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    MCT 282R 11.1D
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About Me

Aircraft enthusiast for as long as I can remember, built models as a school boy when I should have been studying and stopped building shortly after leaving school. Ex electronics engineer turned commercial pilot currently flying turboprops up and down the UK. Got the modelling bug back a couple of years ago after the wife bought me the Airfix Spitfire & ME110 dog fight set for Christmas.

Stash = 163

Current Projects
Converting an Airfix Piper Arrow to a Warrior
Vintage Pair's Airfix Vampire T11 XH304
Vintage pair's MPM Meteor T7 WA669
Airfix Gnat with an LED in the nose

Raspberry ripple hawk XX343

Bristol 173 from a Belvedere

Matchbox Hawk 200

Italeri Jetranger

Airfix BAC 111

Airfix Red Arrow Hawk on a plinth with an LED in the nose WIP RFI
Airfix Mitsubishi Zero 1/72 WIP
Airfix Arrow converted to a Cherokee 140 1/72 WIP RFI
Airfix Supermarine S6B 1/72 RFI
Tamiya Bell X1 1/72 WIP
Airfix Supermarine Spitfire 22 1/72 WIP

Airfix P51D mustang OOB 'Lollipoop' Jan 2017 RFI


Cancelled projects (canned)

Airfix Red Arrows Hawk with 2015 tail - became raspberry ripple hawk


Articles Written
How to make photo etched parts at home

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