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  1. SteveJJ If you want a comprehensive photo treatise of the late Gerald and Phyllis Wingroves work seek out a book entitled The Art of the Automobile in Miniature by Gerald and Phyllis. You will do no better than this, although there was also a much earlier book by Gerald named The Model Cars of Gerald Wingrove. Both these books will have all the photos within that you could ask for. Both out of print now so check out Amazon and Ebay or specialist second hand book sellers.
  2. I recently learnt that Gerald A Wingrove, well known professional car modeller passed away during March this year. He lost his wife Phyllis last year who was a very active partner in his business. They had retired to Spain a number of years ago. Gerald will be best remembered for his exquisite scratch built car models on which he built his reputation as well as his 'Complete Car Modelling Books 1 and 2' in which he shared his techniques. Most of his models are in private collections, and along with the books he has written will be a lasting legacy to this remarkable model maker.
  3. Beeb has gone a bit quiet about this one. I really thought that it was for release for Christmas 2018. Maybe it will be this year after all.
  4. That is a crazy price! Best keep looking! Just a thought, Amazon have second hand books......might be worth a look there as well? If you get around any of the model shows, it sometimes appears at much more sensible prices like between £5 and £10 in under the table sales or on SH book traders stands. Alternatively the kit swap at SMW at Telford in November is a good place to look amongst the second hand books being sold. Keep an eye open in charity shops as it is surprising what turns up in those places, usually dead cheap!
  5. Scale Warship does some nice sets of photo etched for this kit. Also if you can find it on eBay or second hand book sellers there is an Airfix Special Book about building the Victory from their kit. Author was Noel C L Hackney, and the book was published by Patrick Stephens back in the 1980's. Sometimes the book turns up for sale under the table at model shows. They also printed specials on the Airfix Cutty Sark and the Mayflower. Same author and publisher.
  6. Tried to create a thread in Announcements but that one and others greyed out and unavailable to select in the Create Thread Box. Cannot see any 'Contact Us' facility to point this problem out to site administrators.
  7. It is coming on well. Quite a complex kit to build but worth the effort. Heller did one in the same scale as well back issuein the nineties that as far as I can remember was less complex than the Revell one. The Heller one may have been sold under the Aortic name at the time as they were under same ownership.
  8. The big Airfix Bentley is certainly showing its age a bit. It was a sophisticated kit by 1970's standards, but lacks the finesse that we now come to expect with newer kits. However, Renek is showing what can be done with an ageing kit, using it as a basis to add extra details and replace or refine existing ones from the kit, and the big Bentley certainly lends itself to super detailing. Renek;s model looks superb now that it is finished. UK modeller Peter Buckingham's model at Telford a few years ago and a model made by John Teresi in the USA that went to the GSL in Salt Lake City some time ago are also testament to what can be done with this kit. My main gripe with the kit is that Airfix have made a glaring error in positioning the Winged B badge far too low down on the radiator shell and never bothered to put this right. Over at least three re issues this has never been corrected, but instead of sorting this crass error out they elected to change figures on the number plate on the last issue instead? Maybe the modeller can correct this anomaly by removing the badge, put another in the correct position using modern finishes like Alclad or AK Chrome. Ironically they got the badge position right on their old 1/32nd scale kit that they issued way back in the 1950's.
  9. I looked at the kit on Motobitz stand at MK. Very nice kit albeit a bit pricey I seem to remember. I believe that they are intending to release a version that was featured in the cult TV series 'The Prisoner' from the 60's.
  10. The show calendar does get a bit crowded at times. Maybe regional shows organised by clusters of clubs poollng their resources might help space things out a bit as venues and table hire become more expensive, and give traders less of a dilemma about which to go to.
  11. Before we get any flak from our Scottish Friends, I am sure that Warthog's remark about moving the Scottish Nationals date was a tongue in cheek joke. We moved our MK date from February a few years back and it unfortunately often clashes with Perth, not the other way around! A lot of decisions have to be made about next year, so we will see how it all pans out.
