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  1. Hi Ian Many thanks for the picture. looks to be a very heavy sea when that was taken!! Regards Robin
  2. Thanks Jamie and Ian, photos at the sinking certainly show white/ very light grey in the quarterdeck area but the bow area is not clear enough to tell what the colour is. I would guess the deck head (ceiling ) was white and other surfaces medium grey 507b regards Robin P.S thanks for the picture offer Ian I may well want some details confirming, but this will be a long build.
  3. Hi IG I am doing the merit kit with the Tetra set and white ensign set, doing the sinking scene, along with HMS Legion converted from Atlantic models HMS Laforey. Got quite a few pictures externally but none internal. Regards Robin
  4. Hi Iang Thanks for the information and picture, do you know of more pictures like That?. Regards Robin
  5. Hi Mike thanks for your reply, oops should of said which one . Its the WW2 Ark Royal I am about to start, but thanks for your input you are right about the white, an off white / very light grey will work better than bright white. Regards Robin
  6. Hi All Does anyone know the colour of the internal area bulkheads etc of the bow cable deck is? The stern area is clearly white from pictures, but pictures of the bow area appear to be dark, any help would be appreciated Regards Robin Carpenter P.S. Its the WW2 Ark royal
  7. Hi All Many thanks to you all for the replies, I am sorted now. A merry christmas to all Regards Robin Carpenter
  8. Hi All Its a shot in the dark but I need to get access to some airliner engines preferably low slung wing engines airbus or boeing, I am writing a book on airbrushing model aircraft for a publisher, in the past I worked on painting real aircraft for 22 years and taken many pictures but none of the exhaust areas in particular. With modern security issues I know this is going to be a problem. The pictures have got to be of a certain size and composure, i can use other peoples pictures but they will have to sign a copyright document and will be credited with the pictures in the book. I can travel to most places in the uk if anyone can help. The book needs to be handed in in January so time is short so here is hoping someone can help, Thanks for your time Regards Robin Carpenter
  9. Hi we are looking into this but waiting for the kit parts for measurements, the main rotor fold and blade holder will be similar to our 48th scale version, we are also looking at these parts also, one piece exhausts, top rotor head plate, external long range fuel tank, and weapons, we have also done some of this for the 48th scale wessex but not ready for release yet, regards robin
  10. Hi scalewarship are doing the rotor fold and various other parts Regards robin
  11. Hi Warren I am surprised at the Airbrush company response, I have worked with them for over 9 years (I teach airbrushing for beginners there) they are normally on the ball with customers have you tried phoning them to see what has happened to your order ? are you trying to order the new Lifecolour paint sets for the corvette ? you can order them from the scalewarship site http://www.scalewarship.com if you still have trouble with Airbrush company Regards Robin
  12. I too would like to know how the sea was completed, excellent builds by the way. regards robin
  13. for those who don't know chippy is my brother
  14. Hi Navy870 a few items will be available from this coming week end as long as we can get the instructions done in time, Regards robin
  15. Thanks Martin Mary Rose is advancing slowly, like roadworks ! Regards Robin
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