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  1. Today me and my wife will start the journey to build a house.

    This is awesome, and scary!

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    2. Christer A

      Christer A

      I guess I'm not allowed to even swing a hammer on it...

      It'll be a wooden house, 135m² internal areas. Current guess is it will be ready before Christmas.


    3. rob85


      This is great news! Good luck!

    4. Christer A

      Christer A

      Thanks! It's all kinds of awesome really.

      The best thing is that it includes a permanent modelling den, some 2,3square meters big :)

  2. During the weekend it our local club had it's annual competion (Art In Miniature, in Gothenburg).

    Tremendous fun, and I had my first stint as a judge, which also was a lot of fun, and a very learning and humbling experience.

    I also told myself that I should just buy paint. Well...


  3. 34910235980_49bbdc9310_o.jpg

    Lets see if I can finish this summer project before august 5!


    1. TonyTiger66


      It's looking good Christer :).

      What colour scheme are you going to go for?



    2. Christer A

      Christer A

      Thanks Tony.

      It will be the standard dark green/dark sea gray/light blue, used for the majority of J35F-2.

      The markings will be of one of the demonstrators  used in the 80:s, but not the red-finned Johan 66, but the earlier Johan 57, which only had 1:sqn ghosts beneath the wings. I have an excellent picture of that aircraft going vertical in a loop, and I want to replicate that shot!

      So that means rod up the exhaust, no weapons or pylons, no landing gears. Just the pure aircraft shape and LOTS of weathering! Draken got very dirty!


      Also, I did see aircraft and the 4-ship group (also with ghosts) at the airshow in 1985, which had a enormous impact on me. I was 10 at the time, but there and then I decided that I should become aircraft mechanic, and that I needed to go to engineering school. 12 years later I had finished engineering school with a B.Sc and did my military conscription in the air force. For almost 1 year i serviced and maintained Viggen and Gripen, but never Draken. They visited once, but I never got to do anything with them.


      Since I was a finished engineer at that time, I did not pursue a military career since the pay is far from what I could earn in my field of expertise - CAD which is something that I've done to this day, and will continue to do so,

  4. 3 days of model making in the company of similar guys. Awesome!
    Some thing got done too


    1. TonyTiger66


      Nice SAAB! The Jak is looking good :)

      Best regards


  5. Just returned after todays club gathering. We had our annual event "Speedbuild" and it was as usual very fun and hectic! Pictures might follow.


  6. How did that happen? A brand new Tamiya 1/48 Tomcat was offered to me for almost half the price, and then another gentleman offered Sundowners decals for free!

    Must be my lucky Day!

  7. My Precious!


    1. rob85


      Oooooooo nice!

    2. Christer A

      Christer A

      Indeed it is! The cockpit recieves a shedload of etch and it has the potential to look better than my Aires resin cockpit that's being used in a desert Tiffy (sadly stalled right now but one day it will come back to the bench, I promise!)

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