  12. There were one of two remarks about hype show size, stats etc. In the grand scheme of things the club has done remarkably well in getting a venue probably second only to Telford and the Dewar Centre to stage a scale model show! A few things were noted that could be improved, but that is always the case when using a new venue. To be positive, a great show venue, easy parking and the armbands facilitated easy access in and out to use other local facilies. Maybe the date might have to be moved to get a regular weekend each year out of the football season. Let's see? All in all it was a really good day out.
  13. As a member of the MK Club it was good to get some feedback about our show. First time out in a new venue is bound to throw up a few things that can be improved next time around. The criticisms made on this thread have generally been fair and constructive, but I would urge those who made them to also email the MK Club direct!y with same criticisms to ensure the club is aware of tbem. Thanks.
  14. It's TOMORROW folks.....Prize open those wallets and purses and dust off the credit/debit cards. You can make your excuses to the bank/wife whatever later on!
  15. Just so there is no confusion to anyone reading this thread, the MK Show is on this coming SUNDAY ONLY. The Scottish Nats happens to be on same weekend but is a two day show way up in Perth.
  16. Reminder! The Milton Keynes Show is this weekend folks! Fantastic new venue, the Marshall Arena, a huge exhibition hall adjacent to MK Done Football ground with loads of parking. With 500 tables for clubs sigs and traders it must be second only to Telford in size! Looks like being a fantastic show with easy access from M1 and A5.
  17. 're Asda parking lot. I think that MK Dons Stadium / Marshall Arena will have plenty of parking spaces of their own. If Models for Sale are going all the way to Perth from Raunds in Northamptonshire instead of MK just a short run from them it must be worth their while even with the fuel and hotel bills coming out of their profit.. Just a pity that the dates happen to clash!
  18. Lovely model of one of the most iconic 50's racing cars.
  19. Interesting project progressing well! Will follow progress of this one.
  20. The two Ronnies in the hardware shop sketch was better .I'll' have four candles (fork 'andles)! I reckon that was one of the best comedy sketches ever, alongside the Morcambe and Wise musical send up with Andre (Andrew) Previn, ( Privet, Preview).
  21. The IPMS Scottish Nationals happen to be on the same weekend, but Perth and Milton Keynes are so far away from each other so as not to affect attendance of either.
  22. Big undertaking for mksmc. Much better hall. One large open space instead of all the nooks and crannies on the old Stantonbury School site. Really looking forward to this event! A proper, purpose built exhibition hall at last.
  23. Pretty sure that AMT did a commercial one way back in the 60's in 1/25th scale. Hope this helps. The Japanese one in an earlier post looks a good bet. There is a single vehicle trailer from South Eastern Finecast and MotoBitz makes some resin stuff to semi scratch build one from plastic card.
  24. Victorian and Edwardian periods not really that dissimilar with regard to technical progress at the time. I think that Wells lived in the Edwardian era. Eleanor Thomlinson will I think he a strong lead. The book as you said Nigel was not strong on characters so it will be interesting to see how it pans out, and hope the BBC does not go a bit PC as you might fear. Generally these dramas are contracted out to private producers so hopefully should keep mainly true to story. As WOTW was a relatively short nove! some padding out may be inevitable. Let's see!
  25. WOTW I agree was an up to date techno thriller of that era. Precisely why I feel it should be portrayed 'in period' and not be modernised. My own take is that there are more than enough good and not so good science fiction movies in abundance already without taking classics by H G Wells and Jules Verne by modernising and worse, distorting the stories so they have but a passing resemblance to the original. For example, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea just would not seem right if a modern nuclear submarine was used as the Nautilus in a remake movie. Jurassic Park and Lost World was a prime example of modern techno thrillers by Michael Chrichton being very distorted in the movie versions. I read his first book two years before the movie JP1 was made and could see odd snatches from the books appearing in JP 1,2and3. If the original movie was true to the book it would have had an 18 rating. It was probably diluted with a view to all the after movie marketing spin off toys, t shirts etc
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