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  1. G'day Ron, Ref the Academy jugs, these look to have a better shape than the HB kit. The A-10 jugs look okay for length and general shape, the Academy items look a little crisper. Could you perhaps lengthen these by placing a plug in the centre (where the diameter is constant) from another Academy kit? One of the RAAF pigs shot itself when the muzzle door failed to rotate open. The round exited through the cockpit bulkhead near the Nav's head - new flightsuit please! cheers, Pappy
  2. Ron, The Academy gun fairings needs more work to be accurate as the rear seaction should bulge more in width and height. The gun door should also be closed as it only opened under hyd pressure when the gun was fired. Academy have moulded it open. Apart from getting the fin geometry wrong, Academy and HB both got the jug length completely wrong as these are really undersized. If you can get your hands on a a pair of the Revell-Monogram A-10 external tanks you should be pretty close Pappy
  3. I think a spray can would be a bad option as it would be too difficult as unlike a double action airbrush you cannot regualte the vloume of paint or the airflow. Also you did not mention but I would spray the inside of the canopy as the grainy effect would be less pronounced. In your case I would suggest dipping the canopy in a clear varnish that you have added food colouring to. I am not sure if you have access to Future or equivalent but ideally find the tint mixture that suits by experimenting with clear sprue. A mix of clear with a liquid yellow food colouring may work but you would need to ensure that the colouring was mixed thoroughly to avoid streaks Pappy
  4. Wow, lovely job Dave. I really enjoy seeing these old pocket money kits built with modern techniques and not a small amount of skill, I hope you find another one, cheers, Pappy
  5. G'day Christer, I think the 'gap' in the missile decals is deliberate and it is to allow the decal to start and stop on either side on the missile's external conduit (where it would dissappear) as the line does not extend over the top of it. Also, I think you have the yellow band in the wrong spot as the yellow indicates the presence of HE (in this case the warhead) which would be forward of the fins. Brown indicates Low Explosive and in this case corresponds with the missile rocket motor which is correct, cheers, Pappy
  6. G'day people, Thanks to Tricky Rich, I have an AGM-88 missile launcher so I have been able to complete my stores, cheers, Pappy
  7. Thanks very much Rich, PMsent G'day people, Still plodding along. I managed to get the undercarriage painted today Mick E also kindly sent me his resin exhaust as it was incorrect for his kit. I have made a start on that as well' cheers, Pappy
  8. Great work Freddy, the Has cat has a reputation foe being a very challenging build and yours turned out superbly! Nice line-up as well
  9. G'day people, RAAF pigs did not use cluster bombs as the Australian govt signed the non-proliferation treaty on anti-personnel mines which includes cluster bombs. Prior to signing the UN trea the locally developed 'Karinga' was trialled but this was not procured. The AGM-130 was also never used by the RAAF although the unpowered TV guided GBU-15 was trialled. The F-111Cs (and RAAF P-3s) also had the maritime strike role for which the AGM-84 Harpoon was employed. There video footage of SEA camo pigs doing this at a RIMPAC ex on you tube if you want to search for it, so that is another load option and the contrast of the white missile looks interesting against the black and camo jet if you choose that option. Ron, The data link pod did not need to be installed in order to carry the AGM-142 as another jet could be used to act as the guidance data link jet but this was not typical. The 'shooter- would typically also have the data link pod. If two AGM-142s were loaded (STN 3/6) then the DL pod would be o STN 5 and a 'ballast' (inert) MK.82 would be carried on STN 4. The 142s were cleared post AUP so only the grey era Pigs carried them. When the RAAF acquired the ex-USAF F-111Gs, these were limited to carrying only unguided munitions cheers, Pappy
  10. You are most welcome RAAF pigs didn't use stab locks generally unless undergoing deep maintenance, in which case the stabs and wings were usually removed anyway. USAF practices may have been different, cheers, Pappy
