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  1. Had the pleasure of watching the last airworthy Noratlas display during the Jersey Battle of Britain Airshow in September last year. The aircraft operated out of the local airport and the public were able to get close to this and the other display aircraft during the show. During its display, the aircraft dropped a number of parachutists from a very low level along the beach at St Helier, as well as showing how noisy it was and how slow it could fly.
  2. Excellent finish on your model. I was at Heathrow in the early 60s and saw Tu-104 42493 that flew in to collect Maj Yuri Gagarin after his visit to the UK. I was also lucky to see several versions of the type when I visited Russia in 1993 to attend the Moscow Air Show, an amazing spectacle, I was lucky enough to fly out on an IL 62.
  3. Robin

    A date in history.

    Hi 593. The mind boggles.
  4. Robin

    A date in history.

    It may not be of interest to the passing member. However, sixty years ago today, on the 18th of October 1960 my life changed, not sure if it was for good or for bad, but on this day I was conscripted into the Royal Air Force to do my 2 years National Service. I reported to RAF Cardington with a couple of hundred other recruits aged between 18 and 24, some were conscripts like me, but the majority were joining for Regular Service. We were here for kitting out, medical and general induction, we even got to look round the Balloon Sheds, then ten days later we all boarded a train for RAF Bridgn
  5. Hi Scoop. This is amazing, and far too technical for me. I know the Blackpool tram system very well and rode my first tram along the promenade in the late 1940s, we lived in Wigan at the time and had regular holidays with relatives in Poulton. My favorite stop was 'Uncle Toms Cabin' for the boating lake. I had my first ever flight in a Dakota from Squires Gate Airport in 1949, I think that this sowed the seed for my joining the RAF, 60 years ago on Sunday. There was a toy shop at the entrance to the North Pier, I think that I still have a couple of Corgi trams still in their boxes pac
  6. You must not forget the Wireless Operator. In the early 80s I often visited Coningsby to fly in the BBMF Lancaster, and I would sit in his seat, this was a great position, with the window on the left side, the cockpit to the right and the astrodome above, however, the best view was from the bomb aimers position in the nose. Robin.
  7. Hi Ivor. Thank you very much for your reply, unfortunately, I am not into vacform or resin, but I will keep my eyes open for any alternatives.
  8. Hi Ivor. Found this very interesting subject post while I was looking for information on the possibility of building the 4 engine DH Rapide (DH86)?, many years ago I had built the Heller DH89 Dragon Rapide. However, I do not think that any company has attempted this version. I spent my early years in Wigan, just across the water from you, and remember both the 2 and 4 engined Rapides flying over the house, I think that they operated a sightseeing service from Ainsdale Beach near Southport. Unfortunately, I departed Lancashire in late 1960 when I was conscripted into the RAF to do my N
  9. Hi Mack. Not sure if this will be of any help to you, but a couple of early issues of SAM had articles and 1/72 scale plans by Peter Lockhart on converting both the Neptune and Skyraider, Vol 1, No 10 (Jul 79) - AEW 1 Skyraider. Vol 3, No 1 (Oct 80) - P2V 5/7Neptune. Robin.
  10. Hi Rob. I know how your memory comes back. In the early 1980s I was working as civil servant for the RAF at the MOD in London, my job at the time was helping to organise the RAF display resources -BBMF, Red Arrows, SAR Helicopters and others - in public displays. One of the perks of the job was being able to fly round the country with the teams at weekends. Having served previously in the RAF, this was a job in a million. On this occasion I had joined the 'Falcons Parachute Team' and their C-130 for the weekend. One of the displays we were due to take part in was at the Newcastle Sho
  11. Hi John. No problem, unfortunately, this is a little outside my time-frame. Robin.
  12. Hi John. The only copy of SAM that I can find that has articles on the AVRO 504 is Vol 24, No 7 (Sept 2002). This has 3 AVRO 504 articles in it. Page 474-477 Building an Airfix AVRO 504 in Estonian markings. Page 478-481 AVRO 504 variants & 1/72 scale plans. Page 494-495 'Photo Recce' AVRO 504 historical photographs. Robin.
  13. Hi Tony. What an excellent piece of modelling, you can be very proud of what you have achieved. Sadly, due to health issues I have had to put my build on hold, but I hope to get back to it sometime in the future, when I do I will have your build to follow. Thank you. Robin.
  14. That is an excellent piece of work, very interesting to have seen the amount of effort that went into the build. Sadly, my effort is on hold at the moment, but I will get there in the end, hopefully.
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