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  1. That looks really nice ,great job with the decals , you would never know there had been any issues. Cheers Michael.
  2. Hello , the paint I used on the exhaust nozzles was alclad duralium with a touch of black mixed in. Cheers Michael.
  3. Hello , yes I did have similar problems with fitting the wings ,A bit of fettling and persuading required. Cheers Michael.
  4. Hi everyone ,just finished this one using a mix of decals from the kit and F-decals, the tail fin was painted to avoid decalling over the fairings, I had planned to use some pe parts on the undercarriages but suffered some breakages on fitting so had to concede defeat which was a shame as they would have made a nice enhancement, guess the fingers are not so nimble any more. Cheers Michael. DSC02103 by michael hobday, on FlickrDSC02095 by michael hobday, on FlickrDSC02096 by michael hobday, on FlickrDSC02102 by michael hobday, on Flickr20220407_151923 by michael hobday, on Flickr20220407_153052 by michael hobday, on Flickr
  5. Hi Adam, If it can be any reassurance to you I have bought a number of decal sheets from F-DECAL including the concorde in landor livery a few weeks ago and have not had any problems, from my own experience I would be happy to use them again. Cheers Michael.
  6. Really nice job and a stylish british livery from the past , well done Cheers Michael.
  7. Hello sorry about any confusion about AA decals, the web address is , AUTHENTIC-AIRLINER- DECALS.DE there is a large range available and I think most airline modellers seem to use them, they definitely enhance the finished model. Cheers Michael.
  8. Hi everyone,just finished this Court line 111, one of my favourites from way back, brings back memories of many sunday afternoons spent in the viewing area at Luton watching them, It would be lovely to hear those Speys roaring again. This was my first all resin kit and was pleased that it was quite a trouble free build. The decals are from 26 for the livery and AA for the windows. Cheers Michael. DSC02020 by michael hobday, on FlickrDSC02017 by michael hobday, on FlickrDSC02013 by michael hobday, on FlickrDSC02012 by michael hobday, on Flickr
  9. Hi Dave, thats a really nice build you have done there , I have also completed one of these recently and certainly agree how the AA decals really bring it alive . nice job. Cheers Michael.
  10. Oh dear ,sorry Ray got in a bit of a muddle there, just double checked and found they were printed by F-DCAL. Cheers Michael.
  11. Hi everyone just finished this 146 ,pretty much all oob except for some small bits and bobs, decals are from 26 for the livery,AA for the windows and Skyline for some stencilling details,overall a very enjoyable build 20210507_231617 by michael hobday, on Flickr20210507_231658 by michael hobday, on Flickr20210507_231846 by michael hobday, on Flickr20210507_231916 by michael hobday, on Flickr20210507_232044 by michael hobday, on Flickr20210507_231746 by michael hobday, on Flickr
  12. Very nice build and a great tribute , well done. Cheers Michael.
  13. Very nice build, not seen one of these on the forum before , great job. Cheers Michael.
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