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  1. Still hard to see, but at least they are true in color etc. I'm clearly not much of a photographer. Enjoy Pat
  2. It is a cool scheme-wish I could get better images. Not only is the kit large, but it is really hard to "see" for the camera... When we finally get a sunny day I am going to try some outside photography and see if natural light helps. Thanks again! Pat
  3. No worries-I hope to actually get some building done this year! Used to post here often, but life interjects itself and there you have it. Got a couple on the bench that should stir the hearts over there... A meteor U.15 and a Pembroke (both 1/48): probably been done in several scales, but you never know; and, not really the point (for me anyway.) Cheers Pat
  4. Biggest headache of the project was getting all the masking off... was endless.
  5. So... not supposed to have the hyphen? Opppps, silly me. Must be my American sensibilities for aircraft acronyms.
  6. Yea... that scheme took some effort. I worked on just paint for most of 6 weeks (not 40 hour weeks, but steady after work effort.) I used Model Master enamels and needed dry time. I cleared only at the end with Model Master gloss lacquer-many many coats and then wet sanded the whole thing with 600 grit to flatten it. The masks came from AN Models-digi camo #5. I used 5 packages (!!!!) to mask this thing. Have to say those masks are FANTASTIC-highly recommended. Stayed down (even on the hard curves) with little to no bleed through. It took three days (plus, because I missed a lot...) j
  7. Amazing amount of work involved in the paint here-5 colors up top, and 4 down below and lots of clear to level everything. I put in lots of un-necessary resin... oh well. Looks great. Enjoy. Pat .
  8. Greetings all! Hoping someone can help me with some images or drawings. It is my understanding that after the Germans pulled out of Norway they left 4 Bf 108s that were eventually pressed into service. In particular I would like to see what these aircraft looked like as they were used by thier new owners. I have both the Monogram close up and Jan Forsgren's book on the type-neither have images or drawings of these aircraft as they looked post war in Norwegian service. I have also looked on line (last spring, so not real recent) and did not find anything. I know there are some Norse who vis
  9. No I used the old Monogram kit-sanded it down and scribed new panel lines etc. Great kit (still) and I had it in the stash. As good as the old Monogram (Revel) kits are, its hard to justify the cost of the Trumpeter... Pat
  10. A left over from last years theme build. Completely rescribed. Painted up with Alclad duralum and some shading. Had it all polished up, but the oil wash took most of that work off... Green is Humbrol and the whit is Testors. Used Floquile Old Silver for the canvas areas and tires. Decals are from Max Decals. Used True Details resin wheels so they look flat. Love this kit, might have to do a few more in small carrier liveries. Enjoy Pat http://i706.photobucket.com/albums/ww70/pearing08/Aer Lingus DC-3/AerLingusDC-3003_zpsdbeaaeb6.jpg http://i706.photobucket.com/albums/ww70/pearing08
  11. Thanks for looking guys. Still not sure if I am going to fix this one... I am not sure the risk is woth the reward-it will never see a contest table. I agree they are too low, but I should have lloked closer earlier. Cheers Pat
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