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  1. Excellent work on these tiny models Mark! They look really good. Must have been quite the experience piloting them! There are now only 1 Impala Mk.I (of the 151 aircraft operated by the SAAF for 39 years!) in flying condition in South Africa.


    Just FYI regarding the "Loopvlag" decals... The Italeri/ESCI decals actually reads "LOOPVLAC", which is wrong. It should read "LOOPVLAK" which is Afrikaans for walkway. I didn't know that the MAV decals are also wrong. Not that hard to correct though if you have a printer and decal paper.

  2. Hi there,

    I built this for a group build on another forum last year.

    This is my first post on Britmodeller. I post pictures of my models anywhere I can to get advice and tips so that I can improve my modelling skills so please, don't hold back on any comments!

    Here we go,



    Thanks for looking



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