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  1. On 1/7/2022 at 2:22 PM, Fritag said:

     I'd like to refine the shape, dimensions and details from plans if possible though.


    After a search through my own ref material I've come across some more stuff



    From the Warpaint Buccaneer book


    I've found this on the scale drawings, dragged the scale onto the drawing before uploading



    Click here for super high res 1200 dpi scan


    Also a couple more pictures from that photo sortie with XX191 from this extract publication from Air International.











    Hope these are of some use



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  2. 15 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

    main unit is 12mm x 30mm with the two ports sticking out. The exhaust is 1mm and intake is 2mm. I believe an overall height of 4.23mm

    Ok I've put those dimension on and this is what I've got, how does this look?


    Also there seems to be 2 different configurations of the ports, is this the one you want? or the one with a central port, which also seems to be higher too.






  3. Well Ive got something that might work


    At best guess these are the dimensions I've used real world inches  (1:72 mm)

    Length 65 (22.9)

    Height 12 (4.23)

    Width 24 (8.47) or 28 (9.88)

    Stbd opening diameter 8 (2.82)

    Port opening diameter 6 (2.12)


    Couldn't really work out the width very well so tried both 24" and 28"

    But both make the whole thing look too long ( photos could have telephoto lense compression effect)


    Top left is the 24" version, bottom right 28"






    This is the 28" version



    let me know if I should change anything or move/ change diameter of the openings?



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  4. Nice simple shape drew this in about 5 mins




    Obviously what's really needed is dimensions to determine the rest from




    From this pic its length is

    87% of the width of the star & bar

    81% of the strake above it

    182% of the height of the intake splitter plate

    Armed with some solid dimensions the rest can be determined, tricky one would be width unless you can get a direct head on pic.


    also its height is 19% of its length




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  5. If its just made up of basic geometric shapes eg cubes/blocks/cylinders/triangles/spheres etc maybe TinkerCAD might be an option its a web based simple CAD program with an in built tutorial and an easy learning curve.  Its just a case of dragging a shape onto the workspace squish it into the right dimensions, drag another do the same. Move them around as much as you want. Merge 2 or more into one object move it around etc. 

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