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  1. Would look like a menacing meatbox. Think he meant the RR Meteor engine a derivative of the Merlin for AFVs https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolls-Royce_Meteor
  2. Thanks I was wondering if a mk IX would be appropriate for a mkV. I'll have a look.
  3. Im planning to build the shuttleworth collections Spitfire Vc AR501 from the Airfix new tool 1/72 Spitfire Vc, I belive this kit has the parts to make a clipped wing version with a normal air filter. What I also need is a six stack exhaust for it, does anyone havecany recommendations for an after market exhaust? Thanks Mark CT
  4. A little work tonight CFS badges went on and the underwing XH3 decal replaced, The photos show the decal to be very proud of the surface that isn't the case in reality I think its the single light source being 90° from the camera, anyway have some Micro Set doing its work on it as I type. Next I need to draw the No step areas these are the same basic shape as the ones on the Airfix sheet with a couple of differences mainly text positioning and font and they are black not red. I'll use a scan of the Airfix sheet as a starting point and get drawing t
  5. Hopefully will finish the CFS badge tonight. I need to do the crew names. There are 2 names on each side does anyone know if it would be the same names on each side? Ie pilot & crew chief on both sides or would they be different on each side ie 2 pilots names on the left & 2 crew members on the right? I have the crew names for its final flight printed but if there were other names does anyone know what they were back in 1986? Thanks CT
  6. What? Your my mentor Ste, I'm following your lead laggardly ? Oh no another big word I'm going to have to look up. Decal paper & Microscale decal film at the ready Nice pictures thanks for those Rob So I've knocked up the serials and applied them to the wing, Masking tape is to get them 90° to the longitudinal axis and all aligned as they are split around the main gear doors. The XH3 on the left wing seems to have gained a stretched X so I'll replace that decal. In preparation for the CFS bad
  7. Very nicely done and good surface finish, Excellent attention to detail with the double row of fasteners on top of the engine cowl built 3 of this kit a year a go so I know its issues. good job Mark
  8. Hasn't six years gone fast, time I did a bit more on this, The build originally got put on hold as I had found out that a decal company (since defunct) had decals for the vintage pair in the pipeline, It had been confirmed to me by the owner. I was asked not to spill the beans on the project to which I kept my word. So I put the build on hold and waited, and waited, and waited some more. The company made their announcement then I waited a bit more. and the rest is history. the decals never materialised. I build other stuff in the mean time but never really got back to this or
  9. Could try putting a post on the wanted section and specifying the parts needed.
  10. Good point, I'm using a HP ENVY 5540 printer, this seems ok with it.
  11. Never had it jam or come off (touch wood), I just use Tamiya tape, and only one piece on the upper/leading edge these days.
  12. Try these:- https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/decals/train-decals/stripes-0-25-9mm-train-decals/
  13. Imagine your real world item is 2cm cube made from metal 2cm x 2cm x2cm is 8cm³ Your 1/2 scale model of this cube is also made from the same metal and is 1cmx1cmx1cm = 1cm³ 1/2 the scale but 1/8 the volume. volume equates to weight.
  14. Invest in some microscale decal film. I have tried a variety of varnishes and this beats them all hands down. Simply brushed on. Leaves no brushmarks and self levels. Perfect.
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