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  1. I got mine today too. Not sure which one I will do yet.
  2. I don't see it on their website.
  3. Airfix USA usually are about a month behind the UK. Be patient and you will get yours. I live in Canada and my local hobby shop has not been given a date for the kit in Canada. I have it as I bought from the UK. I missed out on the TSR 2 by waiting and swore I wouldn't do that again. Nice kit but they really needed to have a folding nose cone.
  4. I have several questions about this beauty. 1. What engine is molded in the Airfix kit? 2. How can you tell what engine is in the model you want to build? (I have the Freightdog Series 201 and the Flightpath Series 200.) 3. Does anyone know where I could possibly get 1,000lb free fall bombs for the bomb bay?
  5. It looks like Airfix are going to do a Royal Navy Boxing and probably next Year a RAF boxing just like they did with their Phantom. Shame they didn't do a folding nose cone. I hope if they do a RAF aircraft it has the bulged bomb bay and all the other minor changes so a late model Buc can be made. If not I am sure the after market will fill the gap. I won't see this baby for a month since I live in Canada.
  6. As stated by a David Wombley I would try and get a Belcher Bits set. http://www.belcherbits.com/images/172conv/bl3inst.pdf This is the Pdf that shows the weapons in the conversion. http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/172conv/bl3.htm# this is their website.
  7. The Flightpath conversion is just about complete and I would recommend using this as they have done all the hard work. I have this on my list of conversions to do but haven't started it, hopefully soon. I look forward to seeing your Vulcan conversion.
  8. Great looking kit, it is on my list of Phantoms to build. Did you modify the nose? Freightdog have a resin replacement. What paints did you use for the Red & Blue?
  9. Thanks guys I will get the AS-11, I'm sure my local hobby store has it.
  10. Hi I am looking to build A Vampire, Meteor and Canberra all in High Speed Silver. My question is what paint is a good match for this colour. I live in Canada and Xtracolour is not available and neither at the moment is Humbrol metalcote. ( I was going to use Humbrol Aluminium metalcote) I do have access to Humbrol, (Full range except metalcote) Vallejo, (Full range including the metal range.) AK, (Full range including the metal range.) Tamiya, (Full range.) Mr hobby. (Full range including the metal range.) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. 1/700 Dragon produced (Ro7) as she appeared in 1991 (Through deck cruiser) 1/700 Starling Models are producing (Ro9) As she appeared after her last refit. (Later this year) https://starling-models.co.uk/index.php 1/700 Fujimi (Ro9) as she appeared in the 50's 1/700 Aoshima (91) does it in two versions 1/700 Trumpeter (91) not yet released. 1/350 merit (91) big kit with lots of detail and lots of after market additions available. I didn't include Revell 1/720 or Airfix 1/600 Some are easy to find others are harder, hope this helps.
  12. I just read in Airfix Model World (page 10, Sep issue) about a 1/700 Ark Royal R09 circa 1978 is being produced by Atlantic Models and Starling Models. Does anyone know anymore about this and is it on any of the companies website?
  13. I just ordered a set, since I live in Canada the price is in US dollars it is around 28 US dollars or 22 GBP I got 10% off because it was my first order.
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