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  1. Hmm, I'd like the Ka-27 Helix kit! An ugly, yet charming heli.
  2. Wow, what a nice looking model! I hope you keep it somewhere where it won't collect a spec of dust.
  3. Initial knowledge: M4A1 (75mm gun) Vertical Volute Spring Suspension, 97 projectiles M4A2 (75mm gun)Vertical Volute Spring Suspension, 97 projectiles M4A3 (75mm gun) Vertical Volute Spring Suspension, 97 projectiles M4A3E2 Jumbo (75mm gun) 106 projectiles stored on tank, .50 machinegun on turret, .30 machinegun coaxial, .30 machinegun front right, Vertical Volute Spring Suspension, (arrived to Europe theater late 1944), larger turret M4A4 Firefly (76.2mm gun) About 2000 produced. M26 Pershing (Arrived to Europe theater in 1945) (90mm gun)
  4. I am thinking of maybe contributing to modding a computer game, and apparently a M4 Sherman tank on "the western front" is required. As much fun it is to use the internet to research a subject, I thought I'd try to open up for suggestions for what might pass as a casual M4 Sherman in Europe in 1944, detailing wise. If you have some opinions about this subject matter or just some general tips, feel free to comment on it. Bonus question: I am also curious to learn what other possible tanks were used by US Army in Europe around 1944. Be it light tanks, tank destroyers or what not. I would thi
  5. That 32 min compilation of disasters and failures had some nice music edited for it.
  6. Here is a view from up in the air. The explosion seem bigger here, but I think it might be a camera thing.
  7. Maybe it is just a minature test version, with a bigger scaled up version to follow. I imagine a larger version could steal satelites from orbit, or just become the next space shuttle craft I guess. How do these crafts take off from earth anyway? Anyone know?
  8. Any guess at the weight of all that plastic?
  9. I searched on the internet for models of the Beriev Be-12 seaplane, however it didn't seem as if anyone of the common manufacturers had this kit in their product line. The 1:144 scale kits seem a little small to my linking, with size of about 20 by 20 cm, so any 1:72 kits would be nice. Vaccuform kits aren't really interesting to me I must admit, nor any old kit either.
  10. I am guessing that the name plaque was a big piece of brass photo etch (I think these kits sometimes have that inlcuded). I wonder, how did you paint that and make the name plaque looking that good?
  11. I hope someone at some point releases a kit for this Waffel: Not sure, but I would think this is one of the tanks that were merely conceptualized and not finalized. Edit: Btw, as I think about this, it seems imo highly unlikely that anyone would want to make a kit of every model there is in WoT, because of how many tanks there are in the game.
  12. From looking at the preview images in this thread earlier, it looked to me that the thrusters are moulded hollow, which is nice if that is the case. The side wheel undercarriage seem moulded in once piece, something I don't like. Would be really nice to see a brand new FRS.1 kit in 1:48 scale.
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