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  1. Steve, Congratulations mate, an altogether excellent build! I can almost smell the castor oil. BTW - great choice of colour scheme... cheers Stephen
  2. Well Done Steve, from a lump of timber to a truly excellent and unique model !
  3. A credit to you Steve! its looking great mate. Your hardwood is a much finer grain than balsa wood, but an old aero modelling technique to fill wood grain is to mix in talcum powder with aero dope (thin varnish basically) until you have a smooth paste, the talc fills the grain and give a perfect surface, it might save your some sanding on your next project. looking forward to seeing this one finished.
  4. Great job, Alphaflight kits are about as far removed from a Tamigawa kit as you can get short of a vacform, credit to you!
  5. All of the above! That's one very nice Scooter!
  6. For fillets and non structural gap filling consider Perfect Plastic Putty https://www.deluxematerials.co.uk/en/scale-plastics/87-perfect-plastic-putty-5060243901095.html lovely stuff to use for gaps between two surfaces, dries fast , sands easily and water clean up.
  7. Hi Reconciler, Sadly no Strikemaster, but the GR3 is impressive! as are the examples of ergonomic gymnastics (British aircraft cockpits) that they have on display, some rare items for this part of the world, 2 seat Hunter cockpit and B2 Canberra. Also have a 2 seat & single seat Vampire, Provost , BAE Hawk, SkyHawk and some lovely vintage gliders and civil aeroplanes.
  8. Hi Reconcilor, Keep with it mate, I admire your tenacity with this project! If you need any Mig -15 photos' , I took a bunch last week just outside of Christchurch at the Ashburton museum, happy to email them to you. BTW - I'm still sorting out Omaka airshow photos. cheers Propnut .
  9. That is the sexiest Hustler I think I've ever seen!
  10. Really like the scheme, very striking, she looks great.
  11. Very nice Mish, I really like the Cuban markings also.
  12. Hi David, The Aussie decals, on the wing wouldnt bed down and eventually lifted, (even after gloss coat to seal them) but they were old so maybe that was the issue. I had to mask & airbrush them then needed to do the same for the fuselage to match and weather them also. If you build the Cat dont forget the spar well worth it for piece of mind, see my build pics. Cheers Stephen
  13. Thanks, yes that is a really old newspaper it was found under the carpet of a house we renovated. Headline is the German invasion of Russia.
  14. Hello All, One of the few kits I actually finished last year was this big old bird, great kit went together very nicely, only problem was with the quality of the Aussie decal sheet I used. Build pictures can be found here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234939720-pby-catalina-raaf/ Roundels ended up being masked & sprayed as the decal peeled off! Hope you like it. Cheers Stephen
  15. G'day All, Some in progress photo's of my Catalina build from last year. One issue i'd noticed on other 1/48 Catalina's that Ive seen (not that many!) is that the wings can tend to sag over time, hence I epoxied in a 1/4 inch brass tube to act as a spar. The model went together well with good fit of all major parts. I added an old Eduard set. Now when you manage to lose one of the beaching gear legs you will need to scratch build a new set! Gunze paints used along with Aussie Decals (which were the only source of bother in the build!) Rolling the PE gun barrels was fun... I also scrapped of the mooring line and added a cable from wire. The finished sea bird, hope you enjoyed the build, i'll post some more pics in the completed build section here:http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234939722-pby-catalina-raaf-148/ A great kit, just so big, much larger than the Wellington, in 2011, which you can see here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234912701-148-vickers-wellington/ Cheers Stephen
  16. Congratulations on finishing an FM Kit! Very nice job indeed.
  17. Lovely work as usual, I think I need to do a Pedestal Hurri for the Malta collection as well!
  18. Really looking forward to seeing this collection in all its glory.
  19. Tony, Always a treat for the eye to look at your work mate. Really like to the BPF schemes. Cheers Stephen
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