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  1. Hi Mat. Great subject to model, I built the model many years ago using the old Airfix kit. One thing that I remember was a very good 4 page article in the IPMS magazine by Neil Robinson for their D Day 50th Anniversary issue in March 1994, I found this very interesting. One of our IPMS members may have a copy. Robin.
  2. Hi Daniel. That is one superb piece of modeling, it realy has turned out great. The underwing pods have come out very well. I hope that my model looks the part when I get round to it. Robin.
  3. Robin

    Anyone near Telford with free time on Tuesday?

    Sorry that I am unable to be with you. My thoughts and prayers will be there.
  4. Robin

    Red Arrows

    Thank you. I hope that we can agree to differ. "That is all". Robin.
  5. Robin

    Red Arrows

    Hi Sundowner. Sorry that I seem to have rattled your cage. However, I think that I am allowed to have an opinion after having been involved with the Royal Air Force for over 60 years. This involvement includes serving in the RAF, Six years working with the Red Arrows and Six years in RAF recruiting. I am very much au fait with what is involved with life in the RAF. I was not complaining about the inclusion of the young mans family, I thought that what the 'Reds' did to acknowledge his achievement was excellent, and to include his family in this was perfect. As you ended, 'Each to his own'. Robin.
  6. Robin

    Red Arrows

    Watched this evenings offering, unfortunately, I was rather underwhelmed by the programme. Because of bad weather during the training there was not as much flying as last week, more on the personnel, however it was interesting. Robin.
  7. Robin

    Any Canadians here?

    Hi. Not from Canada, but my daughter and family moved there from UK last year and live in Whistler, BC. They are very much into skiing and spend most of their free-time on the mountain. Robin.
  8. Hi Shar. Not really being a 'saily' person, however I found the recent program about HMS Duncan on the 'box' very interesting, so I will keep a close watch on your build. Will you have a a Russian aircraft flying over the finished article. !!!! Robin.
  9. Hi BP. Your Hunter seems to be coming along at quite a pace. If you need any more Hunter decals I have sets going spare for the Airfix FGA9 - 02073. Revell F.Mk 6 - 04350. and Revell FGA Mk 9 / F Mk 58A. - 04186. If these are of any use to you, drop me a PM with your address. Robin.
  10. Robin

    Red Arrows

    Excellent Part One. Very interesting "fly on the wall" programme. Having worked with the 'Reds' for six years in the early 80s, I am very much looking forward to next weeks episode. Robin.
  11. Hi Daniel. Your rendition of the u/w pods is excellent, given the lack of information, I am still undecided where they should fit in relation to the flaps, time will tell. Robin.
  12. Robin

    Sword JASDF U-125

    Hi Keith. Excellent piece of work, I must remember to mark this up for when I get round to building mine. Robin.
  13. Coming along fine, the little details certainly help. Robin.
  14. Hi Daniel. Had another search in Airliners.net, put in "U-125A." and got a page that had almost 100 pictures of the aircraft, including one with special markings, and a couple of 27 & 28. Robin.
  15. Hi Daniel. My kit of the model arrived today from MJW Models, excellent service with good packing and reasonable price. Found a couple of pictures of 28 on Airliners, in both dark and light blue with the s/d Pod, unusual looking item, the mounting rail looks a little like the old F4 Phantom missile mount, not too clear where it goes on the wing though. Robin.