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  1. Thank you very much Todder these words make me very happy. JiP
  2. Thanks Pete. Back then and in times of war, we weren't as observant as we are now. LoL JiP
  3. Thank you exdraken. The He-112 was used by Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish and German till 1939. JiP. Thank you 28ZComeback.
  4. Hi all, My last achievement and 1st completed this year. This is the He-112 B1 / U2 coded V3 + 03 of the Royal Hungarian Air Force - Defense of Budapest 1942-43. This is the Classic Airframe 1/48 model. It is painted in RLM 61/62/63 above and RLM 65 below. The paints are Gunze Aqueous H-67 - 303 -308 & 406 and yellow H-419. Hope you like it. JiP.
  5. Hi all, Following the information received on a forum concerning the camouflage of the P-40 N with the serial number corresponding to mine (Presence of green spots on the wings and horizontal control surfaces), I reviewed my camouflage. I also found that the upper horizontal control surfaces were Olive Drab with green spots and below, neutral gray, except the elevator control surfaces which remained white, whereas on my initial camouflage they were completely white. I did it all again and here is the result. The initial post The old camo.
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