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  1. Hi all, Following the information received on a forum concerning the camouflage of the P-40 N with the serial number corresponding to mine (Presence of green spots on the wings and horizontal control surfaces), I reviewed my camouflage. I also found that the upper horizontal control surfaces were Olive Drab with green spots and below, neutral gray, except the elevator control surfaces which remained white, whereas on my initial camouflage they were completely white. I did it all again and here is the result. The initial post The old camo.
  2. Hi all, Here is a model that I finished about 20 years ago. It is the P-40 N from Mauve at 1/48. It did not please me much anymore because I found it sad on its base so I decided to redo this base. At the same time I made some additions of antennas on the model. I also redid the exhaust traces and I then ironed a layer of matt varnish because I found it too shiny. I replaced the original figurine with 2 new ones. The pilot comes from a FALLER box and the mechanic from an ICM box. They are painted with an airbrush for the primer and the base coat of uniforms and fac
  3. Thanks Red Dog. I also always model with a background of music.
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