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  1. This is all about Airfix putting up pressure on a company, which is doing sprues for them, in maintaining a proper quality control of their product. You have time to inject plastic, cure, remove & there should be somebody, to check if it is OK. That last bit is non existent in Airfix contract with manufacturer. Or they don't enforce it. I can't say, why. It is against normal business behavior! Your sells suffer, your name getting down the drain, your "support" overheating with requests for replacements of those bad bits. And all for "what you do, we will take" approach by Airfix. As I said, I got Tiger Moth, and I'm happy with it. All the rest I leave for fanboys and grannies buying kits for "little Steven" Thank you, if you read through my rant Zig
  2. Thank you Dora Wings! And with Steve being part, I believe it will be a definite kit of this plane First transport to OZ, please... Zig
  3. In last 20 years I got just one Airfix kit, 48 Tiger Moth. Looks OK! Reading about all mistakes, short-shots etc I will stay away from their product. My stash is too big, anyway Zig
  4. This looks very good! I like your weathering! Zig
  5. Please do not compare Tamiya to Riich. Tamiya kit is from 1976: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-mm189-universal-carrier-mkii--132531 Riich kit is from 2013: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/riichmodels-rv35011-universal-carrier-mki--175999 There are 2 kits released (first time) 37 years apart!!! Yet that "oldie" is still build able, and still selling. Sure thing, Rich is superior, just look on thin walls of the "cab", details, and so-on. And those 4 brushes in OP If one wants easy kit - Tamiya Detailed kit - Riich Rant's over, thank you for attention, don't sniff that glue and have nice modeling time! Zig
  6. You doing very well! I've got 2 of their boxes, so I'm interested in finding any "traps". Some Carriers (on line) shows a panel of diamond style mesh covering those cut-outs. Could be a restoration though. On the other hand, there are so many variations (in field, and so-on). That's what I would do, since inserting radiator face is not in the books by now Zig
  7. Very nicely done & a superb photos! Interesting aircraft! Got one in 1:48 in my pile, hope it turn as good, as yours! Thanks for sharing. Zig
  8. Very nice Lansen! But your "comparison" pic is a real eye opener (4 me, at least). Wow! It is a large aircraft! Zig
  9. Why would the recipient gotta pay Vat for postage? I'm sure, sender had his tax already included in the postal price. It works (I hope) with other mail, or you have to put few bobs on the Post Office table to collect a letter from Canada? Hopefully, sooner or later, somebody will start a business importing/ distributing all those big and small bits. Zig
  10. Hi Troy! Thanks for your info re Japanese decals and those chemicals use / warnings. Guess - it was all trying & learning on errors. I just put mine in a storage box, being too lazy Maybe I start using them after all Zig
  11. I don't know if this is in the "right spot" by BM. What I would like to see is a "decal bank" section. Looking at any complied kit, there's always a bit of unused decals. Maybe BM can help to reuse those bits? Zig
  12. You're right Piotr, pilot was just a part of the team (a delivery boy). I guess, those F-102 / F-106 in US worked on the same base level. Go near, and we tell you the next step. Z
  13. I would say, the internals, visible parts, were painted the same colour as outside of the machine. White could be in driver section. Sort of the same like all SP guns - Sexton, M-10, Achilles & so-on. Your model, your choice though. Zig
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