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  1. I have been looking forward to this stage of build! Nice! This will be interesting to follow.
  2. As Stuart says; they do look fantastic! Very nice work to bring them to this state from such humble origins.
  3. It wasn't quite ready for spraying; I had two minor details I almost forgot. Being the modern car it is it's filled with some gimmicks, some slightly visible. First the reverse radar sensors or whatever they are called. It's the first car I've had such things on. OK, the rearward view is limited, so they have some value on a daily driver. I fitted some small photo etched dots I had laying around. Then there are the washer nozzles for those high tech headlights. They actually started life as photo etched brass 1/43 F1 brake pedals. Cut down and filed slightly to shape they at last found a purpose after 25 years or so in the PE spare box. Then I could spray some primer. Building all those odd resin kits I do I sometimes forget how straight forward it is with a good modern Tamiya OOB kit. No further surprises to deal with at all. I threw in a test piece to try building up that red paint on before I make a serious move. All the other parts have also formed the usual mess of pinned parts on foam blocks, and the day has seen the first major spraying session.
  4. Good to see this old classic tackled again! There is some lovely work going here, it's looking very promising.
  5. Good panel work! But I agree about the colour.
  6. One of the best in my world:
  7. Very well done! It will be great with a tank on it. Looking forward to see that taking form.
  8. Superb work and very convincing! The real car could absolutely have looked like this. Very well done!
  9. There is no inner structure in the door interiors, just an open hole into the empty bodyshell. Again not much will be seen, but I made some pieces to be painted and create a structure closer to the real thing. All the chassis and suspension parts have been cleaned up and I put together a front and a rear sub assembly before painting. The main chassis part is acting as a jig while the glue dries. These parts are now also ready for paint. I drilled out the two end pipes as much as possible. There is a mould technical compromise where the two end pipes comes out of the rear muffler, which I removed and rebuilt with 2-part filler. It's now time to start pinning up parts for painting and spraying some primer on the body parts that will be red.
  10. You're absolutely right Fred, I'm mixing up the names of the Alfa builders I'm in contact with at the moment, I'm very sorry. It's amazing what a file a 3D wire locking bolts can do That's another lovely photo, the commercial boards alone are worth an extra look, so good looking.
  11. Excellent progress Bernard! It's looking very promising. Edit: Sorry, Fred it is. I hope Bernard is also making good progress with his build
  12. Thanks a lot Keith! I just hope the build will be as good as the popcorn Many thanks Trevor! I hope I will get away with only the kit parts and a little work on this one, but time will tell. I always try, when remotly possible, to build scale models of my own, my father's or possibly some friends cars. Thank you very much Jeroen! Black BBS are never wrong in my world, so as they where available it was an easy decision. I must admit that I'm lucky in some respects of life and I do get away with a whole lot in the way of 1/1 cars, not only as mrs is a lovely person, but also shares my passion to a large degree. But I wonder what she would say if I came home and told her; "I just had to get this AE500 Magnum, I always wanted one and it's in such good condition..." Well I've got the kits so we'll see... Not that much progress on the build to report I'm afreid. I've cleaned up some suspension parts, but nothing worth a picture so far. The real thing made it's debute in snow and slippery roads yesterday, we had a flawless and enjoyable 160 km drive in the misery.
  13. That's very nice and the colour suits it very well, here on the finished model it really falls into place.
  14. Indeed, only having to deal with the wide arches would be great.
  15. Thanks a lot! Yes I've noted that Tamiya spray, it just beats me how it should create the right finish from just that single can given how the real finish is made. I haven't seen it used in real life though, only on builds on the web, not quite convincing me. Also I'm not sure what year Mazda changed from "Soul Red" to "Soul Red Crystal" (they do look different), if it was before or after the first ND was introdused. But we'll see, I'll have to do some spray testing before it's time for the bodyshell. The real thing is very different from traditional metallics with almost no "flake effect" to be seen. I may be in for problems, but it will be an interesting excursion. I hope... Ah, you've got that orange edition; sweet you need to start building the model Then you should have the same 184 hp 2 litre as I have, it's got more of a torque peek and rev-happiness than the first 160 hp 2 litre from 2015-19 had, although it's still supricingly forgiving at low revs. I haven't compared with the 1,5 litre though. But again, just as yours this is the daily 365 day entertainer, and so far a very impressive compromise. For open top summer time bashing of windling roads the -90 NA and -98 NB 1,8 are more than happy to serve . But I'm looking forward to next summer and testing the new ND on some of my well known local curvy special stages roads for a comparison. I think Tamiya just made slightly small rims in this kit, as the ordinary 16" 8-spokes from the first convertible edition of the kit measures out to under 15,5". We'll see what happens, but so far I don't think it will be a problem. Thank you very much! I hope I can make it justice and reach the expectations with my work
  16. Interesting conversion and very nice work!
  17. Any chance we will see this front end? Hoping a build of the first Supervan is getting a little closer... https://www.truckanddriver.co.uk/latest-stories/the-original-transit-supervan/
  18. Thanks a lot. I've had this one given the full Dinitrol rust protection program as an extra care, with yearly touch up inspections to come, so with a bit of extra washing and general care I hope it will survive well. Time will tell. Thanks a lot. Yes, I don't understand the choice of white myself. There is a dark gun metal type grey metallic that I quite liked, but that red shine is something else. Indeed there is/was a resin conversion to create the RF, I had forgotten about that. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.
