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  1. Testor model but in Italeri box
  2. Hi all. This job I used FUJIMI + siam scale decal and eduard - color PE
  3. Hi all today I pround to present my job DHC 4 Caribou Royal Thai Police. I use kit by Kitech , decal by siam scale. I drill much little hole reference revet. Use spray color but spay in airbrush.Happy modelling bye. keep in hanga 5555
  4. This preshade is Modulation technique that reference light and shadow shining on surface , painting before paint real color.
  5. thanks all. I'm Thai from Thailand. I don'n know of engine fin. I used parts in box and build follow instruction sheet. Royal Thai Police....... wait a minute....in soon
  6. Hi all , C 45 is the first carrier aircraft of Royal Thai Air Force . I use model from KITECH 1/72 scale made in Chaina , decal from Siam scale. Thanks to visit .
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