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  1. Miggers, you asked where in gods county I was, right at the top, Warrington, Thanks for the tip on the wheels, have and X-1 on the go so going to try it on that.
  2. Hi, As in the title I'm thinking of getting a Iwata Neo and using it with alclad, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this airbrush. I realise I might need to change the needle packing washer http://www.air-craft.net/acatalog/Neo-for-Iwata-1501-Needle-Seal.html Mark
  3. Some more Progress last couple of days, fuselage is closed up, filled n sanded, wings and tail added, cutouts masked and interior colours painted on the outside of the clear half of the fuselage. If it turns out wonky I'm not sure why Cut outs were masked off with Tamiya tape with the edged with circles of appropriate sizes cut with a punch and linked up with straight pieces. Photo copy of the decals blue tacked helped with positioning the cutouts around the decals Fuselage painted HU81 Zinc chromate primer and 116 for the cockpit and undercarriage bays. Tomorrow is gloss white undercoat followed by the orange. Thanks for looking Mark
  4. Slow progress over the last few days with work using up most of my time. Was going to use Humbrol metal cote 27003 Polished steel for the nitrogen tanks but when I got the tin it looked more like gun metal, Is this right? Used the aluminium instead. but the 'polished steel' got used for the gun metal parts, so all is not lost. Interior is complete & ready to close up the fuselage. I've been having trouble dipping the clear fuselage side in the perfumed klear stuff with it pooling in certain areas despite shaking off the excess and leaving it overnight on a paper towel. So last few days have been spent soaking it in more klear to get rid of the old layer, washing off, drying, dipping again and getting the same problem. think I've cracked it now by tying it to bit of wire and swing it round after dipping to REALLY get the excess off this seems to have worked. See how it goes. In the mean time I've scanned and resized to 1:72 printed off the paint plan so I can decide where to put the cutaway windows to fit in with the decals and internal parts. Think this is how its going to be, pink bits are the orange couldn't find the orange highlighter! Mark
  5. Painted the rest of the engine details with HU64 Grey for the combustion chambers & HU53 Gun metal for some other parts, Also sprayed the wheels. fitted all the interior parts except the equipment bay in the centre. Plumbers been round! Sized up some 1mm rod just bluetacked in place, going to be sprayed tomorrow 27003 polished steel, if I can get some, along with the bottle in the equipment bay & the nitrogen bottle in the nose.
  6. Have given it two brushed coats of the perfumed klear on the underside, this seems to have cleared up the decal issue. not washed the wheels yet might do this once the klear has set, had a bad experience in the past doing washes over enamel paint. so just want to be careful with it.
  7. Bit more progress this week on the interior Used HU116 for the main cockpit colour this was the best match to the photos available on the internet, not sure how Tamiya decided grey for this area. Thought I'd tackle the glazing in 2 stages, messing with squares of masking tape seemed a recipe for disaster. 0.5mm rod was used with Tamiya to create the shoulder harness attachment bar. Completed cockpit & canopy Dry run fitting, Have some more detail work to on these parts. Mark Edit:- Nearly forgot I've cut off & refitted upside down the front third of the engine to put the fuel/oxidiser inlets at the top as in the cutaway.
  8. This has been sat in the stash for 2 years, now Its time has come. I was going to build it with the solid fuselage option as I didn't like the idea of the whole fuselage open, then I saw this :- Thank's for the inspiration zero, I think this one is yours. I liked the little cutaway windows, I'm going to try to acheive something similar. A little work began today with closing up the alcohol & oxygen tanks, assembling the engine, cockpit bulkhead & floor and adding some detail to the rear fuselage from rod & strip. Didn't add any more detail further forward than this as is would be obscured by the alcohol tank. Mark
  9. No didn't give it a gloss, wasn't sure how it would go with the silver, A lot of things I'd do different next time, but thats what this is all about, its a learning game! Have a PR19 in the stash, going to have a different approach to that one, including glossing before decals & fitting the upper surface of the wings 1st. Going to do this kit again in different marking or convert to mk24 somehow. Going to test some methods on a scrap kit 1st. The Klear I have is the UK scented one from ASDA, not sure if this is any good for spraying on models, I know its great for dipping canopys though.
