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  1. Although not his usual mount. It’s noteworthy that Irish RAF Ace, Brendan ‘Paddy’ Finucane flew R6623 with 452 Sqn on April 27th 1941.
  2. Hi Mike, unfortunately we can’t produce these anymore. We produced the first batches ourselves but later we sent the masters overseas to be produced by a third party. After the casts ran their course we were unable to get the masters returned to us. But to be fair at the time, I think we had expended all interest as the last few sales had slowed down and we had achieved our targets (as small as they were).
  3. Hi guys lots of assumptions going on here in absence of a reply. YES these were produced and released in 2012. They were all available on eBay and those who contacted me privately at the time could also purchase it directly from me at a reduced rate. over 150 sets were produced and all were sold within 6 months. For the person claiming they contacted me, I recieved no messages (I always reply, no matter how long it takes) Sorry for my late reply everyone but I was busy the past few days. Happy modelling Kind regard
  4. nothing in 48 for the moment guys, the kits are too obscure to find sorry! ..We already have the Gulf War filter designed, plus the IR Shrouded exhaust for the Falklands, NI, Gulf & Balkans hopefully more pictures soon..
  5. Well it looks like there will be a FOST conversion in the workshop very soon We have already started researching the subject but we would love to see any decent pictures or anything anyone might find interesting here ..Ronnieraaf, sorry mate, for the moment we are sticking to 1/72 scale
  6. Hi Guys Thanks for your feedback1 here are some test shots of one Master Cast completed pod; ..again we would love some if any feedback Thanks Roy
  7. Thanks so far guys, We are listing to you! I hope to update the thread over the next week or so with test shots, Roy
  8. Hey Guys Here are some test shots of the Master cast before reproduction begins, BTW its just one Pod not 6 in a pack These will be perfect for Gazelle, Fouga Magister, Marchetti/Aermacchi SF-260 Warrior, T-6 Texan and JF-17 Fighter to name but a few. ..would love some feedback cheers Roy
  9. Hey Guys Thanks for all the feedback so far, We have taken everything on board that has been mentioned here but most of it we already have in hand Dr. Evil, Sighting system will be in developent soon but most of the other bits mentioned here are nearing completion. Dave thanks for your PM mate Richard can you PM me a link, I'm very interested in what you might have! I'm specificall looking for any REAR shots of the large BOX like exhaust system on late Brit Gazelles! Pat, Deon cheers for your comments guys! Sniper, yeah we are working very hard to produce an accurate NI Gazelle, the
  10. Hi Guys I'm just wondering would there be any interest here on Britmodeller, in a conversion of the Extended Tail Pipe (Exhaust system) for Israeli A4 Skyhawks? The conversion is 1/72 and designed for the excellent series of Fujimi kits. Myself and a friend have produced an accurate and simple conversion and we are in the process of producing a short run series of resin casts to cover the costs of our little adventure. The photographs below show the finished product, cast with MDC Resin, Please be aware these parts pictures are glued to the fuselage WITHOUT FILLER, SANDING OR ANY CORRECTI
  11. Hi All Myself and a colleague are planning to produce the infamous SNEB 6 x 68mm Rocket Pod in 1/72 Scale. This little launcher is in use with such platforms as the Gazelle, Fouga Magister, T-6 Texan and JF-17 Fighter to name but a very very few. I'm just trying to gauge how much interest there might be? No Pics as yet sorry but the cast is nearing completion and looking good, ..I would love to hear some feedback if possible? Thanks Roy
  12. Hi Guys I was just wondering if people are still building the old Airfix (Heller) Gazelle? She still is the only game in town in 1/72 scale as far as I'm aware but what if there were affordable decent resin conversions to spice up these kits? Myself and another talented modelling colleague are embarking on a number of projects including a number of classic kit upgrades and we are just putting the final touches to some interesting sections, let me explain a little more; Firstly we are 90% complete building impressive SNEB rocket launchers as used by British Forces in the Falklands War in 19
  13. Hey Guys, I'm just starting this post in the hope there may be some interest in a project myself and a colleague are just about to complete; 30mm Gun Pods for the Aermacchi MB.339 as used primarily by the Argentine Navy during the Falklands/Malvinas war of 1982 One pod is complete with the second nearing completion, they are very well detailed and should be ready in the next few weeks. We are toying with the idea of pairing these Gun Pods with recently finished Zuni Rocket pods.. Would love to hear some of your thoughts on this subject.. Thanks in advance Roy
  14. Hey Guys I'm new to britmodeller but I'm hoping I might be able to bring something that might interest some of you.. For those of you you like the AS.365 (SA.365) Dauphin II and would like something more than the old Matchbox/Revell Dauphin II kit can offer I'm happy to tell you Myself and a colleague are just finished producing an affordable resin conversion set for the old plastic kit. The first Resin Conversion kit produced will focus primarilly on the SA.365Fi (which is an SA.365 N2). This will cover everything needed for an Irish Air Corps and Chilean Navy (ex-IAC) example, but this
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