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  1. hi, I was looking through the thread to see if anyone else had spotted the slats! Being a former instructor in the RAF Tornado school I can confirm that the high lift system would never be as shown. having said that we must not divert from the outstanding finish of the model. yes it is one of the most realistic finishes I have seen on the forum and is worthy of praise. a cracking job. jim
  2. And a Merry Christmas to you! I'm in Saudi so I will have to wait until mid Jan to celebrate. Good start to an interesting build. One observation! Maybe this should be in the WIP thread? Jim
  3. Good job. Great to see an example of a SAAF brick. spot on. Jim
  4. Yes it is a WIF and if you look on Google Images and search Silent Eagle you will see the aircraft. I understand the Koreans are looking at buying them. Jim
  5. Hi This a WIF of a RSAF Silent Eagle built for the chap I repaired the PC9 for. With all those external bombs it's not very silent! Jim
  6. What a great build. It looks the part and you should be proud of the end result. The main thing is that you are happy and that's all that matters. Bring on the Hind! Jim
  7. Colin, Spot on. You have caught the action very well. I have a print of Mick Doohan on his REPSOL from the early 90's. What would they do without knee pads? Jim
  8. Hey James, just seen the video. I grew up in Kitt Green and played golf at Dean Wood. my daughter gets married at Holland Hall next year! I want to go home!!!!!! any more of the local area yet? Jim
  9. Whaw! What a build. I love this type of work. One thing though. With all that filler will it pass an MOT! Ha!! Great work. Jim
  10. Hi, Yeh I understand that the Anglian Regiment have taken ownership. Can anyone confirm? I can see my old married quarter and the Tornado Maintenance School where I instructed. Happy days. For info the photos were taken recently by my brother from his Skyranger. Jim
  11. Inspired by ursa_major. Here are some shots of Cottesmore. Hope they bring back memories for some of the chaps.
  12. Andrew you have brought back so many memories for me. We had Mk5 Wessex at RAF Shawbury in the late 70's for multi engine training. The Shawbury Mk5's where eventually replaced with the redundant 72 Sqn Wessex around 1980. I must get one of these to build as a Shawbury Wessex with the red air intake and red band around the spine. Only one thing missing on yours though! Loads of grease splattered around the main rotor head! Thanks for the memories and as they say, "Happiness is a Big Chopper" Cheers, Jim
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