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  1. Oh yes, "Sailor", now it seems to be possible to build the HMS Ark Royal air wing featured on it!
  2. Revell has something similar in 1/96: https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/space-scifi/50th-anniversary-moon-landing/apollo-11-columbia-eagle.html And its intruction sheet: https://stage.revell.de/fileadmin/import/images/bau/03700_%23BAU_Apollo_Columbia_Eagle.pdf
  3. And for all X-31 aficionados, me included, here is a few pages, 429, to read while waiting for the actual model: https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/files/Flying_Beyond_the_Stall.pdf
  4. The Trumpeter F-105G had the same problem in all scales: In the link below are pictures of the corrected fin by Cutting Edge, but in 1/32: http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Details/Aircraft/Cutting_Edge_F105F-G_Fin_2/Cutting_Edge_F105F-G_Fin_2.htm
  5. Franz von Werra was a Luftwaffe officer that escaped after being taken POW!
  6. Yeah sure, if you want to be fleeced! A readiness to pay through your nose makes every model available! Even if it hasn't been modelled before, you can by paying somebody enough have a model made of it!
  7. Could you tell me where I could find an A-4 in 1/72? Can't find one on Hannant's neither on Aviationmegastore. If you want one you have to buy the Italeri Top Gun set in which you get the F-14 Tomcat as a sort of bonus.
  8. Actually no wonder, when you take into account how rare the A-4 is in 1/72!
  9. Photos of airplanes with visible rivets are taken from very close! For me, visible rivets would make the model look unrealistic in 1/72.
  10. Fox one has a set of modern seated jet pilots in 1/144.
  11. I was also up watching the First Steps in real time. That was an awesome time to live!
  12. What about the engine nacelles? Are they the same as in the 1/72 kit?
  13. Italeri is releasing the F-14 A and A-4 from the movie "Top Gun" both in the same box. Scale is 1/72 https://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2763
  14. When the YF-16 was turned over to the Air Force Configuration Control Committee it became longer, the size of its wings increased, got a couple of tons of electronics, more hard-points and was in many ways quite a different beast. From a pure day fighter it was turned into a very successful multi-role combat aircraft.
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