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  1. Nice model, but it is Toulouse Francazal airbase. best regards from France.
  2. The still very good Tamiya FBVI in the markings of the Canadian squadron N°418 mount of Flight Lt Lr A Kipp RCAF April 44. I have used the old CMK cockpit, not so good, Ultracast exhausts and mudguards, Master 3,03 Browning and Verlinden ammo boxes. The inside tubular structure of the canopy was made from scratch with evergreen rods. Apart from the character, no decals were used, home made masks did the job. Colors are Mr Color RAF set range, lacquers. A very pleasant project. Thanks for watching, and any comments are welcome of course! F3A8CF2E-9D64-48C2-A67D-C75859B7FF04 by jean Barby, sur Flickr 3ADA3A0E-2794-48F2-B00A-510A91EA0026_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr CBCC64E9-10B7-4F96-85C5-40B13CF5E4A5_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 2FDD295D-6F31-4E2F-BB9C-5DE4CF107BD3_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 1D17FE69-82C9-492C-99B1-378D02B2B0B3_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr A20606FD-6DC4-492B-95D9-A56D0D0A9B6B_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 1FE0AC32-FA61-4AC1-9392-C96C736ED8E0_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  3. Good to see a Ki-46III finished and well! Great job so far.
  4. Russ! You keep it steady, both in quality and quantity! A kiwi turkey is not something seldom seen, so kudos to you! Cheers.
  5. Very nice rendition of the flying pencil! Great modeling.
  6. Thanks a lot for the infos. I hope that now my plane is correct!
  7. Really nice built, but your pics are too dark and should be more bright to fully appreciate the details. Best regards.
  8. Thanks Alan. Here are two pics with the proper upper wings roundels. have a nice day. 8469D4F7-8F78-4130-BF91-7C7722DB1FA8_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 637E4B08-CBDD-4EF9-9E1B-C3946B4C2B0D_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  9. Hello Steve; the Osprey book on the subject says late 45, and you are certainly right for the wing roundels, something I can rectify easily. best regards. And no decals as I did my own masks. Done, I have changed the wings roundels for the correct ones, I will join a pic very soon, thanks my Kiwi friend.
  10. Really appreciate your modeler's comments. Tanks a lot.
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