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  1. If the formula has altered, then.......maybe. I tried it, when Hannant's first stocked it, on an Echelon Lightning. It took 3 bottles, to get complete coverage, and wore off the wings, as I was handling it, trying to use the powder. After several hours of fighting with the powder, getting the model, me, and my clothes, liberally coated with the stuff, the model went in the bin, my clothes went into the washing machine, and I went into the bath, swearing that I was finished with n/m finishes. I was persuaded to change my ideas, when I found the original Alclad, so much so, that our local shop was the first to import it, at my recommendation. I suspect that money would need to change hands, before I could be persuaded to give it another go. Edgar
  2. Do you know, Bill, that a set of 21/22/24 wings are nearing readiness, from MDC, which are designed for the Hasegawa fuselage? Using the Matchbox wings, on the Hasegawa fuselage, is a bit of a nightmare, since the wingroot fairings don't match, at the trailing edge. I did the conversion, about 20 years ago, and wished that I'd never started. Edgar
  3. Edgar

    Wellington questions

    All of my drawings show dihedral, on the wings, and dead-level tailplane. Edgar
  4. Edgar

    Best Hurricane in 1:48th

    Out of the three, major, players, Airfix, Hobbycraft, and Hasegawa, I'd say that the Airfix kit still edges it (if you can find one.) The "heavy" ribbing, on the Hasgawa kit, only needs a few swipes, with wet-and-dry. If the Hobbycraft kit is all that you can find, don't turn your nose up, at it, though. The Monogram kit tries to be all things, to all men, being, allegedly, a Mk.I to IV, and the cockpit comprises a bulkhead, with a slot, into which the pilot fits. Edgar
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