someone plans to build the radom-nose version.
  6. Really nice finish and lovely Bird! Congrats for it!
  7. Thank you very much. Actually I'm working on B737 since close to 20 years as engineer. So I'm lucky enough to have opportunity to check any details at anytime. My initial plan was to build a heavy "C" check diorama, but now I abandoned this project for a while due to my crazy Tu-134s line. But anyone needs any details of the real type, let me know and I will take detailed photos or painting color codes... I hope I can see other's result as this kit surely one of the best detailed kit I've ever seen. Not easy kit, but worth of it.
  8. I used LACI products (Tu-134A flaps) on these examples... I have to say that it worth of any money for me... I absolute recommend his items...
  9. I have also started mine in August last year (1 year ago), but slovly stopped it in December as I switched into my 8 pcs unfinished/boxed Tu-134A. My first impression was that this kit will be a challenge to snap together, however very detailed and accurated kit at all. Needs some pre-skills in the making scale models, but not so bad. Regarding the general quality of the parts needs to be highlight that I've got 3 of the very first 6 examples been manufactured before the kit was released officially, so some extra sprue could occureb by the times... I decided to cut every panels, doors, etc out as can be seen in our repair station, but left it abandoned by the time due to the Tu-134s kit, and everything fitted as temporarily before the correct adjustments.. All small stuffs are 100% scratchbuilds copied from our 1:1 ones... All in all, don't give it up to assemble, as it will turns out amazingly... Just needs time to make it...
  10. The MAX 7 haven't the same length than the -700. Therefore to cut MAX 8 seems to be better way for getting MAX 7. I will try to find the stations diagrams for you tomorrow.
  11. Really nice pair of NW. I love them... Nice to see that clean and glossy finish.
  12. OMG. That weathering is simply unbelievable for me... Amazing built!!!
  13. Ohh! They are very-very beauty ones in row!!! Really nice birds!
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