  10. FZ6, not a problem with the decals themselves cant fault them at all the problem is with the residue left by the Hubrol decal fix, just impossible to get rid off... see the roundel on the 1st pic and general staining elsewhere. But apart from adding a bit more gloss to the lights, its complete! Might add some dry brushing down stream of the guns & exhaust too, also may paint in the wingtip nav lights too in HU2&19 but not too sure how they will look
  11. Was it just me that couldn't get on Britmodeller for most of the afternoon and evening? anyway yesterdays update;- Did the lights under the fuselage, as I said I had omitted the kit part and blanked off the lights with piece of plasticard. After silver had been sprayed on I mixed what I hoped would become transparent coloured Humbrol gloss cote, 1 part paint HU2,19, 69 and 10 parts gloss cote. This ended up not as transparent as I thought it would when I used it, need to experiment on this more sometime. So I left it at just 1 layer in the lights. Once dry I added a drop of clear gloss cote to fill the rest of the hole. Gloss cote shrinks as it drys so I needed to keep repeating this stage. From left to right 1 Obvious one, the empty lights 2 The coloured gloss cote freshly added 3 The coloured gloss cote & shrunk 4 1st layer of gloss cote still wet Hopefully that last pic will be how it get finished but as the gloss shrinks I will need to keep adding more until its flush with the surface. Ill see how this goes. While this was going on I dry brushed grey onto the exhausts & assembled the main gear. Oh yeah I added the decals too! (never using decal fix again!) & fitted the canopy. Today's tasks, Fit the undercarriage & exhausts, add more gloss cote to the lights underneath, and try to clear up the residue underneath from that damn decal fix, any hints? Mark
  12. Missed a couple of bits so re-sprayed those areas, Moment of truth, masking tape off.. Yup missed a bit, didn't realise there was another window above the windscreen, well it wasn't on the Eduard mask that's my excuse, next time do more research, Exhausts have been sprayed HU70 going to dry brush some grey onto them. Tomorrow is decals, wheels, paint the gun tips HU33 & refit the pitot. Mark
  13. blue tac in the undercarriage bays & radiator guns n pitot.static ports fitted - airworthy, airbrush airworthy. A coat of humbrol 11 silver. nearly over did it at first as I've been using a Super 63 for all the stuff so far, and used the sprite for the silver and forgot about the higher flow rate on the sprite, test sprays are a must! few hours now for it to dry.
  14. Made some more progress today sprayed the tyres 1st thing this morning & fitted the windscreen using Humbrol clear fix , had a go of re-scribing the panel lines back in on the wing join & fuselage seams, think I need to practice this a bit more...... but not on this model. masked the canopy and stupidly used maskol on the area left by the Eduard mask after dipping it in klear last night, eek! took the maskol straight off luckily it doesn't seem to have effected it. A summary of today's work, Sprayed HU120 on the inside undercarriage doors & the canopy to show on the inside, also used it to cover all the seams to see if more filling sanding work was needed. a bit more work to do there, but not a lot. Been trying to work out for the last few days how I'm going to hold it for spraying then a eureka! moment... solder 2 bent paper clips together and clip them into the recess for the exhaust stacks and Bobs your uncle........ Tomorrow is scribe the fuel & glycol filler cap back on the nose, a little bit of sanding and a coat of silver. Later... Mark
  15. Very nice, If I didn't know already it was a model I would have said its was the real thing - excellent
  16. Went for the file down to the wing root option, insulation tape was in case I slipped with file, and made an even bigger mess. Some scribing to do now! Bit late to run the compressor tonight so the tyres tomorrows task,
  17. Thanks geedubelyer, Going to keep the green for the undercarriage, Decals on the prop look worse in the picture than they are in reality but yes, think I should have used a gloss surface, maybe next time. Now the wing root yes I've definatly got this bit wrong, on the left is just a simple gap to fill, but the right is a bit different, managed to create a step down onto the wing by a fraction of a mm, not sure what to do about it. I could smooth it out on the wing side with filler, milliput I think would be best as it wont crumble when I scribe(or attempt to) the panel lines back in, however keeping that raised fairing 1/4 along the chord might be tricky. Other option is to file/sand the fuselage side of the join down and re scribe. on the positive side of progress, wheels - needed a little clean up from the sprue gate and for a new kit the seam lines are a bit prominent. Humbrol 56 Aluminium sprayed, hopefully later HU67 next for the tyres. Is this cheating :- Time to do the tyres Mark
  18. Tailspin Turtle, Yes I've found a few with the distortion you describe. Needs much more in depth attention.- the fix I use for them is to scan then crop the individual images right upto the nose to tail and wing tip to tip, work out how many pixels that should be (I scan at 1200DPI) then resize each image length & width accordingly.
