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  1. Sorry to disappoint Codger, but I will not be putting my Alfa build on here. I am a mere amateur compared to all the wonderful Pocher builds on this site. Anyway, I am building the Heller 1/8 Citroen on and off at the moment, in between my aircraft builds of course.
  2. This takes me back to when I built my Pocher Rolls Sedanca, and would I build another one? Most definitely NO!! Saying that though, I am halfway through building the Alfa Romeo, mind you, it has not seen the light of day for quite some time. This one is looking brilliant by the way, and with Codgers help, you are on to a winner!
  3. Nice to see you are still busy at it Roy. I have just started building the Citroen 15 Traction Avant by Heller that I purchased years back, along with your DVD of course. Also about halfway through the Pocher Alfa Romeo. Been busy of late moving home, but we are finally settled where we have always wanted to be, in South Norfolk. So, when are you going to build a 1/1 scale?
  4. Hi Tom. Things don't seem to have changed much since I left Kent, you are still buying sheets of plastic with blobs on, and no doubt it will turn out to be a work of art as usual. Looking forward to seeing it on here, but don't forget that Shackbat, I want to see that as well. Give my regards to them all at the club, and especially to the old man. (Are you still pinching his paints, kits etc., etc.,?)
  5. Hi codger. Have not been on this site in a long,long time, but glad to see how this terrific build is coming along. It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!
  6. I have not been on here for ages and ages, but when I read that you are not in the best of health I thought that it was imperative that I send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery. As for the build, it goes without saying that it is jaw droppingly brilliant, as so many on here have already pointed out. All the very best to you my friend, and I hope that you are back at the modelling( or should that be engineering!!) bench full time before too long. Kind Regards, Larry.
  7. I have built this kit, and I don't like to say this, but it is one of the worst aircraft kits that I have ever built. The big problem I found was with the bomb bay, and the wing fit. I wanted to display the bomb bay open, but it frustrated me so much in the end so I sealed everything shut!! Having said all this doom and gloom, I am sure that you are a better modeller than me, so you will probably sail through it!
  8. I don't look in on this website much these days, but when I do, I find stunning builds like this. It's then that I realise why I don't look in much now! This is as much about engineering as it is modelling. It is turning out to be a magnificent build, and tied in with Codgers they make my head hurt! I think I will just happily sit here sticking a few pieces of plastic together now and again, and praise myself for being just a tiny bit clever!! Anyway, must go now, I can hear the matron doing the night rounds, and if she catches me awake it will be the dreaded little room in the dark........
  9. Good progress being made on this build, and looking brilliant. I think it's a shame that you are not going for a complete seat rebuild, is it because of the time involved?
  10. I see my name has been mentioned by Codger, and such nice compliments, for which I am most grateful. Anyhow, on the subject of adhesives. I do not use CA on any leather or trim, I always use contact adhesive as this does not bleed through the leather, and if you make a mistake it is a lot easier to remove the offending piece and start again. Hope this helps. Larry.
  11. Looking at all these Pocher threads makes me feel boring, because I just build kits as they come in the box!! I can already hear the shouts of 'How boring is that'. Still, as they say, better the beast you know!!
  12. I am afraid there will be no more to add to this build, as, unfortunately, I have given up on it. I thought the fit of parts was too good to last!! I should have known better, after all, it is a Heller kit. The problems encountered were many, but to name a few. 1. Suspension and steering parts very, very fragile. If you so much as sneeze, they snap in various places. They broke so many times that it become impossible to repair them in a way that would not be noticeable. 2. Fit of body parts are atrocious, especially the bonnet, huge gaps that would be difficult to rectify without major surg
  13. I have now finished making and fitting the headlining, and the door panels are also completed. Still got a fair bit to do to finish the model, the dashboard has got to be assembled and painted, and this could turn out to be quite fiddly. The cabin side of the firewall has got to be carpeted, but this is fairly easy. After that the assembly of the kit can be completed, then a few 'extras' to be scratched and fitted under the bonnet, hopefully then it will be finished. I must say that I have been quite impressed about the fit of parts on this model, a few bits and pieces have needed filing down
  14. Hi all. Been a while since I posted something on here, been busy building a few aircraft.(sorry about using the 'a' word!) So here is my latest something. The Citroen DS19 is a car you either love or hate, there is no in between. Personally, I absolutely love it, it was so iconic in many ways, apart from the fact that it was WAY ahead of its time. Seeing as this is a Heller kit, it has not given me any problems as of yet, and judging by my many test fits, I do not foresee any problems.(famous last words!). The engine bay is lacking a few bits and pieces here and there, some of these I will
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