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  1. Cool Alby! I haven't seen one of these for a long time. Thanks for sharing. Justin
  2. Just spectacular. Thanks for sharing. Justin
  3. Neat build Steve! Nice details mate. I'm sure the judges will like it. Thanks for sharing. Justin
  4. Hey Jason, You've a great job so far mate. I've read all of Craig Thomas' books and this jet was my favourite at primary school when the movie came out. Looking forward to your next installment! Justin
  5. They're all great shots, couldn't agree with you more about the RAF SAR picture. Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing. Justin
  6. Hey Kev, Finally caught up, looking great mate. Looking forward to seeing the mottled scheme. Justin
  7. Awesome detail Stuart! Very tough looking machine. Thanks for sharing, Justin
  8. Nice job Brian! I really like the chipping on the leading edges. Thanks for sharing. Justin
  9. Looks like you have some great detail work going on there. Nice! Justin
  10. Good Stuff Leonl! Nice subject the AEW helo. Great to see another rotor in the RFI section. Welcome back to the game. Justin
  11. Nice Clive! Great start mate looking good. Are you going to use any Eduard extras? Justin
  12. Good Stuff Brenden! Looking forward to more. Are you doing the box paint scheme or something else? Justin
  13. Unbelievable Work Fozzy. You are a Master Craftsman Justin
  14. For mine Bruce I think it would be a shame to cover your detail work with mud, so it's dust from me. Justin
  15. That is a thing of beauty Shaun. The way you set up the base looks awesome too. Thanks for sharing, Justin
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