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  1. Is the southern Expo thing nailed on? If so , we could plan ahead and fix it in the calender as soon as possible, Thanks for the heads up. Mick
  2. Worth pointing out to everyone, apart from the usual complaints re parking/unloading , traders complaining about takings (normal), the problem was that we had booked on the same weekend as two other shows. The comments were made mainly about our show organiser, and beleive me , they were not nice, and given the issues of finding a date, particularly as we have been shoehorned out of our regular dates twice is the past couple of years, I'm afraid we've had enough, which we do hope is temporary. Thanks for your kind words,and I do hope we can bring back the show with even better results.
  3. It is was sadness that we announce that the 2020 East Midlands Model Show at Hinckley has been cancelled. For a full explanation the Chairman has made this statement East Midlands Model Club in Hinckley has run a model show for just under three decades. In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to find dates that did not clash. Our regular March slot was eventually discarded when another show filled the dates leaving us with only Mothering Sunday. As you can appreciate this was not practical and if I arranged our show on Mothering Sunday well ..
  4. Thanks, i feared as much Will see if there's any way round it as I have removed the detail on one wing. Mick
  5. Has anyone fitted these items...I know you have to remove the moulded detail on the wing interior, but what next? Do you have to cut out the wing to drop it into situe or, does everything have to be thinned down/ cut out or whatever? Aires have always been poor on instructions but good on detail unfortunately. Any help would be appreciated as this has been a stalled project and as I have already cut out for the cockpit and fuselage wheel bay it has now become a member of the "now I've retired " list of kits to finish. Mick
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