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  1. nickandrews7

    The Bolton Show 2019

    It was very good. Great venue, good selection of traders and exhibitors. Thumbs up from me ,:)
  2. Nice looking old girl
  3. nickandrews7

    Airfix 1/72 Lightning F.2A

    Very nice Lightning, excellent finish
  4. nickandrews7

    C Scale - have they been and gone?

    Funnily enough there was a c scale t17 conversion on eBay only last week. Went for a ridiculous price as I recall.
  5. nickandrews7

    Matchbox Hawker Hunter T.7

    And I've just bought the Blue Diamonds version of this one off of ebay..
  6. nickandrews7

    1/72 Hasegawa Lightning F6 - 74Sqn

    Not coming along too badly, considering it was once consigned to the shelf of doom!
  7. nickandrews7

    1/72 Hasegawa Lightning F6 - 74Sqn

    So I've dragged this one off the shelf of doom - can't believe it's been over a year since I started it. Obviously my previous posts have been a victim of the photobucket scam, but will see if I can resurrect them. After the disaster with the metalcote, and a few other issues, I've decided to raid the parts bin and build for fun - so will see what happens next! Deliberately posed the F-100 behind as this is more recent WIP, with the NMF airbrushed on - which looks a whole lot better i think..
  8. nickandrews7

    revell Voodoo 1/72

    I'll second that - for a starter what do you use to adhere the foil? I tried Revell Contacta Professional, but it just bubbles up and leaves an awful finish, so how are you doing it and getting such a great finish :)?
  9. nickandrews7

    Grabbed before they're gone! EE Lightning F.6

    Very interesting - I also have this kit and some AK479 so your trials have been very informative
  10. nickandrews7

    revell Voodoo 1/72

    It does look fantastic. How long did the foil take?
  11. nickandrews7

    1/72 Hasegawa Lightning F6 - 74Sqn

    So things took a turn for the worst once I tried the NMF! Despite valiant efforts I could not get the Humbrol Metalcote to buff up, either when sprayed or brush painted, therefore I went back trusty old Humbrol 11 brush painted. I know this is not going to be a great looking model, but I decided to persevere rather than junk it
  12. nickandrews7

    1/72 Hasegawa Lightning F6 - 74Sqn

    So progress has definitely been slower than I would like on this as I've battled away to try and get a smooth(ish) primer coat prior to attempting the NMF... Removing gun blisters and filling cannon ports filling and sanding the cockpit headrest Wings on and joins filled Topside and Undersides Any tips on surface prep prior to applying he NMF much appreciated
  13. nickandrews7

    EE T Mk 4 Lightning

    Looks superb as others said, and some great tips. Thanks