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  1. Lovely job of the old classic Airfix kit, really nice Cheers Michael.
  2. Hello, the metal finish is Alclad polished aluminium lacquer which is sprayed onto a gloss black base,really nice and easy Cheers Michael..
  3. Hi everyone, this build was inspired by reading Flight from the croft by Bill Innes, who as a young boy living in the outer hebrides manages to fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot, firstly in the RAF and then joining BEA and flying all the classic airliners of the day from the DC3 through to the B767. This book appeals to me for two reasons as he tells of flying some of my favourite british airliners and also talks about flying the DC3 on routes in Scotland which is my favourite place and have been visiting regularly for the last 50 years during which time I have been able to visit all the a
  4. Thats a really nice job you have done there, have always liked the Airfix 737,wish I still had some. Cheers Michael.
  5. Lovely job and a classic british livery from the past, great stuff. Cheers Michael.
  6. Very nice job,not seen this livery before. Cheers Michael.
  7. Absolutely agree with all the above comments,marvellous build. Cheers Michael.
  8. A lovely tribute to your Grandfather. We will remember them. Cheers Michael.
  9. Lovely job there, just goes to show what can be done with an old Airfix classic in a skilled pair of hands, Marvellous ! Cheers Michael.
  10. Really nice job,not seen this livery before,masking looks superb and like the shot with the VC10. Cheers Michael.
  11. Really nice job, absolute classic, those were the days. Cheers Michael.
  12. Lovely job, never realised an Argosy ever carried Air Anglia livery, well done. Cheers Michael.
  13. Really nice job,classic aircraft and livery, Lovely. Cheers Michael.
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