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  1. A few more from Mildenhall today. Finally got to see an Osprey flying there after only seeing ground runs there previously- Thanks for looking, Jason
  2. Nice shots. I wonder if these are the same ones that were at RAF Leeming for exercise Jaded Thunder a couple of weeks back?
  3. Hi Rick. As far as I know, you're right on it being an RC-135- I usually just rely on my dad's recognition of planes, as when it gets past the basics then I'm not so good. Had another few hours at Mildenhall today, so will post some more photos soon.
  4. Being fairly young, I think I've seen more A-10s in the past couple of months than in the rest of my life. I was only at Mildenhall today, but could see the A-10s departing from Lakenheath at around 16:30, with their tanker departing from Mildenhall just after.
  5. Thanks for enlightening me a bit on the loadout, it is interesting I'm not sure on whether it's true or not, but I have read on Facebook that their tanker went tech so they'll most likely be in at least 24h. Also read that 4 went into Lakenheath and another 4 to Lajes. Hope you get to see them. We have got lucky as we happen to be down this way from Yorkshire visiting family. Didn't expect to see A-10s again so soon after seeing them at Leeming the other week.
  6. I have next to no knowledge on that side of things, so would be interested to know about the loadout combination Not heard anything about departures, but I'll let you know if I do. Thanks, Jason
  7. Had a nice varied day out at these two bases today. Got to Mildenhall to find we were the only ones there, caught a few arrivals and departures before heading to Lakenheath- so that's where everyone was hiding then. Thankfully got there in plenty of time to see 4 A-10s landing. Again, not up to the standard of many as they're only on a compact camera, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy seeing them. Thanks for looking, Jason
  8. Last bit of work for today- Thanks for looking, Jason
  9. Cheers everyone. A little more progress-
  10. I'm afraid I don't really know much about the Apache, but from looking at other photos I would say it does move in flight. It was great to see the a-10s, Simon, it was a case of no movement with them for ages and then 4 going up at once which was well worth the wait. The resident hawks and other visitors made it a good busy day though. As for the first photo, I think it's just the angle it was taken from. The grass was that long in some parts that you could hardly see the a-10s behind it
  11. Apologies that these photos are nowhere near the standard of most on here, I only use a compact camera, but just wanted to share these from a great day out at RAF Leeming. Now a nice trip to Lakenheath and Mildenhall again to look forward to in a week or two Thanks for looking, Jason
  12. I spotted it at the Huddersfield show a few years back- couldn't say no after seeing the amount of figures and ammo included. The mine roller version looks interesting too. Just a little more progress to show- Cheers, Jason
  13. This will be my first armour build after only doing aircraft before, so I'll hopefully learn a lot along the way. Thanks for looking, Jason
  14. Cheers Everyone. Thanks for the tip Eng- I did actually give it a light gloss coat which seemed to work at first, but there were one or two parts where the white started coming back- I didn't want it to be too gloss, so thankfully managed to just about cover them few bits up. Thanks, Jason
  15. Thanks Polo and Houston. Is that the 125ml bottles of clear matt you're referring to, or the older ones in the smaller bottles? It's the 125ml bottle I used, and it seems to be a common problem after a Google of it- Humbrol have mentioned that their tests suggest it's to do with the temperature being too low or because of moisture in the air. The gloss coat in the 125ml bottles went on perfectly though- will definitely be using that one again.
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