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  1. Just superb craftsmanship!!! Looks like you don't have to worry about "new releases" from plastic companies. You doing your-own line of models And "work in progress" gave me some info of "inner works of vac forming". Not, that I'll try it, just good to know. zig
  2. I know, it was build (photos around), but did it fly? Looks like you've done good job on this A/C ! Good to see something out of mainstream :-) z
  3. Superb collection of those Finnish planes. They did have good score with them, yet opponents were on a bit different level than Japanese in Pacific area. Great theme build though! zig
  4. Nicely done! Where are your decals came from? I did see some pix of those training tanks, and I liked them. zigster
  5. I'm trying to put together some info for this kit. My decals are for "red cross" vehicle. The only reference beside photo of above vehicle, I found was: http://www.mapleleafup.net/vehicles/cmparmour/c15ta In one of the pics, they said: This particular example is fitted with a stretcher mounted on detachable brackets which were issued with every vehicle. Does anyone have a bit more, than above pics to support? My drawings shows a bit different setup (2 supporting poles in a center of vehicle). No major drama, but I would like to know. Thanks! Zigster
  6. Mister @KRK4m, I was thinking about Romanian Red Cross, Spain, and some other countries, talking about RWD-13. And, while you present your strong (Lublin) point to ARMA, I rest my case, thanks & have good day :-)) zigster
  7. Patrick, you don't understand the issue. Airfix is selling a lot (in UK) due to very strong base of modellers, who were raised on the brand. It is a NATIONAL BRAND, and they can't do no wrong! Arma doing 1 kit a month? Stop "having" whatever you do :-))) zigster
  8. Well, what you're saying, AFV had some good papers and used them well in production of their 1:35 kits And many guys were impressed by those models. Carry On And Smile zigster
  9. Glad, you got there! Hope it helps a bit. zigster Mr Hook, an early beer helps surviving a boring day in the office, just don't breathe into your supervisor :-)))
  10. Strange! I've just copied link from the address page in my browser?!?! Try "hard way" - link to 72 ac: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/?sid=8ccb397273586bedaa2cc789df842efd Then go to: IN Progress Models, then second from the top: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/fw-190d-from-ibg-no-corrections-but-alterations-up-t12419.html zigster Looks like don't like hotlinking from other forums / grups etc.
  11. Sorry, @KRK4m, but I think RWD-13 had much wider (country wise) use, than Lublin, or Junak. If I remember correctly, there's still one flying in South America. And Arma was talking something about moving away from "purely polish" A/C. Doing a series of Yaks - 7, 9 etc would made a lot of guys (gals?) happy. Well done P-36, 75 is on many "lists" as well. Sure, Clear Prop started something, but from the wrong end of Air forces. Thai versions you can do AFTER US, France and so - on. Anyway, we'll wait and see. zigster
  12. This is not an easy build. I would strongly suggest, that you (and anyone planning to do this kit) check Marco's tips on: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/fw-190d-from-ibg-no-corrections-but-alterations-up-t12419.htm Zig
  13. What I was trying to tell you, Eduard is not afraid of bringing their (Czech) part of aviation to the plastic market. You may not like agriculture training planes, that's OK!, There will be plenty of others, who will buy. Arma can do, whatever they like, yet I don't think, they'll do RWD-13. zig
  14. As you said, @Procopius, I don't think we'll see anything in a line of PWS10, RWD5, RWD6, RWD13 etc. And it doesn't matter, what is a company size. It's just a "small thinking". Eduard did not have any problems (after fire melted all their stock), with releasing Trainer, Acrobat, or surprise, surprise... Cmelak! All local, Czech production a/c, they are proud of! Well done kits, and they will sell, after all. Yet, I suspect, ARMA's are afraid of that sort of move! Not everybody is waiting for the next... Frank... were you excited? And I still think (after my ban from BM for overheated comments), they stuffed up that P-11c in 1:48. I do care about "proper" P11c. They did not. zig
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