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  1. Yes, looks like a tool alignment issue on the E sprue as the 2 halves of the mould are slightly out with a noticeable lip on the sprue. Had a look at Nigel's video, he has posted a further update yesterday and mentioned that airfix have seen his video and have raised a quality issue for it. Hopefully it will be fixed on the next batch.
  2. Has anyone found that the centre of the mainewheel hub (part E37) is off-centre. is this intentional for some reason or a misalignment in the tool making that didnt get spotted. Dont think its for making sure the bulge on the tyre is in the right place as this is done by a notch on the top of the tyre.
  3. Thanks for every ones input, jimmaas came through with picture of exactly what I needed. Many thanks Mark
  4. Hi, as the title suggests Im looking for any photos of the underside windows of a Brewster Buffalo. Does anyone have anything in their collections? Cheers Mark
  5. Thanks for that ill have another look when I get home. Maybe I missed it in the instructions. Cheers
  6. Has anybody identified parts L4,5,6&7 from the clear sprue? Dont think they are used in this kit, but for future releases. Just trying to work out where the would go. Or have I missed it in the instructions?
  7. Now gone from Pre-order to Order on the Airfix website, Think that means its here guys!
  8. Excellent result. If you hadn't have said it was brush painted I would never have known, would have thought it was airbrushed. Very smooth finish.
  9. White Waltham airfield Photo used https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:White_Waltham_Airfield_(1).jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Waltham_Airfield Extract from the Wikipedia page:- "After the war, the airfield was also used by Fairey Aviation and later Westland Helicopters, which assembled and tested aircraft built at their Hayes factory. These included the Fairey FB-1 Gyrodyne (1947), Fairey Jet Gyrodyne (1954), Fairey Ultralight (1955), Fairey Rotodyne (1957) & Westland Scout (1960) & Westland Wasp (1962). The prototype Fairey Gannet was first flown from Aldermaston but production aircraft were completed and first flown at White Waltham too and an example is currently stored at the airfield."
  10. It seems to be the wing of PA28 Cherokee, Taper wing version!
  11. I have a Molotow masking pen, very convenient and easy to use https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/2mm-masking-liquid-pen-molotow-728001-p16465/
  12. Canopies are the best I've ever seen, Very nicely done RAF just called, they asked can you make one 72 times bigger? apparently they need one at Chester, oh and could you paint it red.
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