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  1. I haven't done much at the work bench since April, "real" work and 1/1 scale car projects preventing, but by then a few models had actually been finished. The first completed was this Heller 1/43 Renault 30 TS -76, part of the Heller Classic GB. WIP - RFI However, my main entry for the Heller Classic GB was actually this 1/8 Citroën 15 Six. A daunting task to enter such a large kit in a four month GB perhaps, but it got completed in time, finished as a 1950 model. WIP - RFI Then followed Italeri's 1/12 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, finished as Tazio Nuvolari's winning car of the 1932 Monaco Gran Prix. The wire wheels are from Fernando Pinto, FPPM, and I added some of my own details and modifications. WIP- RFI Something a little easier after those two then. In a week's time this Arii (originally an old LS mould) 1/32 Hino Contessa 1300 Coupé -66 was finished with only minor added work. WIP- RFI The old classic Airfix 1/32 Renault Dauphine required quite a bit more work to raise the standard a bit. It was finished as the well known artwork by Roy Cross, a red 1960 Acton built RHD car. WIP- RFI Last completed this year is the 1/24 Mercedes W154, finished as Dick Seaman's 1938 German GP winning car. The base kit is 1/24 resin from FPPM, Fernando Pinto. The twin compressor setup is my own 3D-part to make the engine more correct for this time frame. WIP-RFI That wraps up my finished models of 2021. I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!
  2. What a joy! She's looking fantastic coming together! Very impressive work!
  3. Another resin challange, good to see! The late 80s to early 90s saw many lovely looking F1 designs, and some of the very best of course carry the name of Adrian Newey.
  4. Nice to see work continued on this one! Looking fine as always. I don't know UK sources, but what I have done on several occasions is to spray a piece of clear film in the colour I need, mostly using thin laquer or acrylic. It has worked very well even over quite complex surfaces. Might be worth a try?
  5. Very sad news indeed. I understod Codger was fighting a bit of health issues, but not like this. I came to know him through this forum as a very nice gentleman and a very skilled modeller, and not least someone who would always speak if he a good tip to give to improve something in a build. Always in positive spirit. He will be missed around here. R.I.P Chas, and good motoring where you are now.
  6. Fantastic work and a very interesting version of the 917. Very well done!
  7. A great save of the old bashed up kit, really nice progress. And a well worthy investment in the resin tyres. Good work!
  8. Alpine A210, 1296 cc, driven by Cella and Grandsire, 3 rd placed "index of performance". A210 made in 1/24 by Heller long ago, and Le Mans Miniatures more recently.
  9. Thanks a lot! It's virtually impossible to catch everything interesting...
  10. Many thanks! If the thread gives you inspiration, it makes it very worthwhile having made it.
  11. Thanks a lot everyone, you're comments and most kind and much appreciated. As I'm afraid you have already noticed I have to admit defeat to the GB expiration date... it's too bad, I don't like it, but that's how it is. What's happened is what usually happens over here when spring and summer approaches, just a little bit more of everything... We live at an old place out in the countryside, and this time of the year our land and houses need attention, and with some extra land recently bought that meant more work than usual this year. Then the 1/1 scale cars need to come out of their winter sleep, and one of the ongoing restoration projects is now being worked hard on to make its final trip to the body paint shop before summer is over. On top of that two major work (paid work) projects surfaced in May that must be finished before fall, and that effectively seized the vary last modelling time for a while. If I live long enough, I may learn a more sensible approach, some day... As winter comes work on T14 is planned to resume, and I will ask for the thread to be moved to the maritime section of the forum. Thanks for all support so far.
  12. I just stumbled on these very sad news, I'm very sorry to hear this. I never had the fortune to meet Nigel in person, but besides following each other's builds on this forum a couple years ago, we also exchanged many interesting PMs about various aspects of life beside modelling, and he was always a very nice person to chat with. And he was a very skilled modeller too. Not to mention his cooking, that slipped through quite often in his postings early on, and was very enjoyable. RIP Nigel, you will be remembered.
  13. Amazing work, the painting mind blowing. Fantastic!
  14. Most impressive work on this beautiful racer, I have difficulties grasping how small it actually is. Very nice.
  15. It looks very crisp and detailed, nice work. But is the tractor itself still in more sub-assemblies or do you actually paint it in one piece like this?
  16. Some rewarding assembly work has been done today. First propellers and rudder to finish the bottom of the hull. The boat could now be permanently fitted to the display stand to make continued work hopefully a little easier and safer. For a short moment I felt close to the finish, then I looked at all resin parts not yet touched and realised it's still a long way to go... I managed to squeeze in the parts on the bridge, but it's most likely far from correct. Not much will be seen though, apart from that it's busy in there, so it's OK. With 2000 hp behind your back in a light weight wooden boat this is the place to be! The lower deck housings and hatches fitted. I don't think all hatches were hinged like this, but I have no exact references and this will allow some of the detail below to be seen fairly well, if looking very close. The assembled deck housing has taken its place. There are three mast towers, or what they should be called, on the boat. A three legged at the bow, a four legged main one on top of the bridge and a smaller four legged one further aft. There's a good deal of thin cast resin rods in the kit for this purpose, but I prefer to scratch build most of this. There's minimal rigging to be fitted so I'm trying to get away with Evergreen rods. Here's the bow tower made from 0,5 mm rods. The aft tower is more complicated and this is just the start. Surprisingly there is nothing at all mentioned in the kit instructions or parts of this tower, but there are moulded in location marks on the deck. This tower will also carry the two life rings, they were not hung on the bridge wings as the instructions suggest.
  17. Thank you very much! It was some nervous moments...
  18. I found me some time this morning to mask for the white stripes. I did not look forward to masking across the planking, but it had to be done. I started with 3 mm wide tape with rather low tack, that was reduced some more by a couple of attachments on my glass board for tape cutting, the worked from that with plastic film and more tape. The white was then airbrushed with many light layers of Tamiya paint, and very carefully unmasked. The planking survived, much to my relief... Here we are later in the day, after work, applying the T14 decals, work, spraying an overall coat of semi flat varnish, work, completely unmasking, work, making port hole glass from Kristal Klear, and work. The build can move into a new phase - at last.
  19. Looking very nice. Decals can be a challenge, but Tameo's are usually of high quality so I'm sure you will get to grips with them soon.
  20. The grey strips are now applied around the deck hatches, and then another coat of gloss varnish sprayed. I'm leaving this to cure over night before attempting the white stripes across. Parts for the bridge interior. This is typical for the kit; many very small fragile parts to free from casting blocks and/or wafer and clean up. Ready for painting. Some parts feels closer to 1/43 scale rather than 1/72, and there is no way to make them fit the way the instructions say, there is just not enough room for everything. I sense some sort of compromise ahead once again...
  21. Thanks a lot Jeroen, glad to hear you approve of the decal. Ah, you noticed the profile pic. I´ll let this guy represent for a while, he's one of my favourites. Thanks a lot Adrian, good to hear you like it, a decal felt like the only way to get around the problem.
  22. That's a proper hand working a white metal kit for a few hours. Way to go!
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