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  1. And that will is the one I have in mind lol. Agree with the comment about the decal sheets......very dangerous indeed. Sooooo many options and interesting ideas
  2. Father Christmas dropped this under the tree courtesy of my son. No hints at all, no sireee. Very impressed with the set I am looking forward to getting stuck into it in the New Year. One of those 'odd' types that caught my imagination many moons ago when I read about it as a child. Looking forward to producing one now.....
  3. Not my find but shared from a link on Facebook in the Type 42 Association page. http://kresta-ii.ucoz.ru/photo/51-0-2509?fbclid=IwAR36YIQjXVQ-GFh25w5v2rFA2_yj9W3cL3qd0_ddmupZ7HLtTV4Cz96kBvY Usual caveats apply here, its not HTTPS and its a Russian website. I would strongly suggest not visiting or downloading anything unless you are certain of your Anti Malware. I have had a scan through the photos. They would appear to be late 70's to early 80's. there are mix of Soviet and NATO surface ships, aircraft and some missiles in there. They may have been the potential enemy then but it is interesting to see the photos give a human face. Change the uniforms and vessels and its not entirely unlike my photo albums from the time in the mob (the correct side of the Iron Curtain I should point out, the forces of light and good ).
  4. Father Christmas ha been good to me and this set appeared under the tree this morning. First impressions are as good as the review. Looking forward to building it!
  5. Well the litany of disasters has taken a final turn. Compressor has given up the ghost so hairy stick to standby. Work have now informed my I am going to be required away from home next week. I will not be meeting the closing date for this one.
  6. Now this would have been useful a few months back for my daughters school project. I may still have to purchase it though.........................
  7. No worries. The flags look to be the standard from the 1931 International Code of Signals. I suspect the USN will have had differing flag meanings for their own signalling purposes, rather like the RN. The dressing lines are unlikely to say anything. Rather like the modern RN dressing lines which are laid out for uniformity of all ships who are dressed (Flag, pennant,Flag etc with specific flags at the start and end of the line). Submariners being submariners and the fact that the lines would be used for multiple launches ( I assume) means they would be repaired with whatever was available in wartime. I have a request in for any information on US dressing lines and military flags with an old colleague of mine. If he comes up with anything in time I will pass it on.
  8. Your photos have sparked my interest to look into the dressing lines that are hoisted. If you want a list of what the flags are in modern equivalent let me know and I will set about getting the sequence listed. Base is looking very good by the way.
  9. The sacrifice has been made. You may now continue in safety knowing that the CM has been appeased. or has it..............................................
  10. Not quite over my house admittedly but on a day trip to London today with the family; Pave Hawk ? Seen transiting down the Thames E to W along the southbank at 1130. Photo taken on the outside phase of the Globe Theatre tour. Apologies to the tour guide but this was more interesting to me than the building. The really annoying thing was I had my 200mm Zoom in the bag but as the camera was set up for photos for the daughters interest in all things Shakespeare the quality is not good. Steve
  11. Well there you go! 4 years at Whale Island and on many a bimble from my office to the MT section I looked at those remains whist day dreaming and was none the wiser. Every day is a school day.
  12. Saucer of milk with that post sir? Meeeeoooow
  13. If you had a Navy that had unlimited funding and was constructed around multiple scenarios which include opposed beach landings then yes bring back the BB's. They would operate as part of a wider task force and associated escort group. This would include organic AAW and MCMV elements Nothing says 'knock, knock' at zero o'clock sparrows fart to a soon to be fully occupied defensive force than a continuous bombardment of 16 inch HE bricks whistling in. Suppressive fire par excellence. However the reality we live in of financial constraints and short term strategic thinking mean that the sight of a BB joining a task force are very, very unlikely.
  14. Fond memories of the SK of all marks: In service before I joined, retiring 11 years after I left. Good going! All marks - Vertrep for mail always welcome :-). Junglie - rapid roping training before Gulf deployment when boarding party, what a rush! The Lynx seemed to wobble more as I went for the rope. No comment on the pilots skills for the Lynx just the fact the SK could absorb a knacker like me exiting rapidly and not have its CoG thrown out completely. A Junglie took me on the first part of my journey home when I was taken off for compassionate reasons off the North of Scotland. SKW - Always a nice feeling knowing we had our organic 'Magic' on task when out on AAW picket on a 42. ASW - Sharing the love with our submerged brethren at a suitable distance from the convoy or HVU SAR bird - Somewhere out in the Western approaches in foul weather that was almost within limits (almost being close enough in this case) doing a HIFR with a RN rescue bird on its way to a Yacht in distress. Trying to top it off so it stood a chance of getting home again. Respect! Hopefully when the Merlin comes to retire there will be some sad old Matelot sad to see its passing in the same manner.
  15. The bar has been set. I can see it above my current position by some distance :-) As you sweep majestically from the building think kindly of those left behind trapped with their own personal hell!
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