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  1. Superb looking model! I luv the colour on engine front rings. Zig
  2. What I would be doing in a "Pro / Top Class" option is addition of a vac Malcolm hood. I was rather surprised, they did not figure it out in Hurricane (canopy slided back, anyone?) That would add just some pennies / euro cents to the total cost (& price), yet a lot of guys would be so much happier! To be honest, 72 not my scale (anymore), but I'm waiting for Hurricane in 48 from them, maybe they learn along the way :-)) Zig
  3. @Wojtek2 I just hope, ARMA learned from their mistakes in 1:72, and this one will be much better. Guess @Wojtek Bulhak is reading our prayers I'm getting one regardless of what... Zig
  4. Glad to be of some help! Happy modelling. Zig
  5. @GrzeM In your front drawing I can see it, not obvious in shown 3D renders. There is photo on the Net, somewhere, with all those panels flat on the floor. Then it's really clear. For those, not familiar with P11c - ends of those panels were unequal in width, also spread of openings varied. @Wojtek2 So it's OK to replicate those "sticking-out" fixings bits in your photo, with (I presume) dents on the sprue? Or are they marked position for some bits of sprue to glue in? And let see, if those long strips on fuselage will be reproduced as a "panel lines" (see 1:72 models
  6. You can see fronts "in house" https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234985655-supermarine-spitfire-mk24/ Zig
  7. VMA - I think it was clear enough "until we see the sprues..." - why do you speculate about molds? Wojtek2 - yes, I was talking about that "cone". Sections of it are not equal to each-other. Look for the photos on Net. Troy - that above is (or should be) well known to somebody in this line of business. If they decided to ignore it, then they've done it for the ease of production. No point of talking to Arma. No deal breaker, or "unbuildable" kit. Zig
  8. Mr KRK4m I did not say, that any of the model-making company missed on any P11c feature to explore during that "digging through museum piece" With a large bunch of photos, they should go for book publishing? My quarry is - how much of that info they have decided to include in their production? Looking at CAD of the ARMA engine covers - man-vegetables. Draw one - then copy & paste. Do you say it is accurate? I say - it's wrong. But only to those, who cares.
  9. I was rather surprised with that choice. Those P fighters are quite a challenge to reproduce. And I'm not sure, that Arma got to that stage yet. Until we see the sprues done, we can only speculate on shown CAD. And the wing is a deal breaker. Flat with rivets / grooved part / flat with rivets... and so - on. Looking at the (CAD) front of the engine covers - wrong again, those were not a "copy / paste" all alike. But who knows it Sure thing, cockpit looks fantastic! And I'm sure, I'll try to get one when / if they get to our shores. Regards Zig
  10. JWM! You (and Moa) are bringing all those esoteric, forgotten aircraft to this forum, which is very refreshing. And thanks for sharing that with us Zig
  11. Looks good! Let's hope for more brit softskins coming out (Gekko did listen ). Zig
  12. This is one very good looking bomber! Not very often seen as a finished kit. As for the painting...hmmm... I would "can spray" Tamiya AS-12, then cammo, then use a toothpicks or match to gently remove some of the top layer. Done it with a bit of masking tape too. Better effect than "wipe the semi-dry" brush . And that peeling-off paint was not that "all-over". http://www.pangea-systems.com/wwiiws/aircraft/LeO.451/turret01.jpg https://www.asisbiz.com/Battles/BOF-a/images/French-Airforce-Liore-et-Olivier-LeO-451-destroyed-after-force-landing-France-May-Jun-1940-ebay-01.
  13. Thanks for the great info! Looks like ARV "base hull" was build/issued to match the rest of the receiving unit. For some reason, I thought, they were on Sherman I only. Zig
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