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  1. Hi Laurie. Your apron is coming along great. My Daughter, who lives in St Helier tells me that the local news reported that the Jersey Air Lines Devon that is sitting at the airport has been sold, I had a look at it when I visited Jersey for the Air Show in 2019, it looked like it needed some TLC. Robin.
  2. Hi Alex. That Red Square scheme takes me back to 1960 when I flew from Manchester to Zurich in a BEA Viscount for a holiday in Lucern. In fact I still have the Red Square buttonhole badge that you were given. Sorry, I forgot to say what an excellent job you made of the finish. Robin.
  3. Robin

    Covid Jab

    After my second vaccination I was given a card with my name on it the size of a bank-card, which gave the date and details of both vaccinations received. Robin.
  4. Robin

    Covid Jab

    Received an e-mail from the NHS at 07.00 this morning to inform me that the self administered Coronavirus test that I sent in yesterday had given a negative result, so that was a weight off my mind. That was a very speedy piece of work. The NHS are to be congratulated. Robin.
  5. Robin

    Covid Jab

    As I live in one of the Post Code areas where they found the South African variant of the Virus, I have had to have a self administered Covid-19 Test, this was delivered to the door this afternoon by the Police/Fire/Council Services. This is not the easiest of tests to give yourself. Just hope that the Covid-19 vaccination that I had last month is working. Robin.
  6. Thank you very much Adrian for that clip from the Varsity, took me back to my flying in the Lancaster. Robin.
  7. Very stylish design, interesting to see the Finnish flag above the jet-pipe.
  8. Hi Scoop. Looking great, could I make a suggestion that you hang some 'Fairylights' along the back over the track and you could have your own "Blackpool Illuminations". Robin.
  9. Hi Graham. That is what I thought when I looked at them, might even get away with 3 bladed props.
  10. While looking through my stash the other day I came upon an original kit of the Airfix Jetstream, still in its shrink wrap, and so I opened it up and had a close look at it. As one would expect the moulding was very crisp, but the decal-sheet was possibly past it. Because of my medical problem I was undecided what to do, however, while browsing the net I came upon some pictures of a Jetstream in Royal Saudi AF markings with what looked like Airfix kit engines, the fuselage has a different window layout and a thimble nose, but what the heck. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Had the pleasure of watching the last airworthy Noratlas display during the Jersey Battle of Britain Airshow in September last year. The aircraft operated out of the local airport and the public were able to get close to this and the other display aircraft during the show. During its display, the aircraft dropped a number of parachutists from a very low level along the beach at St Helier, as well as showing how noisy it was and how slow it could fly.
  12. Excellent finish on your model. I was at Heathrow in the early 60s and saw Tu-104 42493 that flew in to collect Maj Yuri Gagarin after his visit to the UK. I was also lucky to see several versions of the type when I visited Russia in 1993 to attend the Moscow Air Show, an amazing spectacle, I was lucky enough to fly out on an IL 62.
  13. Robin

    A date in history.

    Hi 593. The mind boggles.
  14. Robin

    A date in history.

    It may not be of interest to the passing member. However, sixty years ago today, on the 18th of October 1960 my life changed, not sure if it was for good or for bad, but on this day I was conscripted into the Royal Air Force to do my 2 years National Service. I reported to RAF Cardington with a couple of hundred other recruits aged between 18 and 24, some were conscripts like me, but the majority were joining for Regular Service. We were here for kitting out, medical and general induction, we even got to look round the Balloon Sheds, then ten days later we all boarded a train for RAF Bridgn
  15. Hi Scoop. This is amazing, and far too technical for me. I know the Blackpool tram system very well and rode my first tram along the promenade in the late 1940s, we lived in Wigan at the time and had regular holidays with relatives in Poulton. My favorite stop was 'Uncle Toms Cabin' for the boating lake. I had my first ever flight in a Dakota from Squires Gate Airport in 1949, I think that this sowed the seed for my joining the RAF, 60 years ago on Sunday. There was a toy shop at the entrance to the North Pier, I think that I still have a couple of Corgi trams still in their boxes pac
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