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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Cool tour of the Shaky one here:
  2. Head-slappingly fine work, Sir! Many thanks for showing this.
  3. You pretty much nailed The Beast! Brought back a few memories too -anyone remember this jolly jape (April Fool) in one of the rags of the time: http://www.rzrd500.com/500phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=8597&sid=7de9b68a7026215166ed562fa877ca52...?
  4. If only there was a market for Earth dust on other planets. I could retire on what is on my work desk right now...
  5. Bit of a breakthrough: had an e-mail from Alexey at North Star, quoting the order # and giving payment details for PayPal. He now has a message on his front page, confirming that credit/debit card payment facilities are still pending. Do check out his stuff, it looks seriously cool and it's really good to know that you can actually get it!
  6. Well, I got an e-mail from North Star today confirming my order (YAY!!!); it had a link to a payment gateway that seemed to actually work this time -so, all good then! Ah, but then another e-mail arrived right after paying (by VISA)...this describes the transaction as a 'DEMO ORDER: This order will not be processed. No items will be shipped and you will not be charged'. To be honest, I'm feeling a little :banghead: , but let's see what happens...
  7. You got more than I did! When I try to 'checkout' on the site, I can't get any further. I wasn't trying to be rude; I just don't have this problem with any other (of many) suppliers, so I was hoping there would be a more useful source.
  8. Any sign of these at UK retail level yet? I was kinda hoping to grab some within my lifetime... PS: tried to order via website, but payment method is news to me -what the heck is '2checkout'? Visa or PayPal just might get a few more takers.
  9. Etched brass tags always look like etched brass! However, Eduard are listing a set of 1/48 Luftwaffe seat harnesses in *fabric* among their imminent releases, describing this as 'New Technology' (Info Eduard, December 2012)...so maybe they'll catch up with RBF tags one day. (Now that I have a shedload of etched ones, of course!)
  10. Terry, enlightenment awaits you here: http://wwwairloungepr.blogspot.co.uk/ Soon, you will learn to love these things...
  11. Where do you guys find these shake 'n' bake Tamiya kits I keep reading about? None of mine are like that!
  12. Foiled, eh? Bet you'd have got away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky kids! Looking seriously excellent so far.
  13. Fairey Liquid Albacore, Swordfish etc? Did they really last twice as long as cheaper aircraft?
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