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  1. I have a Molotow masking pen, very convenient and easy to use https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/2mm-masking-liquid-pen-molotow-728001-p16465/
  2. Canopies are the best I've ever seen, Very nicely done RAF just called, they asked can you make one 72 times bigger? apparently they need one at Chester, oh and could you paint it red.
  3. Cos I'm cheapskate I have the 395nm one but seems to be only good for highlighting & retrieving parts stolen by the carpet moster but won't cure Elegoo std gray, never tried it with any other resin. The cheap LED from my UV glue pen works well though.
  4. This is the DH84 entries on Scalemates https://www.scalemates.com/topics/topic.php?id=15105 Rugrats resin kit in 1:72 seems to be only available kit. Oxford also do a dicast https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/collections/dehaviland/products/dehavilland-dh84-dragon-g-ecan-railway-air-services-72dg001
  5. Hot off the printer this afternoon for you Dennis, just need to let them dry, snip the supports off and then cure them. I'll PM you the relevant stuff in a day or so. Mark
  6. After a search through my own ref material I've come across some more stuff From the Warpaint Buccaneer book I've found this on the scale drawings, dragged the scale onto the drawing before uploading Click here for super high res 1200 dpi scan Also a couple more pictures from that photo sortie with XX191 from this extract publication from Air International. Hope these are of some use CT
  7. Ill get them printed probebly this week I think. Just to check, do I have the 1mm & 2mm ports the right way round?
  8. Dont worry about printing costs (unless of course youre building a fleet) Just postage costs, Think your in Illinois? everything sent together should fit in the "large letter" category and if I can keep it below 100g total weight then it would be just £4 or £5.85 upto to 250g 1:48 is just a simple enlargement of 1.5x
  9. Ok I've put those dimension on and this is what I've got, how does this look? Also there seems to be 2 different configurations of the ports, is this the one you want? or the one with a central port, which also seems to be higher too. Mark
  10. Not sure if this is of any use Cobham CBLS 2000 datasheet https://www.cobhammissionsystems.com/weapons-carriage-and-release/air-to-ground-weapons-carriage-and-release-systems/air-to-ground-bomb-racks/cbls-2000-datasheet/ https://www.saairforce.co.za/gallery-and-media/123/cbls-2000
  11. Ah the good old revolve tool. CAD work coming on leaps n bounds, windscreens, pylons, CBLs, wonder what goodies the other 4 drawing of the 7 you have are?
  12. Thanks, I did have that in the stash for a while but non of the figures seemed really suitable, I'm thinking maybe 'MakeHuman' for Blender might be the way to go but its going to be a steep learning curve for me.
  13. Anyone know where I can find these Chaps in 1/72?
  14. Lots of options What might be best at this stage is to draw these sizes as boxes on a piece of paper cut them out and see what size seems to look right against the model.
  15. Well Ive got something that might work At best guess these are the dimensions I've used real world inches (1:72 mm) Length 65 (22.9) Height 12 (4.23) Width 24 (8.47) or 28 (9.88) Stbd opening diameter 8 (2.82) Port opening diameter 6 (2.12) Couldn't really work out the width very well so tried both 24" and 28" But both make the whole thing look too long ( photos could have telephoto lense compression effect) Top left is the 24" version, bottom right 28" This is the 28" version let me know if I should change anything or move/ change diameter of the openings? Mark
  16. Either is good, metric means I just have less calculator keying to do
  17. If you are able to get the dimensions of some of those items in the picture, I would be able to work out the rest.
  18. Nice simple shape drew this in about 5 mins Obviously what's really needed is dimensions to determine the rest from From this pic its length is 87% of the width of the star & bar 81% of the strake above it 182% of the height of the intake splitter plate Armed with some solid dimensions the rest can be determined, tricky one would be width unless you can get a direct head on pic. also its height is 19% of its length Mark
  19. Contact Airfix https://support.airfix.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4411389855634-Spares-Request with that picture. Quote the numbers on the underside of the box
  20. It will warm up during use so today I wondered what temperature mine was at. Then did a 45min print which came out ok, temp had risen to 25°C Windscreens look great, will you be doing the same with the main canopy?
  21. If its just made up of basic geometric shapes eg cubes/blocks/cylinders/triangles/spheres etc maybe TinkerCAD might be an option its a web based simple CAD program with an in built tutorial and an easy learning curve. Its just a case of dragging a shape onto the workspace squish it into the right dimensions, drag another do the same. Move them around as much as you want. Merge 2 or more into one object move it around etc.
  22. Think you might need to get a heater mate This is Elegoo standard grey resin Also you could be needing a heater in there soon too if the exploratory without prejudice conversation goes a bit wrong.
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