  11. G'day Brian, No dramas. The wing pylons were all painted FS34079 and the BRU's were black. RAAF Mk.80 series bombs in this era were transitioning from mech fuzing to elec fuzing about the same time as the PT system was being introduced. If you are adding a PT pod, elec fuzing would be more typical, so the bombs should not have the mall arming propellers on their noses, just a conical nose plug. Ditto for inerts as these obviously would not need a fuse. Although originally supplied in OD, most PT pods were repainted black to match the jet underside although either colour would be correct. As the jets were repainted overall gunship grey the PT pods also underwent a re-paint to grey, cheers, Pappy
  12. Sow's ear to silk purse, wonderful job! There are a few hundred pics including heaps of the speed brake wells in the reference pics here on BM BTW, cheers, Pappy
  13. G'day people, Sadly this one didn't get to the finish line in time. In my defence I have been out of the country for the last two months and have finally cleared quarantine with a clean bill of health,but still too late. The last thing I had to do was to replicate the two small bumps at the wing root on the upper fusleage https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/e66/Opsiras/DSCN8055.JPG The jet is now ready for painting. Also, I am looking for an Aero-5B pylon adapter (the adapter that fits directly underneath the aircraft pylon) that the AGM-88 is directly attached to. If anyone has a spare Tamiya adapter (Part E8) I can give it a good home. I do have a 1/48 Tamiya F-16 kit but unfortunately it is the 'aggressor' boxing so does not include the AGM-88 and launcher. PM me directly if you can help, cheers, Pappy
  14. Wow Werner, what am ambitious project, should an interesting watch. I noticed that you have two different sets of resin wheels, is intentional? following along, Pappy
  15. G'day Brian, Nice job. RAAF pigs (as they were known down under - never Aardvarks) had their seat cushions fitted with black sheepskin seat covers. Yours are painted green which is incorrect. Also. the stabs should be drooped (12 degrees TE down) when the jet is unpowered. This was a pilot shut-down checklist item. If the droop did not occur soon after shut down, the pilot would wiggle the stick which was usally sufficient, cheers, Pappy
  16. Nice, good to see the focus being on maintenance for a change, don't forget the earth lead! Pappy
  17. These are the resin PW-1 Goobers included as part of the Verlinden cockpit set as Mr Guru has said. The PW-1 differs externally from PW-2 in that the PW 1(fixed) rear fins do not have the fin extensions which are retracted inside the tail aerofoil assembly and extend via lanyard after release. This means their appearance looks different as the PW1 fins look larger and lack the squared off upper section in comparison to the PW-2. Also PW-1 fins are cruciform as the PW-2 and up had the fins off-set when viewed from the rear Unsure when PW-1 was replaced by PW-2 in USAF service, although I am sure guru would know. The PW-1 would be ideal for a 'nam F-4E/ Pave Knife combo however, cheers, Pappy
  18. Good catch Matt! I have duly highlighted and added a correction note in my copy of the instructions, Thanks very much, Pappy
  19. You could always start to add pictures of your dinner, that should be good for a page or two (please don't) Pappy
  20. Good pickup CP, I would not have thought it permissible to load mixed bomb types on a single station/launcher, cheers, Pappy
  21. Zuni's were indeed part of the USN arsenal. Tragically, it was stray voltage that fired a Zuni rocket from a parked F-4B on that carrier that caused the USS Forrestall fire. I would not have thought of Zuni's as A/A ordnance unless you were trying to shoot down a swarm of massed bombers. It was deffo A/G ordnance but very effective against stationary ground targets and 'softskins', I have not looked for pics of VF-111 carrying them but plenty of Marine F-4s would have used them Pappy
  22. They CBUs look like MK-20 Rockeyes in the pic above. Also, in regards to the aftermarket MERs, I seem to recall other builds where these were used only for the builder to discover that they were a little undersized, is this the case? It seems the problem arose when the kit MK.82s were offered up to the rack, perhaps you need to use the same brand of Mk.82s for everything to play nicely? cheers, Pappy
  23. G'day Tim, This is a great reference build by Severesky demonstrating what hard work and great modelling skills can produce, you may find it inspiring (or intimidating!) cheers, Pappy
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