  19. This is my first build to be posted on here. Have 2 weeks off work so here goes :- There has been some debate on here on using HU120 for Spit interiors, I think it looks right. The instructions say silver for the floor bars, from some pics I've seen, green might be better with of course some silver detail. A short bit of sprue was attached behind the instrument as a handle. Instruments on the decal look a little chunky. Ready to close the fuselage up. Thought I'd spray the undercarriage bays HU120 too, as it was in the airbrush, I can always change my mind later, Does anyone know what colour the were on Spit 22s, green or aluminium? Ready to airbrush the red on the prop, yellow tips then black already done, for small amounts of paint I prefer to mix them up in small plastic test tubes available from ebay. Bit of discussion on here over the size of sprue gates on this kit, a bit on the big side but might be necessary evil in the injection mould process. Ready for main assembly, I've decided to put a piece of plastic card over the 3 lights behind the wing with the intention of painting the holes silver, then using coloured Humbrol gloss klear, clear fix, or PVA afterwards. See how this goes later. Maybe I did something wrong as it was very difficult to get the wing to root aligned. Prop complete. Hopefully get some more done tomorrow.
  20. Do you ever check your scale plans or just assume they are correct? After ordering plans for various subjects, It became apparent that either the kit was wrong or the plans were. A bit of googling of wingspans etc and getting the calculator out revealed some plans had shrunk in the wash, others have grown. So how would you know? First thing to do is check the scale on the plan usually they show 3 meters & 10ft, in 1:72 scale 10ft = 1.67" or 42.33mm, measure this on the plans, you might be surprised. Looks like this ones a bit small, 96% too small to be exact. So what can you do about it Well if you have access to a scaling photocopier or scanner & printer, your done For this one the scale measured 40.6mm so 42.33/40.6=1.042 (104%) set your copier to this and away you go. or scan it best just use black & white setting (no grey scale ) and rescale the image in a photo editing package, then re print them. After you have printed your new plans, re-measure them just to be sure, find out what the wingspan or length should be to and measure that too for good measure (pun intended) I've found lots of plans like this even some printed in magazines, so before beginning cutting plastic, it might be worth a bit of time checking and verifying your working to correct plans. Measure twice cut once. Happy building Mark
  21. Cut-a-ways http://www.flightglobal.com/airspace/media/militaryaviation1946-2006cutaways/folland-gnat-cockpit-cutaway-11497.aspx http://www.flightglobal.com/airspace/media/militaryaviation1946-2006cutaways/folland-gnat-cutaway-11495.aspx http://www.flightglobal.com/airspace/media/militaryaviation1946-2006cutaways/folland-gnat-cutaway-11496.aspx http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8223/midget.png http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/6053/follandgnat.jpg Scale plans http://www.hpcpublishing.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=361&category_id=27&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=61
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