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  1. That's very good, got a definitely Gerry Anderson Realspace feel to it.
  2. That first shot in particular is the bee's knees. I can't see any model tells in it at all. Second one is almost as good but maybe the foreground lighting is a bit off? I guess it could be illuminated by the ISS Will
  3. Cracking job and great attention to detail. The wear and tear on the earth spade is a lovely touch. And you're right, it is a really cool design. The walker pods can't really compare can they? Will
  4. Those are cool, the pink is really in right now and looks great, especially on the Deathmarks' eyes.
  5. That looks excellent, lots of motion and I like the restrained weathering and the contrast between the chrome bits and flat bits. W
  6. I can't really say "nice" about Mortarion because he's an avatar of yuck, so let's say "excellent work" I really like the shading to the teal-blue across the wings, and the way it picks up the smoke colours from elsewhere. The loincloth is beautifully highlighted too. Will
  7. I like the model and your paint job, the bright shiny metal will give lovely contrast against the grime to come. I really thought the TV series was a bit disappointing, though hard to put my finger on exactly why. But the music is cool Will
  8. Ahah, you're now the terrifying wave of the future, churning out model bits from the primal ooze of creation. Looking lovely thus far! NB: You probably know this, but in terms of other hill climbers there was a dieselpunk-esque kit from Industria Mechanika called the Estafette which was heavily based on a JAP-engined racer. I think it's a GN special? Tiny scale though. https://industriamechanika.com/shop/land/26-her-majesty-s-estafette-.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GN_(car) Cheers, Will
  9. This looks like a recast of Mirai by Life Miniatures - came out last year or the year before, and is still in print: https://www.lifeminiatures.com/product-page/복제-복제-bad-blood-90mm So yeah, a bit naughty. Support your garage kit producers if you want them to keep producing The hair, gun and skin seams/plugs definitely have a bit of the Major about them, so I reckon your colour scheme is a good option, nice work! Cheers, Will
  10. Thanks, I think it's a bit warmer than the traditional high elf blue and white without being too earthy? I realised looking back at the above that I simplified the bronze armour a bit - these were mostly: * Base Wyldwood before varnishing, then base with Runelord Brass, wash with Cryptek Armourshade Gloss. Drybrush with Runelord Brass and Canoptek Alloy (or layer if there's no room to drybrush), then sponge or edge-highlight as appropriate with Stormhost Silver. Finish by running thinned Contrast Medium along the trim edges (i.e. in the concavities) to kill the shine there. So not as many highlight colours (with a brighter silver highlight) and no darkening of the recesses after the glossy shade, just matting them. I think I probably prefer it and it's a bit less work too. Cheers, Will
  11. Lovely work, and the sketches are so good you almost don't need to make the model now I'm not sure about the white panel - I think the bordered one is better than the rectilinear one, now I find myself wondering if it should be a white field for just the logo? Or maybe plain yellow - you could always get a tiny block of white/yellow hazard stripes on there somewhere. I can see that having some white somewhere will make the yellow look more saturated by contrast. Cheers, Will
  12. Kick-bottom. The horn is the business, it really suits the silhouette. Lovely base too. Will
  13. Have finished some more elves, batch painting six but I painted the wrong head so need to do another one to fit the neck on the last body. I've made quite a bit of progress on the remaining bits necessary for the unit so will try and get it finished before too long. I changed a couple of things from the test so I need to go back and update that one slightly - the spheres in the plume are the bronzey colour rather than gold, and I didn't get the armour recesses as dark this time. I quite like them en bloc like this. They feel like a lot of work but it's probably not that bad really, you just need to be neat. Cheers, Will
  14. Got posted twice after appearing to hang, sorry. To add some content - check out the weirder stuff in the Kruleboyz range, it's quite cool: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/07/03/warhammer-preview-online-dominion-celebration/ https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/07/19/meet-the-powerful-kruleboyz-shaman-whos-best-mates-with-kragnos-or-so-he-claims/
  15. That's true, and I am painting a unit, but it's a rabble unit rather than crack troops so some variation is probably OK. I think I just got a bit carried away with the shiny edges and it's not very realistic. Looking again, the first one (where I think the dark metal is left at the edges and I just picked out the corners) is better so I'll probably go with that for the other five. Then they should offer a bit of variety as well. There is a colour transition from shallow to deep, although not a ton of space to execute it in. I also brought the yellow up onto the feet as I assume it would get everywhere! Cheers for the kind comments folks. I have spent the last couple of evenings batch painting elf bits and have all the swords, shields, faces and bases done, with six spearmen almost ready. Will
  16. Thanks! It was inspired by looking at pics of Iguanas, but the colours came from Monster Hunter - the Tigrex has the same blue and yellow. Cheers, Will
  17. Thanks folks! What's a Dyniak?
  18. Hi all, I've been a bit distracted lately and not had a whole lot of modelling time, but I still build figures in front of the TV when I want to switch my brain off. Sometimes I even paint them! These are Hobgrots/Hobgoblins from the new Age of Sigmar box - nice simple two- or three-part models in traditional slottabases. The sculpts have a great balance between detail and paintability - there are loads of details but they well-defined and the brush seems to find them pretty easily. I painted one to try them out and then applied the same recipe to another four. They're a bit different to the approach I've been using for the last couple of years as I primed them with a dark blue-green and then did some vigorous drybrushing as a base for the skin. Then lots of washes and glazes on top of that to smooth things out and get the colours right. The bases are my take on a sulphur swamp. I was very happy after painting the first one (above) but when I finished the other four the other night I thought maybe the armour is too consistent looking, and the metals are rather flat in the photo. I'll try and sponge some of the highlights and rust rather than brush/stipple them for the next five and see how that goes. Once they're done there are some interesting characters and monsters and things to get on with - there's a lot of stuff in that box Cheers, Will
  19. Those are fun! I don't really like the design of the skull cannon thingy (the first one) in the GW pics but it looks really good in blue as you have it. Very Iron Maiden Apologies for quietness - I would be posting stuff here but have been a bit busy and my photo box thing is put away at the mo. I've got some Dominion goblins painted, I'll put those up. Cheers, Will
  20. I really like the background to this, and the way it combines Ma.K shaping with Star Wars details and just a hint of the Liberator too. NB: When you posted the WIP I went to read more about Vaurbian freighters because I'd never heard of them, and then realised they were entirely your invention Nice work! Will
  21. Amazing! In a lot of ways I think aircraft carriers represent the pinnacle of the craft of modelling - a combination of the variety, large size, small scale and general level of fiddly detail. And this is a stunning carrier. Love the PE work under the flight deck, that must've been quite the mission. Will
  22. Good stuff, I really like the idea of this mini as a haunted suit of armour and it's great that your photo captures the air gap at the thigh. Tidy work on the gems and things too. How was the model to paint - did you use any sub-assemblies? I've not built mine because I can't quite figure out how/what I want to do with him yet. Will
  23. Thanks folks, it is a bit weird isn't it? Normally I like my models but this one is a bit grim. Although I do wonder what other Tzeentch creatures would look like in a similar style? W
  24. Is it ironic to resurrect a thread about the undead? I painted a Grave Guard model this week as it was last month's free GW miniature and I thought it would sit happily with my existing skellies. I think the Grave Guard are probably not as nice as the skeleton warriors - they have a lot of vampire bits like bat wings on their helmets, and their forward-leaning poses seem less varied. (I don't know if this will work as an embed, but if you click through it spins around!) But it's still fun to paint skeletons Will
  25. Very desirable! Just watch out for any marauding Brian Blesseds who are the scourge of teleport bracelets everywhere. W
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