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  1. I have the MPM production from about 20 years ago. I guess I can no just leave it in the stash and wait for this one. Given by their latest models, this should be quite a nice kit!
  2. Ced, about the under-wing storage, I've seen few photos with rockets, but it seems that the most common outfitting was the central hard point and then two bomb racks under each wing (similar to camo A and E in the Eduard profipack). The central hardpoint could be done to carry bomb or a fuel tank. It might be nice to do a storage on this point and then install empty bomb racks under the wing to give it a different look from a standard A-8. Really nice progress on the fiddly bits! Few bits on the wheel wells. My experience has been that there is quite a seamline in the wheel wells toward the leading edges, especially in the larger area for wheels. I've had the best experience with perfect putty to just put it in and then smooth it and give it a light re-spray with RLM 02. Similarly, in few cases the PE locks that you have in one of the photos above can stand too proud and not allow the wing to close smoothly - so check the fit. If this is the case, you can try to sand them down a bit. In my case I have ended up pulling them out, deepening the slots on the bottom wing and re-attaching them again. In either case, with a bit of care they end up fitting. IIRC the rest of the wing assembly should be fine. The other wonky point of the kit is the cowling - but that's for later HTH and look forward to seeing more of your progress.
  3. Ced, nice progress so far! I've done one of these earlier this year and did not mask the exhausts at all. In my version the panel immediately aft was black, so that was a good basis, and I then did a bit of detail painting / pigments for the parts that were particularly visible - this is especially the case for the singular tube on the bottom, which sticks out a bit from the cover. I'd say that the surrounding paint / exhaust stain / weathering usually provide a good enough look to the exhausts. I suppose one option would be to have a small piece of tape over the side openings to cover them - but even then it is just the flat faces that are visible. Hope this helps along with your nice build! Jan
  4. I'm with you Mr. P! Mine should be in the mail as well - looking forward to getting my grubby hands on them Jan
  5. My current plan is to do one as Kuttelwascher's night fighter from 1st sqn and then one in regular day fighter scheme. Looking forward to seeing pics of the test shots! Thank you Wojtek, Jan
  6. Awesome work and the DC is looking the part! Thanks for sharing the progress and tips on constructing (and improving) airliners! Jan
  7. Edge, I don't think so, at least not anytime soon. The ventral extension under the tail is moulded into the fuselage sides on the Mk.I and according to the CAD will be also on Mk.II. A Sea model would thus likely require a new fuselage mould. It is possible that Arma will decide to make those and thus open up the range of Sea Hurris, but we'll have to see. One might be able to use the fuselage plug from the Revell Sea Hurris or carve in the trenches for the hook. Jan
  8. The PF/PFM or others are certainly not coming before October, since they are not listed in the newsletter or leaflet. So far, we know there is a MF weekend and a MFN weekend coming. It is possible that we'll get a different version for Christmas, but my suspicion is that they'll come next year. Given their postponing of the Bf-109 G-6/AS to put out the Mustang, I imagine this has affected other projects as well.
  9. My guess would be that the 1/72 offerings will very closely mirror their 1/48 brothers. IIRC Bis and PFM (and maybe also PF?) have been already announced, but I'd imagine won't release a LanceR version. I know there has been some back and forth about the twin-seat version as well, but don't remember where the conversation is at the moment.
  10. IIRC Eduard had a 1/48 MiG-29 as a limited kit based on the Academy kit few years ago. I would guess (if the video indeed signals a future project) that it would be another limited edition containing someone else's parts with some added details and new decals. Given Eduard's recent repackaging of Trumpy kits, maybe we can look forward to a 1/72 version with Czechoslovak and other decals... Jan
  11. The Czech version is out: September 2019 Maybe the English one is a bit delayed for their focus on the Mustang?
  12. nice work on the camo! It came out really nice. Looking forward to seeing more in the future! Jan
  13. At least in the U.S. it is already available. Squadron has it listed for $22. I already have couple on their way. Will be happy to post photos once they arrive https://www.squadron.com/Messerschmitt-Bf109-G-6-p/tm60790.htm
  14. It will be interesting to see if Eduard will keep those extra resin bits in the future release of the MFN kit. Or maybe it will be similar as the first 1/72 MiG-21MF release (the library edition), where they included some resin for pieces that were not finished in plastic at that point. Jan
  15. In other words, Tamiya will do the same thing in 1/72 that they did in 1/48 - replace their own earlier Mk.I with a new one. Presumably the new one will be more accurate, and have the same new landing gear design that they are already doing on the 109 in both scales.
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