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  1. 1/72 & 1/48 sheets of 57th FIS were released on Monday.
  2. Looks like Airfix are delaying announcements till Thursday, thou why they think a day later will stop the site crashing !
  3. Looks great as I remember them back in the day, if mine turns out like this will be happy, though waiting for Eduards floor & seats before closing up.
  4. Odds & Ordanace do the EMI pod,Sargent Fletcher Flash fuel tank & attack camera ,in 1/72 via A2zee .
  5. Yes 8" on RAF Phantom 4" on Royal Navy Phantom
  6. I would see from your supplier you should be able to get a refund or replacement sheets from the decal company. Good luck
  7. They have reissued them with an update sheet in the back containing the correct pale blue codes ,serial numbers,deck designates.
  8. Eduards new Hercules parts including troop seats & cargo area floor in January.
  9. Try Humbrol 87 steel gray very close to colour.
  10. Very early aircraft were yellow white anti flash aircraft Light Admiralty gray, aircarft with 800 NAS in EDSG/White were yellow zinc chromate .
  11. Cyder hobby are bring one out with the capsule.
  12. The pictures I have show High speed silver wing tanks on Red Pelicans aircraft.
  13. XZ578 was coded 830.at Prestwick only the 30 was carried on the S/B side of the nose as all 771 NAS aircraft towards the end ,two aircraft were coded but didn't carry the code on the aircraft also XZ578 was the only one to carry the 60th Anniversary logo at Prestwick.
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