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  1. Hi Dave. A book that you may wish to borrow from your library is "The Bomber Command War Diaries" by Martin Middlebrook and Chris Everitt, ISBN 0-670-80137-2. This is quite a weighty tome of over 800 pages and gives an almost day by day record of RAF bomber sorties between 1939 and 1945. Robin.
  2. Hi Rob. This certainly takes me back in history. In the mid 60s I was well into slot car racing, being a member of a couple of clubs in the South East, the Eaveholm club in Dulwich, and a club in Tooting Bec, they were wonderful times. Looking through the pages of the Model Car mag on a previous post I was interested to see a picture of the Reed Club, I remember racing there over 50 years ago and getting lost on the circuit and wiping the front suspension off my car on a very fast corner. Great times. Robin.
  3. Hi Stuart. As far as decals for RAF Buccaneers go, Modeldecals did a number of sets, numbers 26, 57, 109 & 110. Robin.
  4. Hi Chris. If we are talking about weather in Canada; my Daughter sent me a photo of their garden in Whistler that she took on Sunday as they were having lunch, in the middle of the picture was a big brown bear wandering across the lawn, not your usual visitor. Robin.
  5. In the mid/late 50s when living in Wigan, I visited RNAS Stretton several times with an aviation club I was a member of (MGAE), one of the aircraft operating from there at the time was the Wyvern, the sound that it made was out of this world, a combined scream/howl, it was out of this world, never to be forgotten. Not a great fan of weathering, however, the finish on your model is excellent. Robin.
  6. Hi Mike. Thank you for your reply, will not argue about the rights and wrongs of 'the pond', hope that you are coping with Covid 19 over there and that you and yours are keeping well. Unfortunately, my two daughters are living away from me, one lives in Whistler in Canada and is coping with the snow and the inability to get onto the ski-slopes and the other is in Jersey in the Channel Islands and worried that she cannot get back to the mainland. I on the other hand do not let it phase me, I was born before WW2 and remember the food shortages and problems that we had, that is all ancient history. You take care out there and keep safe. Robin.
  7. Hi P-T. Posted the article this morning when I escaped from isolation to do some essential shopping, I hope that Mike did not mind my jumping in with my offer, I am sure it will be much quicker by post from Kent rather than Texas. Robin.
  8. Hi Trev. Sorry that I did not elaborate in my post, but I also have that issue (plus the next quarter century issues). Rather rude of me not to offer to a do copy, just send me a PM with your address and I will put a copy in the post. Alan was a very good friend of mine in the days of balsa wood modeling. Robin.
  9. Hi Trev. SAM Vol 3, No 8 (May 1981) had a 5 page article by Alan Hall on converting the Matchbox Hawker Fury into a Hawker Nimrod, including 1/72 scale plans. The main article for "Aircraft in Detail" was the Gloster Gladiator. Robin.
  10. I flew back from JFK on one of the last Concorde flights into London. In his chat, beforehand, the Flight Engineer told us that this was his last ever flight on Concord and that would get the aircraft as high and as fast as possible, and so we were able to see the curvature of the Earth as we traveled at 1.425 mph at 60.000 ft and there wasn't a ripple on the champagne. In contrast, my Grandson is flying out to Montreal on Wednesday hoping that Ciara has eased off a little. Robin.
  11. Hi Tony. Thank you for digging this out of the archives, fantastic piece of history. Robin.
  12. Sadly, it looked so lonely sat in the middle of the window that I had to take pity on it, after all it is Christmas !!!.
  13. Robin


    In the early 70s, soon after I had started my career in the MOD in London, I was working in the RAF Air Movements branch, and I remember that on the wall outside the 'Boss's office was a picture of a group of Concorde aircraft being loaded at a RAF airfield, these aircraft were in full RAF markings with 'RAF Transport Command' on the fuselage, we often used to comment about this, and if it would ever happen.
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