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  1. Are you saying the roundal doesn't match or the size of the "T" or something else? The roundal would be because of the type of film used making it look odd. At first glance the mask set seems ok?
  2. Although this position may be correct for some Lancasters, but agree it won't be correct for your one. If I were building an early S-Sugar, before the H2S and other antennas were added, it seems the trailing antenna was fixed there.
  3. Awesome! Will watch with interest. The work you'll do here will be a great reference for others brave enough to follow.. I think Im going to tackle a nose section first and see how I get on.
  4. Wow.. that's a great result. Thanks for posting the video.
  5. Yeah that looks great. Really well done. They weren't messing around with the size of the underwing stars and bars!
  6. Interesting choice of wording in the article... "The skeletal remains of an American fighter plane ... officials say the resting place of the Lockheed P-38" given it was on a training flight and the pilot walked away afterward. Yes, it's certainly not going to last like castle or an abbey, and to preserve it would have to be recovered.
  7. Thanks for the link fubar57. I'm not sure how black/solid the decal will come out, but I'll give it try and see how it looks.
  8. Hi, Im looking at KW172009 - 303rd Bomb Group nose art to do an aircraft similar to 42-5360 which has a distinctive curved 'C' on the tail included in this set. In your experience, would this kit-world set only come with the one decal sheet, and no provisions for wing markings on an additional sheet, as historically the aircraft also had a larger 'C' on the wing. I'd also have to paint the white triangle or get another decal kitsworld sheet that has white triangles (again only 2 for the tail) Looking around there is KW172118 which does seem to pr
  9. Thanks for the review, it was hard to find information on the extra decal sheet. I found a B-17 that has the same lady decal as the kits-world #7, but she's on the other side of the fuselage, so unfortunately faces the other way.. I thought I was in luck that it was a pin up that seemed popular at the time. I did a search on the airfix site and it couldn't even find the kit, but I found it via a google search, but still found the airfix site lacking information.
  10. Are you sure the kangaroo markings are of the same aircraft? I can't see them in the images of the aircraft in the field, and would expect your second photo with the guy standing next to the nose would have featured the nose art if it was present. It would typically be under the cockpit or just behind the nose turret. Thanks for posting the images, they are very interesting.
  11. That is quite funny... also flattening the tyres. Thanks for the link.
  12. hovering

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Thanks Ian, its looking good! There is also this: http://www.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/kits/hkmodelsancasterpreviewjh_1.htm and also made Ian link clickable http://www.themodellingnews.com/2018/06/partial-test-shot-build-hong-kong.html
  13. Pretty much Actually, is it possible to use the photo technology/techniques of the day to take photos of the BBMF Lancaster and see how it looks?
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