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  1. I picked this up at Telford and I'm considering either building this or the Trumpeter 1/350 USS Nimitz (also got at SMW) next year.
  2. Sorry just a bit confused by your post. What does "I have too much stuff to build anyway" mean.
  3. Not sure how helpful this will be. But I bought the Revel NFH kit a year or so back. As you'll discover when you look on the sprues the two kits are identical (at least they seemed to be), what varies is which parts you put in the build plus the painting/decals. The main differences as I recall are in the main body of the helicopter where the NFH version uses a number of ASW panels. Whereas the TTH version has seating for troops. Plus the NFH version carries torpedoes which I guess you don't have on the TTH version. The NFH build was successful but I got some Eduard masking to enable the pai
  4. This has to be fake as anyone whio's ever seen any movie on UFOs knows all aliens pick America as their destination. Fortunately zombies, giant spiders, giant apes and all manner of other disasters also start in America. So elsewhere we're safe.
  5. Actually although in my previous post I said we have "zero" information on the liklihood of life I did read a science article that pointed out the liklihood that for life to developed it would need long chain molecules such as our DNA. As we know our life is based on carbon largely due to its propensity to create such long chain molecules. Anyway the article pointed out that the first stars that form in any given galaxy do so from hydrogen atoms, as those stars age at their core through nuclear fusion they create atoms with higher atomic numbers. When in due course the stars explode and die t
  6. You state "its almost a mathematical certainty that ..." and base your assumption on "the size of the universe". Now as we know the universe is kind of big, some might even say very big. But that does nothing for your assumption about alien life. If we postulate that life as we know it is possible on one in one hundred worlds, and that where its possible develops on say one in a hundred cases, and that one in one hundred of the times life develops it becomes intelligent (I'll leave discussion of what qualifies as intelligent for others). Then intelligent life would appear on 1 in 1,000,000 wo
  7. I must admit I saw the Trumpeter 1/200 range at Telford and was sorely tempted. But each time my hand strayed in the direction of my wallet I wondered where I'd put them when done. But if these are successful we could see The Hood, a KGV, carriers from various navies, even just WW2 offers so many great subjects. Still so tempted though, so will be following you build with interest.
  8. Just my opinion but I suspect WHATEVER Airfix had announced in WHATEVER scale they'd announced it people would say "Oh but I'd much rather see a XXXXXXX in 1/XXX". I personally mostly make 1/72 but I looked at the Typhoon model in Telford and the detail was stunning. So while I personally would "much rather see a XXXXXXX in 1/XXX" I'm pleased that Airfix are willing to spend this much time and effort on any model and I think it bodes well for the future of the hobby.
  9. Can directly help with your question but I do have a print of that painting. Its been hanging in my house for some time now.
  10. Excellent build I look forward to seeing the real thing at the weekend.
  11. As they're just re-releasing the Spitfire VB in 1/24 how about a full range of Spits all in 1/24 MK i, Mk IX, MK XIV, Mk 22, Mk 24 with a Seafire as well.
  12. I was looking at this kit in my local store. So want to have one but I was wondering how I'd find the time to build him (the correct title for Bismarck is "him" not "her"). 1700+ pieces. Plus when I finished the kit where would I put it? I was discussing with the wife where I could put a shelf for it. My big advantage is my wife's a fellow modeller and wants to build the Academy 1/350 Titanic so we were discussing shelves that could hold my ship and hers.
  13. After tackling the major project that was the Revell B-17G I decided to go for a much simpler (and smaller!!) kit that was the Airfix Harrier. Overall I must say i wasn't happy with the kit. In a lot of places the parts didn't fir together well. Such as the wings where I found it necessary to trim one side and do a bit of reshaping. They'd also got some idea that the jets would move in sync with each other but that seemed impossible to work so I just glued them in place. Plus there was an anwful lot of extra plastic that needed trimming from most parts. However I'm reasonably happy with the
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