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  1. Hello Stew. Considering the size of the engine in 32nd scale, the oil line on the front cylinders are qui visible and not difficult to do,3 on the right side and 4 on the left one. Two handles are also present http://www.silverwings.pl/132-fiat-a74-rc38.html keep it up, cheers.
  2. Nice Corsair in Suez markings. It seems that the tail trim actuators were on the intrados and not on the extrados, on the AU7 and on the AU1. best regards.Ref Bert Kinzey D&S Vol 56 and Ailes de Gloire n°12.
  3. Very nice representation of a S79 Aerosilurante with Fiat 128 engines. I did exactly the same one in 48th years ago for Scale Model magazine. Normally the wooden tail of the Whitehead torpedo is white. Epharisto poli!
  4. I think any paint will hide those rivets, they are so tiny. Anyway your mission was successful, time for a rest now! BTW seems like you have a new bridge outside! Seriously nice work, as usual!
  5. Both. Not clear enough and the fit is not top.
  6. hello Malcom, H-67 for the Verde Oliva Scurro and H 324 for the Griggio Azurro chiaro, Gunze range. have a nice day.
  7. Hello fellows. This is the Sword Reggiane 2005 considered by manies, like me, to be the most beautiful aircraft to emerge from WWII. The Sword model is very good in shape and dimensions and the level of detail is surprisingly good. My crtitiscism will go on the transparencies and on the lack of white stencils on the decal sheet. I have used masks whenever it was possible to depict one of the operational kite of the 362a Squadriglia 22° Gruppo, defending Napoli in mid 43. Only 30 machines were completed and all but a few went to serve under the "Spauracchio" the scarecrow, design by Beppe Biron
  8. I can only agree with you as I did built this beauty. Better follow the instruction booklet though!
  9. Very nice IJN Battleship. Those Flyhawk sets are keeping you busy are n't they?
  10. Ewan I need your mail to send you the Re2000 plans. You have mine in the messages. Cheers.
  11. Hi Stew. be aware that the color of the codes is light blue and not, I repeat not yellow. The Duxford restauration example is really to be followed. Check your mail! Cheers.
  12. Thank you very much. I used the rivet pattern of the Re 2000 for my 2001, you can find this one in Ali e colori n°6 within the serie Alid'Italia, Reggiane fighters. Concerning the red 11 it is not difficult to use the one you have, doing a photocopy and then putting some Tamiya tape on which transparency will guide your hobby knife.Best regards and enjoy your built.
  13. Very nice and unusual livery. It seems you missed the two hatches at the wing root which are the access to the fuel tank. best regards.
  14. Danke Volker, but I was laughing at myself. Have a nice day.
  15. Hello gents! Here is the Sword model of the Reggiane 2001, previously only available in the Classic Airframe range, and not an easy kit. The Sword model is better but still has a side on the cottage industry. With a good documentation it can be turned in to something nice despite the monotony of a green over grey camo. The Re 2001 were heavily involved during the figt over Malta and were quite a match for British fighters if the dog fight was at a low or medium altitude. So here is the plane of Capitano Salvatore Teja leader of the 152a Squadriglia 2° Gruppo autonomo, San Pietro di Caltagirone
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