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  1. Following Bengalensis note in his Estafette build about the driver door sliding mechanism I have added a strip to the lower edge, this just needs painting. I have also cut a strip for the side door sliding runner but I am holding off fitting this as I want the door in its open postion and need to see what, if any, issues this may have for fit.




    I have applied a clear coat of Tamiya LP-9, one whole bottle, and, being my first use of this, I think some more practice may be required. It is good enough to apply the decals to and then I just may go back to Alclad Gloss Kote.???

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  2. The excellent detailing continues. I have had a look at a few more photos of the drivers side opening and see that there is a long track to the lower edge, then I found that the door inner has four rollers fitted and I asume there is a track along the upper inner opening too. Also I have seen a C shaped mirror arm on the driver's side on some vans, not sure if this is model/year specific. I hope you don't mind me adding the photo?



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  3. I hadn't spotted the driver's sliding door fitment differences. I may need to do some trimming once I look at which parts I've painted. More haste less speed for me!

    Your corrcetion appears unnoticable and a very wise idea to only use a spot of glue. Another thing I have learnt from your build.

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  4. Thanks Marco, it's another excellent kit from Heller, full of Gallic build charm.


    19 hours ago, Bengalensis said:

    Nice to see another Estafette! It's a good bonus Heller included the top rear door for the high roof.

    Thanks. I did produce my own rear door to go with the high roof but decided to go with the Heller kit item on this build.

    Hopefully I can get a clear coat on today.

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  5. Here's my WIP for the 1/24 Heller Renault Estafette. As you may notice it's more or less together and painted as I'm juggling several projects and time is precious and so I post when I have a spare minute. After a slightly heavy handed coat of rattle can lacquer [note to self don't used that again] I rubbed it down then went through the colour coat in a couple of places and so today it has been resprayed, a mix of Gravity Olde English White and Tamiya LP Flat Earth. I'm also convertimg it to a high roof using an aftermarket resin product from... oh I'm not allowed to say! This along with the wheels and bumpers have been sprayed Halford's Italian Racing Red, about the fastest thing on a 45PS powered van 😃. However, the real thing has white bumpers but they looked a bit anaemic and so I've used artistic licence.


    This will be finished in another alcohol themed livery to add to my collection. I'm not sure how quickly this will progress from here as it's back onto something else this afternoon.





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  6. I am building one of these too, a high roof version, but a different livery. The H Van gave me the first lesson in masking and painting Heller moulded-in windows. I have yet to peel the maks off mine, here's hoping using Frog Tape has paid off. I agree with you regarding the confusion in the instructions regarding the early v late versions, but nothing looking at the Internet of Truth won't solve. I decided to do some resin tyres too as I'm not a fan of the plasticky/rubber variety.


    Best of luck with the remainder of your painting, I can't wait for the results.



  7. On 5/12/2022 at 11:27 PM, von Race said:

    Great news for us, bad news for our budgets.  Thanks for the info Marco.

    Now knowing there is a Rover on the way, I can finally lay my ill-conceived, forever project to rest.

    I'd keep that handy if I were you, you never know if/when certain parts may come in handy 😉

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  8. UPDATE Don't you just love Facebook 🤔 Following some feedback and further research it has come to light that the scheme I have done above is as the car appears in the Heritage collection. The car on the event had slightly different and addtional sponsor decals. Well now I've corrected that and done a further four iterations. Beginning with the car as it appeared on the start line, two verions with additional decals applied at different stages en-route and the car for the post race photo shoot when 'FINLAND' appeared across the bonnet.








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  9. 1 hour ago, cmatthewbacon said:

    @mbdesignart It's not Safety Devices. Their sponsor stickers look like this:



    Thanks, I'd already discounted that one. If anyone does come up with the definitive logo they will have to get their tipex and crayons out 🙂

  10. Thanks for the replies. No image I have come across, including many of the above, has had enough clarity to make out the text. I agree with most about the best guesses. A search for historic logos for Safetey Devices, along with other motorsport related companies, came up with nothing either. The best image prize goes to Dave, I'm hoping I can catch the printer before the presses roll.

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  11. Thanks for the replies. I decided on Vallejo Model Air Light Sea Blue. Heller kit to be finished as the East African Safari Rally car #15, only the wheels should be the 6 spoke with off road tyres but I like the look of the chrome and orange Gotti's. I can always convince myself it fell off the boat fitted with those.

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