  19. As simple as that, go ahead, just put the blame on me The guys from Mazda really knew where to look to learn how to make the almost perfect roadster, it's so clear when coming close to the early NA cars, and not least driving one.
  20. Well here is again something that wasn't planned at all, but it happened anyway just a few weeks ago. I bought this kit: So to build it correctly I had to buy some references: Or if it was that I bought the car, and therefore had to buy a suitable kit... Anyhow, neither was really planned. As some of you know I'm an avid Miata MX-5 driver in the summer. Now since some time we have seen the need creeping up to move the daily driven all year cars down a step and get a new one to do the main work. But all new cars within an allowed price range have been far too high and far too bulky with far too weird engines, transmissions and fuel sources for our taste. But there at my favourite dealer, behind (below?) all the cars we did not want to buy, this little one sat in a corner. The idea of a new Miata MX-5 doing the daily all year work hadn't occurred to me before, but it had a solid roof (well sort of) and ticked most other boxes. The boxes it didn't tick were quickly deemed less important. Enter the ND-generation MX-5 2.0 RF. With this being a current generation Tamiya kit I expect a fairly quick (at least in work bench hours) and easy almost OOB build with no problems and only minor tweaks added. The first kit of the ND roadster was released in 2015 and the parts to make the RF version are dated 2020. As expected the parts looks very well tooled and options are included to cover both LHD and RHD cars and some differences for various markets in the world. Luckily there are both the correct wheels (right) and correct seats (left) for my car included. The paint is called "Soul Red Crystal" (all those fancy paint names...) and has a very bright and deep shine to it, varying with the light, and is quite striking in real life. When washed and clean. When dirty it gets a bit less Soul and Crystal, leaving the Red more on its own. The paint involves a trick base coat and a red tinted clear coat. I will try doing the paint job using the original touch up paint set thinned and air brushed. My Mazda dealer kindly supported me with a few paint sets for this project. The car is rolling on 17" wheels, optional Mazda BSS black for summer and stock ND dark chrome for winter, but when measured Tamiya's BBS wheels surprisingly come out to under 16,5". The outside diameter of the fitted tyres measures well to 205/45x17 and the width of the tyres is also good. A quick mock up with the complete wheels under the bodyshell looks OK, so I won't bother further. Black rims will also help. So the work to bring the 1/24 shelf up to date with the 1/1 stable has started. I've been playing with the bodyshell and wheels for a week or two, but only started serious work this Friday. I have quite a bit of "real" work to deal with now, so progress may not be very quick right now. The rims are a bit too wide and I never like that unrealistic thick inner edge Tamiya and many other makers apply to their rims. In this case if the tyre is pushed up to that edge the tyre also ends up sitting too far in. The edge had to go. I sanded down the backside until the edge was gone and then thinned down the inside of the edge. I'm much happier with this look and fit. The bodyshell is cleaned up from all fine mould lines and then given a final light 1200 grit sanding for the primer work. I still have some minor detail to fix later. This is how the small black lips under the front corners are supposed to fit. To reach that I had to thin down the inside edge of the bodyshell just closest to the wheel arch, allowing the lip to come out just and little and release tension in the fit. Despite the trick key-less locking system the car thankfully still has a traditional key hole in the driver's door handle. To avoid supplying double sets of door handles Tamiya provides a silver decal dot, a bit cheap. I drilled out the small recess and I may add a photo etch parts at the bottom. All parts for the exterior are cleaned and test fitted, it's all very smooth and straight forward. All the lights are built up from two or more quite intricate parts and they all look very promising. The low rear fog and reverse lights on my car doesn't match what the instructions tell for their "European" LHD version when it comes to paint and decals, they are much more like the instruction's "Japanese" or "US" versions. I'm not sure if it has to do with some 2022 model change or the country the car was destined for. It's however something that can be dealt with later. Then I started preparing the interior parts, first the dashboard. It's full of details and shapes but the parts looks cleverly thought out and capture it all well. The chrome parts for the climate control knobs and air outlets are too bright and will sprayed with some Alclad Aluminium shade. The interior tub is the same for both LHD and RHD and therefore the passenger foot well is compromised and too deep. Also the drivers left foot rest is missing. If this is a problem can be discussed as I'm quite sure you can't see much down there in the end, but I opted to build up the shapes from sheet styrene and filler. Also the clutch and brake pedal assembly needed to move about 1-1,5 mm to the right to better match the real thing. There were also some ejector pin marks to sand down and even fill. The back of the seat head rests are moulded hollow. I understand why, but I'm missing some parts to add to close them up, as this is visible from the rear. But it was easily fixed with 2-part filler. I also added the knob that adjusts the front portion of the driver's seat and the small loops beside the head rests that the seat belts runs through. Some simple excuses for the seat belt locks were also made from Evergreen bars. The rest of the smaller interior parts are done. Again the chrome, here on the bezel ring around the gear lever boot, is too shiny and will be sprayed with Alclad. The last interior parts were the door panels, again nicely made and capturing the real shapes. The top section is cleverly made separate as it's a hard part painted body colour. Opinions may vary, but I quite like the contrast it adds inside the car. It's a very cosy place to be in. The controls for the windows and mirrors are supplied as decals; again to easy cover both LHD and RHD versions. First thought was again so-so. They are however quite flush with the surrounding surface, except the mirror knob, so I think I might use the decals and just add the tiny black knob on top.
  21. There it is unified in paint! That's looking really nice now, Excellent work.
  22. Taking shape nicely! Good to see the roll cage padding, a detail often missed. Did you add it or was it moulded in?
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