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  1. To cut your introduction short - IGB kit is not from Tamiya shelf, ay? You've done a nice job out of that Zig
  2. My pal gave me another lead: http://fototeka.fn.org.pl/pl/strona/wyszukiwarka.html?key=Czterej+pancerni+i+pies&search_type_in=tytul&view_type=tile&sort=alfabetycznie&lastResult%5B%5D=9891&lastResult%5B%5D=231&lastResult%5B%5D=221&lastResult%5B%5D=10772&lastResult%5B%5D=227&lastResult%5B%5D=232&lastResult%5B%5D=225&lastResult%5B%5D=218&lastResult%5B%5D=228&lastResult%5B%5D=223&lastResult%5B%5D=220&lastResult%5B%5D=229&lastResult%5B%5D=219&lastResult%5B%5D=217&lastResult%5B%5D=9327&lastResult%5B%5D=230&lastResul
  3. According to info from my friend: There were several (at least 11) different tanks used in the production of that TV serial. All of them were from Polish, not Czech ( Das Ab), post war production line. If you try all combinations of key words on U-Tube, you'll be able to see them all :-) I would go for this new RFM :-) Zig
  4. Very Nice RAN Fury! Thanks for sharing. Zig
  5. But of course! No one wants (you) to waste a nice decals . We'll be waiting for another unpronounceable choice in your production line. Maybe a "Big Waltz"? Zig
  6. This is one fine looking Sherman! You've put a lot of good work into this kit. I wold take that barrel cover out, though, to show the nice "front end". Ready for action, rather than - in transit, or waiting for parade. Anyway I like it! Zig
  7. Gents! Thank you for your interest and replays. vangos - looks like I have to rebuild that seatpan to the empty bucket , where I knew it will be one, or the other. No sweat. JWM - that's Bulgarian (rather then Greek) for starters, then, as a testing airframe, it was tested by Poles (I guess), with their back chutes. Do we know, what type of chutes Bulgarians were using? Regards! Zig
  8. Does anybody know, what kind of parachute Greek AF used in 1940? This kit got a padding in a pan, as well as in the back of their seat, which is wrong - this, or that. I believe, Poles had a back chute, and RAF had an under the backside one, Doing a kit for a friend, so I'm trying to do my best. :-) Zig
  9. Well, you should not, really, call it an Eduard model. You've been "fighting" with (about) 20 years old Gavia production plastic, repacked by Ed. From, where I'm sitting, you've done a good job! Who printed those decals 4 Ed, they look a bit thick? Z
  10. This is the first time, where I can see somebody to work on Mirror Models kit. As the one being on NOT about panzerthing, I'm in!
  11. Trzyniec - A town in very much disputed area between Poland & Czechoslovakia post WW1. With a big Polish population to this days. And somebody said / typed ( :-) ), that those names on tanks by Poles were just for that parade in Loretto. Wrong! Anyway, you doing a cracking job! Looking 4 the finish line :-)) Zig
  12. It is slowly drifting from FRENCH planes, to anything strange looking (at least for us). The train carriage look in those planes is very obvious, but the flyers in there were all officers & gentleman. With a tea & biscuit served in third and a half hour of the flight by the on board radio operator. As for agriculture A/C, they all look rather strange for fighter/bomber building guys, but they are very purposeful! Belphegor -that was just a test bed. If you feel like dig around, there was an earlier version, with AN-2, as a starter base, that's for hardcores.
  13. Nice build! Before you type: "poor show from Eduard - this could have been easily moulded", check the facts. The plastic is +/- 20 years old Gavia model (another Czech company), just repacked by Ed + some of their (also old) P/E. Good luck with your kit! Got one of those in my pile too. Zig
  14. zigster

    German Gas Masks

    I'm reading a book about 1 Polish Div. The "Polish Eagle" emblems on their helmet were painted with that "gas detection" yellowish shade. And if you look at some trucks (WOT 6/9), they had sort of shelf in front of driver just for that purpose. So, they did prepare for the worst scenario. Thankfully, it did not happened! Zig
  15. I would go for Miniart 37088. Nice markings, and at least you know, you've got a proper version. Not an easy kit to build though. Check all online builds and try to find your best way. Personally, I will "forget / discard" the rods, and fix all the road wheels on "average" highs. Let say, the build in Scalemates ended up with road wheels axis being too close to the drive wheel axis. Too flat! That throws the track sagging away. And so - on. Not an easy task, those russian tanks. Happu glueing! Zig
  16. Superb model! How about placing that on wee stand with a edge of water, ready to be beached? U/C deployed, but still in the water. Normal procedure - I would say.
  17. I would call for muddy, brown-grey first, then, maybe just a glimpses of steel here and there. Forget the rust.
  18. Academy Looks like it's in BNA (Australia): https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-planes-academy-models-ac-12330-1:48-vought-v-156-b1-chesapeake-dive-bomber Cannot recall any info, re -"new model" from any sources. Surprise release? Z
  19. I would say, if anything brush applied looks good, it should be a winter cammo. Start with a thin paint, then add more. Then scratch here and there.
  20. zigster

    Stowage on tanks

    But of course! Those crates of bottles in Asuka 1c Firefly (specjal ed) will be strapped for sure :-))
  21. Nice kit! And I'm glad, they decided to reverse a meter back (looking at wheel-print), there was a nasty PAK around there, and that's the reason why Bob is smiling. :-))
  22. zigster

    Stowage on tanks

    Thanks John for that clarification. I "sort-of" thought, that may be the option. They must be a "trusting lot" those days. Pics from Das Abtailung above are showing much less of possessions, that your average tank model in 1:35, and confirming my approach: You cover your stuff with some tarp. Wouldn't you? But we are talking about "artistic license" now.
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