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  1. Thanks for all the comments guys.
  2. HI again All, One of my builds from lockdown which I was pleased with and enjoyed doing immensely. Airfix's SeafireXVII in 1/48. Goes together well with no major issues. Painted with Tamiya 'acrylics' via my then new single-action Mr. Hobby Procyon Boy(which I love). Enjoy......CC/questions welcome.
  3. For the tint I used klear and a little Tamiya blue paint. Brushed it on.
  4. Ta Pete, it's the first time I've tried it on an unbuilt model, which is much easier than trying on a built airframe. I used a Tamiya and a trumpeter scriber.
  5. Hi Folks, I’ve not posted my work(on here)for some time but would like to share my latest build with you. It’s Revells 1/48 fat face Skyraider. Picked it up for £10 from The Works website(uk) as I’ve always liked Skyraider’s but not been willing to part with Hasegawa prices. It’s the old Matchbox kit I believe and is lacking in detail with raised panel lines(which I re-scribed). Really enjoyed the build and fairly pleased with the result, the wing joints were a pain as was the ‘blue rinse’ for the rear glazing. Main paints are hataka lacquer for LGG and Tamiya white. I thought the hataka white
  6. You don’t see that scheme often! Nice build Dennis.
  7. Excellent Spitfire there Christian, top marks!
  8. Absolutely fabulous, finish is superb, not too shiny as you see a many built. Good pilot also.
  9. That’s a superb piece of work Avgas, well done. Not overweathered IMHO.
  10. Stunning build Jurek. Could I ask what main paints you used.?
  11. I've got one in the stash, hope it turns out as good !
  12. Well recovered Colin, those joints were hideous !! Looks great finished.
  13. That's a superb inspirational build. Top marks.
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