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  1. italeri could very easily do a follow up to the 35B with a type 51. Virtually same car but with a twin cam engine.
  2. Another couple of places worth a look Models For Sale at Raunds Kit Krazy at Bexley Heath I think there might be another named Yanks
  3. Looks like you are trying to get an answer from the parent company in the states. Try contacting Barwell the UK Badger specialist. They may be able to answer your question or get an answer from the states.
  4. Throughout this post I cannot remember seeing any mention of what actual thickness plastic card the laminations were being made up to. Thinking out of the model making box a bit, how about looking up local commercial plastics suppliers who may well carry thicker sheet material plastics. Alternatively there are specialist suppliers of materials including plastics to the educational sector who carry and supply a variety of things for schools and colleges design and technology departments. Far better to get material of the right thickness of you can rather than using up sheets and adhesives in laminating.
  5. I think that Frog did a Dennis Ambulance in 1/16th scale way back along with some cars in the 60's.
  6. Dave, I was an apprentice in the 60's at a large pump manufacturer. The lads I did my time with her a real mixture of bikes. BSA, Ariel, Triumph, Norton, Greeves and a smattering of Lambretta Motor Scooters too. The first Japanese imports were the writing on the wall for most. The comparison was they were built like a Swiss watch compared to the British bikes built like an old wind up mantle piece clock.
  7. Nice model of a very unusual car. I think it was a Bandai kit released way back in the late 60's or early 70's. A bit of an oddball subject for a mainstream kit manufacturer to produce at the time, but interesting because it is so different. You have made a really good restoration job on this model. Using real wood looks so much better than plastic with simulated grain to paint. The wheels look really good and the use of contrasting colours really brings them to life.
  8. I think that most 'Rockers' back in the 60's were just bike enthusiasts who had their favourite haunts. In my old hometown Reading their haunt was the 'Cafe Ole!' in London Road. Typical Spanish themed cafe from the time with candles in Mateus Rose wine bottles on the tables and bullfight posters on the walls.
  9. Lovely model, nicely built and tastefully displayed. Those scale wire wheels set it off a treat. A very interesting subject to many of us of a certain age. (Think Mods and Rockers!) It certainly had its challenges to overcome judging by the different materials used in the kit.
  10. Maybe Del Boy Trotter's Reliant Regal Van might be next. LOL
  11. Going back to the pic in the first post on this thread. Is that a resin kit in 1/24th scale of the Bond Bug? What next? Del Boy Trotter's Reliant Regal Van?
  12. You might be waiting 20 years for the reissue! If it happens at all! If you want it that badly I guess Kingkit might be the only current option albeit overpriced in my opinion.
  13. There was a surge of different manufacturers setting up shop to do 1/43rd scale kits. Like Trevor has said, many have fallen by the wayside.. I see that you live in Sleaford Trevor. I think that a well known writer modeller named Gerald Scarborough lived in your town.
  14. Or you can convert the Revellogram kit like Pat did. Alternatively the Heller Airfix Bugatti EB110 would also do the trick.I Much as I like the EB110 as it is, making a Death Race Type Vehicle from it was a bit of a fun thing to do with it. Been toying with the idea of making the Juggernaut Truck from the movie using an AMT Peterbilt California Hauled as the basis. Did the Duel Rig some time ago. A fun conversion and semi scratch build.
  15. Thunder Child! Sounds like the ship in the song from Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of the Worlds. Cover picture on my.old LP shows it being blasted by one of the Martian Tripod War Machines. Idea for a diorama?
  16. It would be nice if someone did the Vasa in a bigger scale than the Airfix and Revell kits. The Airfix one keeps reappearing in their catalogue although inaccurate compared to the Revell offering that has stopped production. 100th scale would.be good with all those intricate figures to paint and make a splendid model of Airfix did it in this scale and more accurate than their now very old kit. The CSS Alabama, CSS Shenandoa and CSS Florida would be nice to obtain in a scale of about 1/144th or 1/150th. The big Revell Alabama in 1/96th scale has been around a long time as has their Kearsage where they used the same hull moulding. So one of them has to be very wrong as research shows a twelve feet difference in their hull lengths. That beautiful French liner Normandie known as 'The Ship Of Light' has never been kitted in plastic. Surprised that Heller never did this one! There is a resin kit and beautifully done, but at a price! No more Titanics please! The market is swamped with this subject in many scales already from tiny to taking up the living room! Accepted there is a great fascination with it model wise, but enough is enough. Lots in plastic, card and wood already.
  17. I can remember building a model of the Winnie Mae way back in 1959 just before I left school. We were doing a project on explorers and pioneers. The model was left in a display cabinet at my old school. If my memory serves me right it was a Lindberg kit.
  18. Thanks for coming back. I had a look at the Wickileak info. Made an interesting read as Stevenage where the factory was is about 14 miles from where I live.
  19. Lovely subject and a very interesting thread. Nice piece of model engineering. How did this bike yet named 'Gunga Din'? Was it a one off special?
  20. I doubt it Revell did anything to the ex Monogram mould. They will just re pop it I would guess.
  21. I like this forever thread! Interesting to see what people are buying or acquiring. So many posts now it would take forever to read the whole thread.
  22. It my.memory serves me correctly, very shortly after the Tamiys Swordfish was released there was a book published specifically dedicated to building and detailing the kit. Do not know who the publisher was unfortunately, but would imagine the book would be of great help to anyone building this kit.
  23. Nick at Unobtainium has been developing a number of parts for the big Bentley as mentioned by Jo NZ. Nick's wheels will differ a bit from yours as I believe that he is developing kits to assemble the wheels using real wire, like his Alfa wheel kits. He has some interesting stuff for the Bentley in the pipeline that he is developing, but not aware of any photo etched parts yet, It may be that he will be producing a full Bentley kit in 1/12th scale from 3D printed parts. Watch this space!
  24. Thanks for your reply Dan. I can see clearly now what you did with the Unimat dividing head to mount it at an angle. A very easy solution. Those little Unimat machines are really good. Quite adaptable too looking at an earlier post of yours showing the chuck jaws reversed to take the large diameter wheel. Your Indian Chief is quite something to behold. Absolutely beautiful, One of the most interesting builds that I have been following.
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