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  1. For those of you who are into scratch building, in the Airfix Magazine Annual No 4 (Sept 1974) there is a 7 page article by Gerald Scarborough on converting the Airfix 1/24 scale P51D into a Cavalier Mustang. The article includes 1/24 and 1/72 scale drawings. Robin.
  2. Literally, right over my house this morning was a Kamov 'Helix' helicopter, quite low heading South, I understand that it is owned by a Swiss company and has been working in the Midlands, so I presume it was on its way home. The aircraft is very noisy, and before I sighted it about a mile away, I thought that it was a Chinook. Robin.
  3. Hi Paul. This is coming along a treat. Remember well these aircraft and their big-brother, the B36, operating out of RAF Burtonwood in the late 50s, a fantastic sight and sound. There are some good pictures of the B47 on the Air Britain web site, although there are very few variations in markings. Best of luck with the build, much too large for me. Robin.
  4. Very nice build. Received a kit of the Heller version from the Big H this morning, quite surprised how good the moulding is, very clean plastic with hardly any flash; giver the age of the mould. Robin.
  5. Thank you both. Unfortunately, it was a long time ago that I was a regular visitor to Burtonwood, however RR, your link to the reports from Burtonwood was a great reminder. Although I remember attending the Open Days and taking pictures of the aircraft, (I think it was a Box Brownie type of camera), the pictures have long gone missing, together with my 'spotting' logs, although I am sure that they are somewhere in the house. I do remember taking pictures of the F100s F84s F86s WB50s Hunter Javalin, and of course the Beaver with the notice taped on the side, and of course the rain, the funny thing that sticks in my mind is that the USAF Military Polices wore an elasticated plastic cover over their hats to keep the rain off. My visits to Burtonwood ended in 1960 when I was conscripted into the Royal Air Force as one of the last few National Servicemen to enter the RAF. I spent most of my 2 years Service at RAF Hendon, and as I was still a keen 'spotter' and a member of the MGAE, I continued to provide reports for their newsletter on my very regular visits to London Air Port. That however is another life. Robin.
  6. What an amazing selection of pictures. Realy took me back to the 1950's when I had just started 'spotting'. On a much smaller scale, it took me back to the 'Open Days' that we had at RAF Burtonwood, those realy were the days. Thank you very much. Robin.
  7. Hi Cherry. (Using Google as your friend) The "KD Tunku Abdul Rahman" is a 'Scorpene' class diesel electric attack submarine of the Royal Malaysian Navy. Robin. (who knows very little about 'floaty' things.
  8. Hi Martin. I have the Microscale decal sheet 72-352 for Argentine Air Force, Skyhawk A4B, Mirage 111E, Canberra B62 and F86F Sabre. Unfortunately, the Sabre is in overall natural metal with red wingtips, blue/white roundels in 6 positions and blue/white flag on fin, black anti-glare on nose. Sorry, not a lot of help. Robin.
  9. Also looking forward to this build. In early 1961 I was serving in the RAF and was on a short detachment to the Institute of Aviation Medicine at Farnborough. In April/May, RAE held an in-house display of specialist aircraft that were operating out of the airfield at the time, a mini SBAC show. I remember that one of the aircraft on display was a KV107 type of helicopter in US civil markings, not sure why it was in this country, but that was the only occasion that I ever saw the type flying. Robin.
  10. Robin

    BA retro colours

    I still have my Red Square BEA buttonhole badge from the late 50's, I would fly BEA Viscount from Manchester(Ringway) to LAP. Wonderful times.
  11. As you have most of the parts, including 3 of the wheels, it shouldn't be too difficult to cobble together a fourth.
  12. Hi Dennis. I suppose that I am lucky to have lived during the years that I have, and seen the aircraft that I did, I have vague memories of the wartime years, with Spitfire, Lancaster, B17, but remember much clearer the post war and Cold War eras, having served in the ROC and RAF, I saw the 22 Hunters loop at Farnborough and the Vulcan scramble, together with the massed flypasts in the late 50s. Living near Burtonwood in the 50s we had B36s with ten engines turning and burning, F84, F86 & F100, together with with all the types of Bombers and Transports of the time, it was Aviation heaven. After leaving the RAF, I worked for the Military for 35 years and got to see and fly in aircraft such as Victor, Canberra, Chipmunk, Argosy, Hercules, Lancaster, Gazelle, Puma, Whirlwind, Wessex and Sea King, together with many civilian types such as DC3, Il 62, Il 86, MD11, Caravelle, Viscount, B737, B747, B777, and of course Concorde. My first ever flight was in a Dakota from Squires Gate in 1949, and my last flight was from Saudi Arabia in a BA 777.
  13. Hi Dennis. What an amazing coincidence. Today I was having lunch with some ex RAF friends, one of them, an ex RAF Policeman, had brought along some B/W pictures from his service in the 50's at RAF Wittering. One of the pictures was of an F84F that he was unsure about, so I said that I would try to get some info about it. The a/c was in silver with a very large tank under the s'board wing, the serial number was 26658, buzz no FS658, and it had an object painted on the fuselage, which I now see is an atom cloud. Small world. Robin.
  14. Thank you for the film of the flypast, I always find the "Missing Man Formation" rather moving.
  15. Hi Mat. Great subject to model, I built the model many years ago using the old Airfix kit. One thing that I remember was a very good 4 page article in the IPMS magazine by Neil Robinson for their D Day 50th Anniversary issue in March 1994, I found this very interesting. One of our IPMS members may have a copy. Robin.
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