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  1. Robin


    Did anyone watch the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday and have to endure the rendition of the Austrian National Anthem that was massacred by a drum and guitar band, it was a disgrace. Robin.
  2. Hi John. You also make a valid point. Being conscripted for National Service was an episode of history, and dependent on your date of birth you were either lucky or unlucky, I was unlucky in that I was called up, but I was lucky in that I went into the RAF, a move that decided my future way of life. When I completed my 2 years Service, I joined the Civil Service in the Ministry of Defence and for the next 35 years I was still part of the Military. Luckily, I spent most of this time working for the RAF and was able to get many hours of flying in a wide variety of aircraft. Since retiring over 20 years ago I am still involved with the RAF doing charity work, unfortunately age has caught up with me and I am not as mobile as I was. However, this did not prevent me attending a Service of Remembrance last Saturday for an Australian Spitfire pilot who was killed in June 1944 when his aircraft crashed as he was returning from a "Rhubarb" sortie chasing 'V1 flying bombs'. Robin.
  3. Hi Clive. Rather interesting that most of your replies have been from members referring to their relatives, however, I was actually conscripted to do my 2 years National Service. In mid 1960 I had just completed a 6 year apprenticeship in the printing trade, having been born in 1939, and so I received my papers to report to the local office for conscription and medical. In mid 1960, the Government had decided that National Service was to officially end on 31 December 1960, everyone who was then accepted would have to go into the Army. However, soon after leaving school in the mid 50s I had joined the Royal Observer Corps, and so, having worn a 'Blue Suit' I received a 'little chitty' which said that if I was accepted for conscription I could go into the RAF. Therefore on 18 October 1960 I reported to RAF Cardington to be enlisted into the RAF for 2 years National Service, and as they say, "that is history". Robin.
  4. Please excuse my joining the view. I was never in the ATC, but in 1961 I was doing my National Service in the RAF at RAF Hendon. At the time the ATC were holding their annual Summer Camp on the airfield, this included glider flying, My job was flying a desk as a clerk in Station HQ, and so I met many of the ATC staff during my work. One lunchtime I was invited to go for a flight with them, as I had never flown in a glider, I wandered across the airfield to the the launch point where I met my pilot and I almost chickened out, because he had an artificial leg. I am not sure what type of glider it was, but it had side by side seating and it had a high wing, I think we were launched by a winch. Because the airfield was under the approach for RAF Northolt our altitude was rather limited, and so we were not up very long, but it was long enough for me, the flight was most enjoyable and we got a good view, it was one to add to my long list of aircraft I had flown in. Robin.
  5. Hi Ray. Will look forward to your work on this kit. In 1993 I attended the Moscow Air Show and we flew out on an Il-62 of Aeroflot from Heathrow, because the aircraft was fully booked, a number of us were put into First Class. Unfortunately, the aircraft had seen a lot of wear and was showing its age, but it still was a comfortable flight. The return flight was on one of the newer Russian airliners, not sure which, but it was very smooth. Robin.
  6. Hi. just a tad late to the party. I built one of these several years ago using a 1/48 model from the Revel Mustang/Harvard Air Race Dual kit. Not sure if you are aware that Gerald Scarborough did a conversion of the Cavalier Mustang that used a R R Dart for power, this was described in the 1974 hard-back Airfix Magazine Annual 4, using the Airfix 1/24 scale Mustang kit. In the article he provided 1/24 and 1/72 scale plans. I would remind you that this conversion was done in the days of carved balsa wood. Robin.
  7. Hi Tom. Hope that you are keeping well, I somehow managed to miss the latest opus, but it looks to be up to your usual excellent standards. I remember the SAS Seven Seas at Heathrow when I was 'spotting' there in the late 1950s and early 60s. Robin.
  8. I found this weeks programme on the Hurricane very interesting, look forward to seeing it flying overhead joining the Spitfires from Biggin Hill that are regular over-flyers. Robin.
  9. Hi from the Garden of England, my daughter lives in Whistler. Robin.
  10. Hi Laurie. Your apron is coming along great. My Daughter, who lives in St Helier tells me that the local news reported that the Jersey Air Lines Devon that is sitting at the airport has been sold, I had a look at it when I visited Jersey for the Air Show in 2019, it looked like it needed some TLC. Robin.
  11. Hi Alex. That Red Square scheme takes me back to 1960 when I flew from Manchester to Zurich in a BEA Viscount for a holiday in Lucern. In fact I still have the Red Square buttonhole badge that you were given. Sorry, I forgot to say what an excellent job you made of the finish. Robin.
  12. Robin

    Covid Jab

    After my second vaccination I was given a card with my name on it the size of a bank-card, which gave the date and details of both vaccinations received. Robin.
  13. Robin

    Covid Jab

    Received an e-mail from the NHS at 07.00 this morning to inform me that the self administered Coronavirus test that I sent in yesterday had given a negative result, so that was a weight off my mind. That was a very speedy piece of work. The NHS are to be congratulated. Robin.
  14. Robin

    Covid Jab

    As I live in one of the Post Code areas where they found the South African variant of the Virus, I have had to have a self administered Covid-19 Test, this was delivered to the door this afternoon by the Police/Fire/Council Services. This is not the easiest of tests to give yourself. Just hope that the Covid-19 vaccination that I had last month is working. Robin.
  15. Robin

    Covid Jab

    Had my 2nd jab last week. As with Mike, completely painless and so simple, as I said to the nurse, best injection I had received in all my 80 years. Robin.
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