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  1. Hi Guys, after seeing all those fantastic 1/20 race cars here, i just had to try this myself. So this is my very first 1/20 model ever, Tamiyas Honda: It was really fun to build. I build it OOB and just added the fuel lines: Far from beeing perfect, but for a first try i was quite happy with the result. Hope you like it, Stefan
  2. Hi all, here is the latest addition to my little Gulf team: A Vespa scooter! I bought this model in Spain about 20 years ago. It's very basic and made from a disgusting soft plastic what makes it nearly impossible to paint it. Hope you like it, Stefan
  3. Amazing work! Very inspiring to see you doing all these fantastic details. Stefan
  4. Thank you for the comments! I really enjoyed building the little beast. I'm thinking of putting it on a trailer behind the bus transporter... Stefan
  5. Hi, thanks for your nice words & the infos! Here is the beast without the body: Added the shortened roof and the gulf stripes: Both Minis together: Almost done! I just have to order some decals for the racing numbers and so on. Hope you like it! Stefan
  6. Really cool! I love the lock on the door. Great model, brought back so many memories... Stefan
  7. Hey all, asking myself what do to until the parts for the racing bus arrive, i found an old Mini in the parts box. Must have built it in the early 90's. It was in a horrible condition, only 2 wheels left, some parts missing and a really bad paintjob. Restoration impossible? Never! I just had to find something with bigger wheels... and found this on Google: And here is what i did: Of course it will get his gulf decals Stefan
  8. Hi all, @Hawkkeeper: Thanks, i just thought converting an old seat would be way faster than ordering one With nothing to do on a lazy sunday, i finished the Mini: The decal on the backside is not messed up, it's just following the shape of the place where the license plate light should sit. I used decals from Hobby Design which are fantastic. Easy to work with, they follow every shape and no paint shines through. Mirrors will be added once the transporter is ready. I know i would loose them if i glue them on now... I'll post some better pics in the "Ready for inspection"-section when i can take some pics in daylight. Stefan
  9. Hi all, this weekend i started the Mini Cooper for my Racing Bus. I thought an anti-roll-cage could be useful, so i made one from aluminium tubing: Then i needed a racing seat, so i made one from an old truck seat and some styrene strips: Fits in perfectly: Some Bare Metal Foil for the window frames: ... and ready for the first try to climb his new home: Now i've got only the decals and a few details to do. Hope you like it! Stefan
  10. Hi guys, quick update for today: I couldn't resist to paint the front, just to see if the colours match: Stefan
  11. Very impressive! I love the tartan, looks just perfect to me. Stefan
  12. Hi all, thanks for your nice words once again! I started the front end last weekend: Now i'm waiting for the Fujimi Garage Tools Set i ordered to complete the lower saloon. Stefan
  13. Hi, i made some progress with the ramps and the car bay. I detailed the ramps with some packing tape: Hydro was added: Works just fine: Hope you'll like it! Stefan
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