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  1. On IPMS Deutschland's Nurenberg-list there is a 1/72 Alpha Jet by Heller kit number 80257. A few years ago there were some talk that Heller was going to make a new tool but it was later cancelled.
  2. I am very pleased with Italeri if the TA-4 F/J is the Fujimi kit.
  3. Italeri will also release the ESCI F-14 A in 1/72. And Italeri informs us that it has recessed panel lines. How about the ESCI F-15 and F-15B? Not to forget that they have already released the Fujimi F-4 and ESCI F-4.
  4. I am also going to build the Academy YF-16. I was thinking of doing it in the two tone colour scheme. The blue is supposed to be Air superiority blue and the other is some kind of off white. Bill Gunston says in Modern Combat Aircraft 16 that it is "Wimbledon White". It was a Ford colour from the 60's used on the Ford Mustang. But I can't find it anywhere. The Academy instructions give the FS code as FS17773. I found a site where its RGB code was given as 230, 234, 225. In Windows Word the colour looks like a very pale greenish colour. Whereas Wimbledon White looks like a very pale cream or tan. Is there any close approximations among the "usual suspects" that is colour manufacturers? Disregard the above, I found "Wimbledon White". It can be found at Gravity colors. Here: https://gravity-colors.com/model-car-paints/ford-wimbledon-white/
  5. Fox one has a set with 8 seated modern pilots! But there is a problem, it is not available and has been "out of stock" for several years.
  6. Very nice photos with the F-110 on a snowy runway On one photo it is quite clear that the anti-glare panel is green.
  7. Somewhat off-topic, but here is the original "The Six Million Dollar Man" movie from 1973. https://archive.org/details/TheSixMillionDollarMan
  8. Oh yes, "Sailor", now it seems to be possible to build the HMS Ark Royal air wing featured on it!
  9. Revell has something similar in 1/96: https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/space-scifi/50th-anniversary-moon-landing/apollo-11-columbia-eagle.html And its intruction sheet: https://stage.revell.de/fileadmin/import/images/bau/03700_%23BAU_Apollo_Columbia_Eagle.pdf
  10. And for all X-31 aficionados, me included, here is a few pages, 429, to read while waiting for the actual model: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/files/Flying_Beyond_the_Stall.pdf
  11. The Trumpeter F-105G had the same problem in all scales: In the link below are pictures of the corrected fin by Cutting Edge, but in 1/32: http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Details/Aircraft/Cutting_Edge_F105F-G_Fin_2/Cutting_Edge_F105F-G_Fin_2.htm
  12. Franz von Werra was a Luftwaffe officer that escaped after being taken POW!
  13. Yeah sure, if you want to be fleeced! A readiness to pay through your nose makes every model available! Even if it hasn't been modelled before, you can by paying somebody enough have a model made of it!
  14. Could you tell me where I could find an A-4 in 1/72? Can't find one on Hannant's neither on Aviationmegastore. If you want one you have to buy the Italeri Top Gun set in which you get the F-14 Tomcat as a sort of bonus.
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