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  1. Cyder hobby are bring one out with the capsule.
  2. The pictures I have show High speed silver wing tanks on Red Pelicans aircraft.
  3. XZ578 was coded 830.at Prestwick only the 30 was carried on the S/B side of the nose as all 771 NAS aircraft towards the end ,two aircraft were coded but didn't carry the code on the aircraft also XZ578 was the only one to carry the 60th Anniversary logo at Prestwick.
  4. IPMS W.Cornwall show is cancelled sadly.
  5. Aviation workshop did a sheet of FG1 navy Phantom.
  6. The Whirlwind mk9 didn't carrier torpedo it was solely used in the SAR role . You are correct some HAS7 were fitted with light weight sonar others carried the torpedo to attack the target submarine. The equipment was transferred into the Wessex HAS1 which could carry both sonar & two torpedoes at the same time.
  7. Early FAW1 aircraft had a yellow protective coat wheel& wells ,airbrake inner ,wing fold . This changed to light Admiralty Gray in all those areas . Humbrol 87 steel blue gray is very close .
  8. Freightdog do the WE set for Airfix Buccaneer, the fairings were the same colour as the underside scheme.
  9. 008 & 009 were the reserve aircraft for Ark Royals 892NAS not unown for training flights to her in home waters ,I have a shot of PTF aircraft landing on while working up for final commission.
  10. The only shore base would have been RAE Bedford ,which had a raised simulated Ark Royal deck with steam catapult launch system & arrestor wires . It was used by the FAA for training early Phantom pilots.
  11. Yes it is printed on soiled sheet but full instructions are given how to use it. Thanks for the glue tip I will try & source some .
  12. I also have the 1/72 kit it is very impressive & a new way of construction with small brass pins ,fit is amazing on the components. I have also received Oldmodels decal sheet from NZ to complete it. Which is the best glue to use on 3D printed plastic? As donot want to damage the kit.
  13. Yes it returned to RAFBG I have pictures of it on farewell flight from Lossiemouth in this scheme. Which she still has at the FAA museum.
  14. You will need the larger long range tanks ,they had rocket assisted drop down packs behind the bomb Bay & larger droppler radar on abox replacing the original.
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