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  1. I built this one 10 years ago! Airfix 1/72 kit rescribed and converted into a Mirage F-1AZ from 1 Squadron, SAAF.
  2. I'd like to partake with a 1/48 Mirage IIIR2Z if I'm not too late?
  3. I'll join this one with a 1/72 Mirage F-1CZ. I have the older Revell kit in my stash.
  4. Excellent work on these tiny models Mark! They look really good. Must have been quite the experience piloting them! There are now only 1 Impala Mk.I (of the 151 aircraft operated by the SAAF for 39 years!) in flying condition in South Africa. Just FYI regarding the "Loopvlag" decals... The Italeri/ESCI decals actually reads "LOOPVLAC", which is wrong. It should read "LOOPVLAK" which is Afrikaans for walkway. I didn't know that the MAV decals are also wrong. Not that hard to correct though if you have a printer and decal paper.
  5. Beautiful! Very nice! The exhaust tips looks fantastic!
  6. Beautiful Mirage!! Love the orange missile! The Italeri Mirage ain't that bad just wish it had engraved panel lines... (Sigh)
  7. Oooooo! Nice Camel dio!!! Only 3 years? It'll take me 3 decades to reach the standard you're on!
  8. Now there's something you don't see everyday! Nice job!
  9. Very nice! My favorite planes to build at the moment. 72 scale Spitfires. Haven't build a Hasegawa one yet... It looks great! Well done
  10. Love the Hawk! You did a great job! I like the display stand a lot! Cheers Nico
  11. Hi. My most recent completed build. Revel 1/144 Puma. Thanks for looking Nico
  12. Hi there, I built this for a group build on another forum last year. This is my first post on Britmodeller. I post pictures of my models anywhere I can to get advice and tips so that I can improve my modelling skills so please, don't hold back on any comments! Here we go, Thanks for looking Cheers Nico
  13. Hi Learstang, Your model is looking great so far! Just for interest sake. The correct name for the SAAF version is Hawker Hartbees. Its an Afrikaans word for one hell of an ugly antelope! Hartbeeste is the plural. This is what they look like! http://www.justafricasafaris.co.za/images/...0small_1266.jpg
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