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  1. thanks @TheyJammedKenny! will incorporate these lessons learned on future '135 builds.
  2. Love it, really unusual subject that you've recreated brilliantly
  3. not at all @TheyJammedKenny! please be my guest
  4. Yes, good point on the wings, I used some steel rod to strengthen and try to prevent excessive wing droop especially on the outer edges. Probably not perfect, but the engines are just about clear of the ground
  5. Thanks Hook! This is an F2, which is the joy of the ancient c scale conversion, in that with a bit of butchery to the Airfix GR1 you can make a reasonably representative version of the old 'blue circle' ADV
  6. Yes, I like the baby shamu scheme though it didnt have a specially long life, late 80's to early 90,s only. My model is an attempt to depict 58-0100 from around 1991, but unfortunately the decals I had were not an exact match, so a bit of artistic license there!
  7. Thanks Richard, and yes you've got me thinking about the nose now, almost looks RC135 like on the kit as is!
  8. Had this one in build for quite some time now, nearly complete, but a few details like the cargo door and boom end, plus aerials and stuff to finish her off...
  9. My recently completed Hunter T7, made from the old Matchbox kit and some codged together decals to represent XL613 of 237OCU in 1988
  10. it is possible, but not for the faint hearted
  11. I like those a lot, great collection
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